Jones flattered by Holmgren’s apparent interest in Cowboys job

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With the Cowboys beating the Eagles on Sunday, the seat under coach Jason Garrett temporarily has cooled.

But that won’t stop speculation about the future of the team’s coaching position.

In response to a CBS report that former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren is interested in coaching the Cowboys if a vacancy arises, owner Jerry Jones said he had no comment, while otherwise commenting.

“Of course, Mike Holmgren is a heck of a coach,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan before Sunday’s game.  “But the facts are that Jason Garrett gives us an outstanding chance to be what we want to be.  So, there you have it.  I wouldn’t comment one way or the other there with Mike.”

Jones said he checked on the report with radio play-by-play announcer Brad Sham regarding Holmgren’s supposed interest in the job.  And then Jones commented some more on a topic on which he said he wouldn’t comment.

“I was interested in why he said he would like to be the coach,” Jones said.  “And that was good. We are good friends, have a lot of respect for each other, served on the Competition Committee together for eight years.  He’s very familiar with how we operate the Cowboys, and does have a high appreciation for our talent that we have on the team right now.  All of that is a compliment.  Thank you, Mike.”

Garrett would likely be inclined to utter a slightly different version of that last sentence.  It’s regarded as incredibly poor form for an unemployed coach to express interest, directly or indirectly, in a job that currently is filled — and many will suspect that the information was leaked to CBS by Holmgren or his agent, Bob LaMonte.

None of it will matter if Garrett and the Cowboys continue to move in the right direction.  Now that Holmgren is sniffing around Garrett’s job, and given that Jones expressly acknowledged it, Garrett has extra motivation to keep winning.

33 responses to “Jones flattered by Holmgren’s apparent interest in Cowboys job

  1. Jerry Jones has always said great things about Jason Garrett, ever since the day he got the job. Like this gem: “This introduction brings a head coach that is better known to players and fans of this organization than any Cowboys predecessor at the time of his introduction.”

  2. I’m sure in his heart of hearts he really meant “I have no comment” but this is Jerry Jones. He is his worst enemy. He really doesn’t know how to get out of his own way. This is why the Cowboys have been irrelevant since Johnson left and will continue to be until he gets out of his own way again.

  3. Dear Jerrah,

    Great to hear you say that. Keep up the good work owning the team and being the GM.


    The Giants, Redskins, and Eagles.

  4. Was it poor form for Garrett to be angling for Wade Philips’ job while on his staff as the OC?

  5. “But the facts are that Jason Garrett gives us an outstanding chance to be what we want to be.”

    Mediocre, at best

  6. tos420 says:
    Nov 11, 2012 8:12 PM
    Dear Jerrah,

    Great to hear you say that. Keep up the good work owning the team and being the GM.


    The Giants, Redskins, and Eagles.


    This continues to be the dumbest comment on this website

  7. So he wasn’t interested in coaching in Cleveland, and even stated that he didn’t have the energy to coach again, but he’s all set to go in Dallas. Exactly how much money do you need in your bank account Mike?

  8. As a Browns fan, I will rage if if Holmgren accepts a coaching job elsewhere after inflicting Shurmur on us.

  9. I said it on a previous post on the topic and I will say it again: NO big-time coach will come to Dallas and be a puppet. Just like in Oakland with a meddlesome owner. Cowher? Gruden? Hell no. Holmgren? He is not a hot commodity. He is a has-been who is just looking for a paycheck. Dallas can have him if the Cowboys want him. Big deal.

  10. He is 65 years old and is just looking to fatten his retirement account. Holmgren “was” a great coach! The game seems to have passed him by, with his antiquated version of the West Coast Offense! I’d be careful with this hire, because he didn’t seem to have much energy left in him, while he was with the Browns. He just looked like he was sitting back collecting a check.

  11. Holmgren is showing poor form? Yep, I’m sure he’ll care about that if he’s coaching next year and Garrett is sitting at home. It isn’t as if it’s Bill Cowher whispering “hey, everyone wants me to coach their team.. I’d love to be in Dallas”. This is Holmgren, who hasn’t done anything of note in nearly a decade.

    Lets face it.. Holmgren’s form was never his largest asset. No pun intended. Oh yeah, I went there.

  12. I’d love to have Holmgren in Carolina. The man knows how to develop QBs. However, no way in hell I’d take him if he insisted on being the GM too. Head coach? Heck yeah, c’mon down! Head coach and GM? LOL! Best of luck to ya!

  13. How ironic would it be that Holmgren left a potential dynasty in Green Bay because he wanted more control, and then wound up coaching for the most hands-on owner in professional sports?

  14. Holmgren got schooled by JJ in the game of p.r., which is about the only thing JJ is good at these days.

    Now Holmgren looks like a fool. Really bad form to talk about Garrett’s job.

    The game in 2012 has probably passed him by anyway.

  15. Don’t see it happening because Cowboys schedule gets much softer ther rest of the way. That means they win enough to save Garrett’s job as coach. Whether that’s good news or not, I will leave to this forum to decide.

  16. Thanks, Big Show! If he indeed wants to coach again he should have done it in Cleveland. Maybe we wouldn’t be in the spot the Browns are in if he would have manned up and got on the sideline. Instead he hires someone who obviously isn’t HC material. Walrus, if you do get that job you owe all Brown fans an apology and probably should give most of the money back you stole from Lerner!!!!!

  17. Just goes to show you how Holmgren is a classless individual. He cashed rather large checks from our Owner, that our fans paid with watching that crap and he sticks us with an idiot for a head coach when he should have been fixing that mess himself on the field for the amount of jack he was making, but now he wants to coach Dallas but not here?? But hey like he said ” I’m all in here” Really??? Personally Mike do not let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and the same for your comedy of errors hires as well.

  18. Jerry can not resist an opportunity to pat himelf on the back no matter what. Jerry spins it so that Holmgren recognizes what a great GM Dallas has for stocking up the talent on the team. Never underestimate the size of Jerry’s ego.

  19. Mike Holmgren could turn the Detroit Lions into a Super Bowl team. They don’t have a head coach at the moment that can do that.

  20. I have never pulled for the Dallas Cowboys in my 55 years of living. I am an old LA Ram fan and did not like getting beat by Roger and the boys. After the election, Dallas is the largest RED city in the country! Dallas is now my second favorite team.

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