Kaepernick gets 49ers to overtime


Playing without concussed starter Alex Smith, the 49ers came back to force overtime with the Rams.

Backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn’t do much besides run, but he moved his team into position for a game-tying David Akers field goal with :03 left in regulation.

The Rams had taken the lead back when Sam Bradford his Austin Pettis with a 2-yard touchdown pass with 1:09 left, a drive helped along by a fake punt, to take a 24-21 lead.

The Rams’ 14-7 halftime lead dissipated when Kapernick led a fits-and-starts drive which included a pair of fumbles, but ended with a 7-yard touchdown run.

Then when the Rams fumbled the ensuing kickoff, Frank Gore struck with a 20-yard touchdown run on the next play to give the 49ers a 21-17 lead.

10 responses to “Kaepernick gets 49ers to overtime

  1. Refs and Fisher’s stupid coaching will cause this Rams team to lose.

    Give credit for the fake punts. But how can Fisher be so stupid to take a timeout on1st and goal with 1 min plus left?? Why not let the clock bleed down to 45 secondss or so? You still have 2 timeouts left.

    And then when SF goes on the tying FG drive , no spies on the backup SF QB???

    And then in OT, the refs who arleady bungled the SF TD Call, make a late flag on a nitpicky procedural call on the 80 yard pass? But more blame should go to the rams coaches. How the hell does a player forget to report on the VERY FIRST PLAY OF OT??

  2. I gotta say Fisher’s coaching was ridiculous horrible. Timeout in hand, Fisher doesnt call a timeout when the snap was late on a 53 yard FG????? How sloppy is his team? Twice, they could have won in OT.

  3. Harbaugh called a timeout earlier in the game when the snap count was close to 0. THe only way Fisher outcoached the annoying whiny Harbaugh was the second fake punt. Other than that, Harbaugh has outcoached him.

    Also I noticed the SF OL got away with some major holding and while many OLs hold, some of these holding were relevant holds where the pass rusher was about to sack the SF QB.

  4. Yeah let’s ignore the 1:12 of clock the 49ers were robbed of during a chain measurement. OT shouldn’t have even happened but oh well. Rams played hard today

  5. pravin68 asks:

    “how can Fisher be so stupid to take a timeout on1st and goal with 1 min plus left??”

    I write: Oh…didn’t you hear? Jeff Fisher invented football. Just ask the arrogant little turd.

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