Manning ties Marino, Broncos get a gift


The Broncos are up 17-7 over the Panthers in the second quarter, but they may have benefitted from one score that shouldn’t have been.

At the end of his 76-yard punt return for a touchdown, Broncos return man Trindon Holliday flipped the ball casually to the ground. Only problem? He didn’t appear to have crossed the goal line yet.

That would have given the Panthers a touchback, instead of a touchdown deficit, which was just stretched to 10 on Matt Prater’s 53-yard field goal.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning tied the game previously, hitting a wide open Brandon Stokley for his 420th career touchdown pass, tying Dan Marino for second on the all-time list.

5 responses to “Manning ties Marino, Broncos get a gift

  1. given that “all scoring plays are reviewed” how does something like that even happen? bunch of noobs

  2. So the refs are blind in the Denver game, at least they aren’t giving away free yards to the opposing team for no reason… The Patriots had not one but two “pass interference” calls which should have not been called go their way, which gave them two TD’s. Crooked refs love the Patriots.

  3. I am a Bronco fan and so it is hard for me to be impartial but I thought there was a block in the back on that play and I thought Holliday had stepped out of bounds. Thanks to DVR, we watched it back in slow mo and the (1) close call was in the middle of the field and Patrick Willis clearly gets his head in front of the player before he makes the block. For once a good play by Willis and thank you Texans for this cast off.

  4. On Hollidays kickoff return last week he actually flipped the ball the same way JUST after he crossed the goaline. As I watched the game with my dad, he said “watch, one of these days he’s going to do it before he crosses the goaline.” Sure enough this week, he did. Lucky for us as Broncos fans, they didn’t catch it.
    As for the block in the back, I didn’t see any such thing…
    Either way, Broncos crushed the Panthers as expected.
    Superman’s all around!!

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