Michael Vick suffers concussion, Nick Foles in for Eagles


Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has left today’s game against the Cowboys with an injury and has been replaced by rookie backup Nick Foles.

It wasn’t completely clear how Vick got hurt, but it may have happened when the back of his helmet hit the ground after he was hit by Cowboys linebacker Ernie Sims. Vick walked to the locker room under his own power and didn’t appear to be limping or in pain, but he did look a little dazed and was reportedly getting checked for both a concussion and an eye injury.

Speculation has been rampant throughout the season that Eagles coach Andy Ried could bench Vick in favor of Foles because of Vick’s continuing problems with turnovers, but Vick was off to a good start against the Cowboys, marching the Eagles down the field on a 10-play, 81-yard drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Riley Cooper on Philadelphia’s first offensive possession.

Foles was greeted by loud cheers when he took the field in Philadelphia. The Eagles went three-and-out on their first possession with Foles at the helm, but only because receiver Jason Avant stumbled and failed to catch a perfect third-down pass from Foles.

UPDATE 5:32 p.m. ET: The Eagles have confirmed that Vick suffered a concussion and will not return. That also means he will not address the media after the game.

47 responses to “Michael Vick suffers concussion, Nick Foles in for Eagles

  1. Love that 3rd down pass..Avant late on his break from his route…Foles SMACKS him in the face with a guided missile. Best Incomplete Pass Of The Season!

  2. Hopefully the O-Line holds up a bit for the kid. I’m not a Foles enthusiast, or a Vick-hater, I just like to see backups (granted, Foles is thought of as more than just a backup) get legitimate shots to show what they have to offer.

  3. If Foles lights it up as his early play indicates he can, we could be witnessing the launch of a great career. That would be a nice way for Andy’s tenure in Philly to end.

  4. I doubt he has a concussion.

    Eagles took advantage of the league’s focus on head trauma to basically bench Michael Pick without having to bench him and admit they made a mistake by staying with him this long.

    Course he’s not available after the game either which helps keep the story complete.

  5. watching the game… rob ryan’s play call sheet has ” “PAT’S STEAKS ” written on it…even when the ryan boys are thinking abt football food is on their mind, sm.

  6. Eagles fans cried & cried for Nick Foles & now you are stick with him.. The old saying is be careful what you wish for.. A near pick 6 on his third attempt & a stagnant offense LMFAO!! Serves you ingrates right & now you will suffer & see how your life is going to be w/o your best offensive player! Vick will keep his job in Philly behind Foles god awful performance in the second half.. Remember I told you all weeks ago if you want to put your future in the hands of a kid who put up numbers against guys who do DRY WALL for a living then be my guest but good luck with that.. Now he’s playing against REAL NFL DEFENSES & not against guys who are thankful for a tryout! This is going to get very ugly & I hope Foles starts the remainder of the season so everyone else can rub poo in the face of Eagles fans for running off the best thing on your pathetic offense. Stay Classy Philadelphia LMAO!!!

  7. teal379 says:Nov 11, 2012 5:48 PM

    I doubt he has a concussion.

    And I doubt you ever played a down of real football or have any common sense.

    Your theory is ridiculous

  8. Vick = RG3 = Cram Newtron = Randall CunaHam= Jmarcus Russless. THE END!

    Scrambling, qb’s = excitement, not wins or superbowls.
    Luck = Peyton = superbowls. Reality hurt much??
    Huh deadskins, huh shegals?????

  9. In Philly we sure do love our web backups. Take it easy on the “Nick Foles is the answer” talk. Think about all of the quarterbacks who have had success over the last decade. How many if them were drafted after the 2nd round? I am having trouble thinking of many ( Brady doesn’t count because he was a once in a lifetime find in the later rounds). The upper echelon of quarterbacks are picked in the 1st round.

  10. Foles looks competent, confident and capable from what little I have seen so far (missed the 1st half). If he continues, Vick is done as a starter in Philly. Very early to tell since Dallas game-planned for Vick but if Andy wanted a reason he now has it.

  11. calizcowboyz says:Nov 11, 2012 5:58 PM

    “Vick = RG3 = Cram Newtron = Randall CunaHam= Jmarcus Russless. THE END!
    Scrambling, qb’s = excitement, not wins or superbowls.
    Luck = Peyton = superbowls. Reality hurt much??
    Huh deadskins, huh shegals?????”

    Comparing Vick to Jamarcus Russell is pretty dumb.

    Roger Staubach, Big Ben, and Steve Young all have SuperBowl rings as scrambling QB’s, so why don’t you say what you really want to say and stop using code.

  12. nesby2 says:

    “Serves you ingrates right & now you will suffer & see how your life is going to be w/o your best offensive player!”

    Really? What happened to LeSean McCoy??

  13. He had a great preseason want that what some of you sAying. Now y’all don’t have anything to say. Foles the coach killer

  14. I think the kid has the perfect temperment to be a success in the NFL. He has made some mistakes, but obviously thats to be expected. I think people will make excuses for his picks and near picks, when they wouldn’t do that for Vick. But I do believe he can be a very capable starter.

    He has command of the offense, and he doesn’t get happy feet under duress. His footwork is solid, and his mechanics are very good for a rookie. He also seems like a leader. I do worry about his arm strentght, as I’ve noticed a trend of floating passes. But he has nice touch and accuracy, and throws a very catchable ball. Great draft pick.

  15. Thus I stand here & look prophetic on the Nick Foles outcome (scroll up & see previous post).. Serves you Eagles fans right for wanting Vick out of the game.. Again he made the best do with an horrible offensive line & as I’m writing this Foles just threw a pick 6!! LMAO!! Stay Classy Philadelphia!!

  16. The Eagles wont be any worse off with Foles in there. Vick obviously isnt the answer. Reid should have given Foles a shot weeks ago. It may have saved his job. 3-6 is a deep hole to dig out of to get into the playoffs.

  17. After this game you can see the writting on the wall that time has come for Vic. Fair to say others as well.

  18. nesby2: Looks like Foles is just like Romo in Romo’s first game. Remember that game Dick? Of course Romo didn’t do a whole lot after his first game either.

  19. Say what you want. I think Foles just proved he can handle the job if Reid lets him have the keys. That pick-6 wasnt Foles fault. Reciever bobbles the catch and there it is. Foles looks pretty good out there. When was the last time Vick had stats like Foles just put up? Rookie vs. Veteran, remember.

  20. Scrambling QBs can’t win the SB? Ummmm….STEVE YOUNG??? LOL. John Elway?

    As for Foles..blah. He should have had 4 picks. Has 2 TOs, one of which went for a TD.

  21. I’m happy with the way Foles played today. He did well for the situation he was thrown into. The only people who are mocking Eagles fans for calling Foles “their savior” are trolls as noone has called Foles the savior of the Eagles. Most fans, from what I have seen, want Foles to play so that he can be evaluated for next year.

    I think he is off to a good start.

  22. LOL what are the eagles fan saying now, Can’t blame vick well some will try. Foles yeah he the answer for jets, this can was terrible and will not get the job done. So as some of you would said he had a great preseaon, yeah thats preseason. Could had 4 picks. so if i was vick i would rest up trade me thats what i would tell andy.

    shlort what are you talking about when the last time vick put up numbers like that um last week 272 yards passing another 50 on the ground, i see you someone else that dont watch the games. Foles is terrible kid. i guess you and arson81 are AZ fans lol.

  23. I think when people say “scrambling QB’s” when talking about Vick, they’re talking about QB’s that aren’t very good passers that have to rely mainly on scrambling to get $100 million contracts from dumb teams. Has Vick ever thrown for 3,500 yards? No. Elways did it 5 times. Steve Young did it 3 times. Has Vick ever thrown 22 or more TDs in a season? No. Elway – 6 times, Young – 4 times.

    Romo has 3 3500 yard seasons and 4 22 or more TD seasons, in case you were wondering. Quincy Carter has been as close to a 3500 yard season as Vick has.

  24. Come on…like Dallas is going anywhere anyway lol!! They’re horrible and benefited from a bad TD catch call in the endzone.

    And for all saying the “oline is terrible”….I’d love to see any others teams line missing 4 of 5 starters.

    Some idiots just don’t think before posting. And really, other fans wishing Reid gone? Be careful…because Gruden could be on his way. You won’t be laughing then….

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