Quincy Black carted off after helmet-to-helmet hit

Getty Images

The Buccaneers took the lead back in their seesaw battle with the Chargers, but any good feelings in Tampa during the third quarter came to a halt when linebacker Quincy Black went down with a scary looking injury after tackling Chargers running back Ryan Mathews.

Black and Matthews both lowered their heads just before making contact and came together hard with their heads serving as the point of impact. Mathews was okay, but Black couldn’t get up and immediately got medical attention from the sideline. In an image we’re all familiar with, players from both teams gathered to watch or kneel down to say a prayer in hopes Black would be okay.

There’s no prognosis or diagnosis at this point, but Black was able to move his extremities before getting carted off the field. That’s certainly a good sign and we’ll pass along any updates that come our way this afternoon.

The Buccaneers lead 24-21 with about three minutes to play in the third.