Ravens pounding Raiders at halftime, 27-10


The Raiders looked like they had a pulse there for a moment, when Carson Palmer hit Darrius Heyward-Bey for a 55-yard touchdown that cut the deficit to 20-10.

But the Ravens answered with a quick 80-yard touchdown drive, with Ray Rice’s easy touchdown run padding the lead to 27-10 at halftime.

The Ravens took control of this one early, and Joe Flacco’s 15-of-21 passing for 225 yards at the half.

As expected, the short-handed Raiders aren’t having much luck running, with just 13 yards on the ground, with running backs Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson out with injuries.

19 responses to “Ravens pounding Raiders at halftime, 27-10

  1. 2 weeks ago, I was excited to see McFadden break out against this run defense. Now we have a FB as our starting RB, which essentially means no run game whatsoever. When a team knows you’re throwing every down, you’re not going to move the ball. This is not surprising with all the injuries.

  2. Where is Taiwan Jones? Why bring in a RB from the practice squad and put in ahead of Jones? If he’s that bad and you don’t want to play him, then get rid of him. The Raiders secondary looks terrible except for Huff. Tackling looks terrible also. Greg Knapp and his play calling sucks.

  3. The raiders defense is horrible… They cut the lead to 10 and without the raiders ever getting the ball back the lead balloons to 24 points… The worse defense I’ve ever seen the raiders have …

  4. up 41-17 Harbaugh twists a sword with a fake FG for a TD. Lets go for 60 today. Screw Dennis Allen. If he’s mad about it he should get his team to make a stop sometime today.

  5. The Raiders make the Browns look like the Texans. This is the worst overall team performance I’ve seen all year. The Ravens are good at home but not this good.

  6. Someone’s gotta get fired after this performance. Team has now been outscored 109-31 in the 3rd quarter of games. Shows how the coaching staff is getting outcoached once teams adjust to the gameplan.

  7. Down 48-17 the Raiders send in Seabass for a FG? At least look like you aren’t giving up no matter how futile. I guess giving up nearly 100 points in two games can make one position themselves for draft picks.

    Jacoby Jones TD as I write. 55-17

  8. Steeler fans that are so sure that their team is going to just win next week are pathetic…Steeler fans who are realistic and know it will be a good game are actually Steeler fans and I respect you…

  9. Palmer is pulled from the game and he’s obviously not happy about it. He was raking up some nice junk yards while the Ravens were rushing two.

  10. Urgh this is ugly. Baltimore hasn’t even been that good and they’ve scored 55! Just how bad would the Raiders be if it wasn’t for Carson Palmer?

    And as a final question – what sort of classless head coach calls for a fake field goal when his team is blowing out the opposition?

  11. And as a final question – what sort of classless head coach calls for a fake field goal when his team is blowing out the opposition?


    The kind of coach who takes his team to the playoffs every year. Here in Baltimore we aren’t stoked with a team that finishes at best 8-8. If the Raiders don’t want to play anymore it doesn’t mean Harbaugh has to show them any mercy. If anything Allen could learn something from Harbaugh.

  12. Greg Knapp took one of the top rushing attacks in football and made it 31st.

    This guy really needs to go.

    Good QB coach, not a good offensive coordinator.

    Maybe Norv will come over as the OC. Stick it to SD.

  13. dougydougdoug says: Nov 11, 2012 4:01 PM

    Simply, wow! The Raiders are just a new kind of horrible. Even KC is laughing at you “nation” fanatics now…
    Probably not. Too bad the Chargers can’t play the Chiefs again this season. That is the only team they’ve beat since week 2. Choo choo.

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