Ravens throttle Raiders to improve to 7-2

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There are games that are closer than the score indicates.

The Ravens 55-20 win over the Raiders was not one of those games.

The Ravens tied a franchise record with 48 points — in the third quarter. And their final total was the most in the league this year.

And they kept scoring, putting up points in almost any way you can imagine, including a 105-yard kickoff return touchdown by Jacoby Jones. The Ravens even scored on a fake field goal run by punter Sam Koch in the third quarter, a score that made it 48-17.

Raiders (3-6) quarterback Carson Palmer had nice fantasy stats, with 368 yards and two touchdowns.

But they couldn’t stop the Ravens offense, which picked them apart in the first half and played maintenance football for much of the second.

Joe Flacco was 21-of-33 for 341 yards and three touchdown, and the Ravens improved to 7-2.

59 responses to “Ravens throttle Raiders to improve to 7-2

  1. Good luck scoring even 10 points against Pure Steel. Stairway to 7 – no one gets in our way.

  2. We knew how this was going to end. Ravens are good at home and terrible on the road. Raiders are the same.

    Advantage home team.

  3. Greg Knapp has to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Reggie, if you read this get rid of him. His play calling sucks, it’s not working. It didn’t work before. Tommy Kelly is making how much money? How many tackles again for him? 2 assists is all he got? Where was Jones at RB? Why bring in a RB from the practice squad if Jones is available? Why keep him on the roster if you don’t have faith in his ability to run and block? The coaching sucks. All the coach did was look. No enthusiam what so ever. Only a few Raiders are playing football, the rest are collecting a paycheck. It wasn’t that the Ravens looked good, it was the Raiders looked bad!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I ranting and raving here cause I’m pissed at how they played, the play calling and the coaching. I’m PISSED

  4. Someone should have blown Flacco’s knee out.

    Want to go for a fake FG when it’s 41-17? Pay the price.

    I’m more mad someone on Oakland didn’t step up and get someone off the field for the season then mad at the final outcome on the scoreboard.

  5. Absolutely awful effort. The Raiders have now been outscored 109-31 in the 3rd quarter of games. If that doesn’t show the ineptness of this coaching staff, I don’t know what will. Somebody’s gotta get fired, hopefully Knapp for starters. If Allen doesn’t do it, then Big Reg may just take out the whole staff and start anew.

  6. Fixed your title “Refs Throttle Raiders”

    Seriously though, Al is dead, what are they still trying to prove?

  7. A fake FG when you’re up 41-17? Is Harbaugh trying to get a BCS ranking?

    Even ravenator knows you shouldn’t run up the score in the NFL. Karma is a bitch, Ratbirds.

  8. Ravens > Karma…and Karma for what by the way? Karma for running in a fake after the Raiders celebrated on pointless TDs or when they celebrated on a pass defense of Boldin while they were getting torched? Get outta here with that garbage Hater! You all want them to be weak cause you know they are a force when the Defense doesnt get it done the offense does, they are dangerous on special teams, their kicker is money, oh and the D is playing better…looking forward to a good game next week…

  9. In response to Masterblaster –I think we all share your frustration and you make great points–but unfortunately I think the overarching problem is personnel and that has to be put on the once genius and then sadly incompetent AD.
    Gonna take some time to fix this mess no matter how good Reggie is—so many needs and so much money wasted.

  10. @steelersownyou and every other stooler fan – we are 7 – 2. you are now finally over 500. congratulations. see you in a week and then in 3 weeks. if we split the series we win the afcn. so go screw.

  11. The Raiders stacked the left side of their line all game trying to get a block. Harbaugh(a former ST coach)has given his ST guys the ok to run the fake if they see them do this. They did the same thing a few years ago against the Cowboys. Doesn’t matter what the score is,keep scoring. Ask the Oilers what happens when you let up against a team you think is done before the clock hits triple zeros.

  12. i believe the raiders had 4 personal foul penalties and were quite yippy all game long. that type of team deserves the fake fg when its 41-17.

  13. Gotta love Steelers fans mouthing off and saying “nothing gets in our way” after they lost to the Raiduhs.

  14. last time I checked, points scored against like opponents is a tiebreaker. Why wouldn’t a team run up the score?

  15. Congratulations Ravens fans! Enjoy your last weekend on top of the AFCN. You will lose your first Super Bowl game of the season next week. THUD.

  16. ragingyinzer says: Nov 11, 2012 4:54 PM

    A fake FG when you’re up 41-17? Is Harbaugh trying to get a BCS ranking?
    Even ravenator knows you shouldn’t run up the score in the NFL. Karma is a bitch, Ratbirds.
    The Ravens let up in the fourth quarter and just worked the clock. There was nothing wrong with the fake field goal. It was up to the Raiders to be ready for it, and they weren’t ready for anything. That was an epic coaching failure for Allen today. He doesn’t have a lot to work with, but he has got to be able to motivate his players.

  17. Karma about how Harbaugh does this trash in the regular season and when the playoff come around they miss a 32 yard FG to go to the Super Bowl.

  18. Lol Ravens play 2 Superbowl games a year.. both against the Steelers! Gota have bigger goals..you can have the AFC North! We Stack Lombardi Trophies and AFC CHAMPIONSHIPS! See ya Sunday Ratbirds

  19. I couldn’t be happier the Ravens throttled the Raiders and Flacco had a good game. I hope that moves him one step closer to a long-term deal with the Ravens. I’m sure my AFCN brethren agree.

  20. Raiders fan is shouting to fire the coach, OC, GM and some of the players. The bottom line is, the team has no depth, and couldn’t cover even when their corners weren’t hurt.
    As for Carson Palmer, stats are for fantasy leaguers and losers. He doesn’t throw lots of pix, just crucial game-changing pix.

  21. @bittersportspill:

    hoping that wasn’t directed at me. Never said to fire everyone, but someone has to be responsible for the utter lack of effort shown by some of these players. Yes the talent is lacking at some parts, defense particularly, but there’s no excuse for the lack of run game this season even before the injuries. THat falls on Knapp, who should be left in Baltimore as far as I’m concerned and not welcomed back. I believe in Reggie, believe in Allen for now, even though it was dumb to hire Knapp and try to change everything that made the offense successful last year.

  22. LOL @ all the Ravens haters. I’m talking to you Steelers fans. We’re coming to your house to shut all yinz up.

  23. I’ve never bought into “running up the score” which is basically the mating call of the loser……but….

    I don’t think even Belichick would go fake field goal with that score……..

  24. Boo-hoo, Raiders’ fans. If having the other team score points, in whatever fashion they so choose, is so detestable, then “your” team should have done something to stop them. Last week you were talking about the shellacking the Raiders were going to give the Ravens. Now, you’re left with nothing but tears.

  25. there are teams that are elite, raiders arent, less than mediocre, chargers in that category too. Raiders have lack of talent, depth, will and coaching, Dmac and Palmer should demand a trade, this team needs draft picks and players.. embarassinig sorry raider nation, youre the best passionate fans, hold on give mckenzie two more seasons

  26. I don’t see anything wrong with the fake FG. Special teams players should be ready for it at all times. Look at what happened to the 49ers today. Burned on two fake punts.

    Raiders fans, maybe you should complain about how terrible your team’s defense is instead of accusing the other team of being classless.

    (Yes, I understand the irony of a Chiefs fan pointing out how bad another team is)

  27. steelernationfartsinyourfaceandwinschampionships says:
    Nov 11, 2012 4:17 PM
    Good luck scoring even 10 points against Pure Steel. Stairway to 7 – no one gets in our way.
    Umm, I believe the Raiders and Titans already did.

    And some guy named Tebow.

  28. I can’t believe how bad our secondary is. I understand the injuries, but you need to show some pride at some point. Flacco is a decent QB, but we made him look incredible – wide open receivers down field all day. Dennis Allen really needs to figure things out and get this defense working. And that means run AND pass at the same time. One week we give up 250 yards on the ground, this week only about 60! But Flacco more than made up for it with almost 350. So frustrating. Another lost season.

    To the few Chiefs fans on here who think it’s hilarious that we lost today – news flash: your team is one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL. Your turnover ratio is -20. Seriously, get over yourselves.

  29. The last time I looked this was Professional Football not Jr. Leasgue or High School or Pop Warner. Every man has an assignment and some one was assigned to the FG holder. In the words of Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge : I Can’t fix it if I dont know whats broke”. This was a fine time for Harbaugh to see if the Fake works. It wasnt running up the score. There is NO rule written or unwritten about that. Nobody said a word about the 44-13 drubbing the Ravens took in Houston. Why? It was up to the “RAVENS” to stop them and they didnt, Thats why. Oakland Did not come to play, they were hurt coming in and it showed. Dont hate, Its FOOTBALL!! For Gods sake. Take your lumps, enjoy your wins, BE A FAN!!!!

  30. The fake field goal had nothing to do with the Raiders. It was a wink at the Raven’s upcoming opponent – the Steelers. Consider it a “hey…here’s yet something else you need to be prepared for for next week….”

  31. Bizarre decision by Harbaugh to run the fake FG. The game was out of reach, so all he did was put this trick play on tape. Now every other team knows what to look for.

  32. mostlombardisintheleague says:
    Nov 12, 2012 9:30 AM
    Ravens appear to be highly motivated. Although they struggled against KC and CLE.

    sixlombardisinyourface says:
    Nov 12, 2012 10:05 AM
    Ravens fans were not so vocal when the Texans put a 44-13 beat down on them. (crickets chirping…..)
    Better to struggle and win than lose to teams you should beat. The Steelers have lost to two teams that have had 50+ dropped on them this year.

    And how vocal were you after said losses mentioned above?

  33. @sandy102270

    Steelers fans don’t need to be vocal one ioda, we have six gleaming Lombardi trophies to speak for us.

  34. Just some observations: I don’t want to get on the “fire” Dennis Allen bandwagon. I’m just curious about his decision making. 1. You hire an OC that’s been fired 3 time and once by the team that hired you (S.F., Atlanta, Oakland). You had the luxury of having an offense that was already in place and despite the injuries last year was still top 10 ten in the league. Still scratching my head on that one. The focus should have been the defense and who would have thought this bunch could be worse than they were last year.

    Going into last season, the biggest question for the Raiders was the O-line and they turned out to be the strength of the team. Now they look like they have no clue. Sidebar: I find it ironic how Steve Wiz left without a blip on the radar screen after Allen was hired. “Scheme’s” are useless if you don’t have the personnel to “run” them.

    Lastly, The Raiders are the worst team in the league in the 3rd quarter. That my friends is coaching. Coming out after a break and being outscored 109-31???? Means no adjustments are being made. That’s not on the players. Talent can only get you so far and is often over-rated!! Yeah, the depth is not there, but they can win with what they have. it’s just not put together right.


  35. As bad as it is it could be MUCH worse, we could be the Chiefs.

    Hey Joey,

    Your Chiefs held these same Ravens to 9 points. NINE!!!

  36. I’m surprised there is so much anger over the fake FG. Raiders loaded the right side with 8 to block the FG. It was a no-brainer to run to the left. This is big boy football, not PeeWee.

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