Rex credits Santonio for helping him bring Jets together

Getty Images

Last year, most of the stories about the problems in the Jets’ locker room centered around receiver Santonio Holmes. This year, Jets coach Rex Ryan gives Holmes much of the credit for creating a more harmonious atmosphere.

Ryan told Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger that one of the big changes he has made this season is he has become more involved with the offensive players instead of simply keeping all of his focus on the defense. Ryan said he believes he’s been able to foster team unity by getting involved more in the whole team, and he says it was Holmes who persuaded him to make sure he was involved in the offense.

The first guy that told me was actually Santonio Holmes,” Ryan said. “We had some very honest conversations, and he was the first one that told me.”

Holmes is done for the season with a foot injury, so he’s not contributing at all on the field. But to hear Ryan tell it, Holmes has been a positive force on the Jets off the field. Which is a major change from a year ago.