Seahawks roll to 28-7 win over hapless Jets


The playoff hopes of the Seahawks got a big boost on Sunday afternoon while the light just about went out on the Jets’ chances of advancing to the postseason.

Seattle took total control of the game in the second half, totally smothering the Jets offense and then chipping away at an exhausted Jets defense for a 28-7 win that improves their record to 6-4 on the year. Depending on the results of the 49ers game against the Rams, Seattle may be just a half-game out of first place as they head into their bye week. They got there by riding the same formula they’ve been riding all season.

The defense held the Jets to 185 total yards and didn’t allow an offensive touchdown while forcing three turnovers. Rookie Bruce Irvin had two sacks, cornerback Richard Sherman had an interception and got credited with a forced fumble when Mark Sanchez simply dropped the ball when he saw Sherman bearing down on a blitz. The Seahawks turned that turnover into their final touchdown of the day, a bit of razzamatazz that had wide receiver Golden Tate throwing a touchdown to Sidney Rice, and just waited for the clock to run out from there.

Outside of that trickery, the Seahawks played things pretty straight. They rammed Marshawn Lynch, who finished with 124 yards on 27 carries, into the defense over and over again until they finally broke and Russell Wilson made plays with his legs and arms while limiting his major mistakes to a first-half fumble. The Jets defense held up until the fourth, but the wall crumbled as the offense kept on redefining useless in the second half.

Sanchez finished the day 9-of-22 for 124 yards in the kind of skittish, unacceptable performance that has become all too common this season. Tim Tebow got a bit more time and actually threw three passes, but Rex Ryan kept sending Sanchez out on the field in hopes of some kind of transformation occurring that turned him into a successful quarterback. There are plenty of other problems with the Jets offense, to be sure, but the guy leading them has made it clear this season that he isn’t going to lead them anywhere good.

We’ll see if the Jets keep trying the same thing in hopes of getting a different result, but there’s no evidence to support that notion. The only thing that’s going to save their season is a miracle and they might as well see if the guy who authored them in Denver has anything left up his sleeve.

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  1. Seattle dominated the Jets.
    The Jets have no team chemistry, and are a collection of individual players concerned only about themselves.

    But that is to be expected when your head coach is the exact same.

    But at least Rex still thinks he is the best coach in the league and that the Jets will win the Super Bowl.
    That’s all that matters.

  2. Russell Wilson had a HORRIBLE first quarter and could have easily gotten rattled and carried on with a horrible game.

    Instead the kid just keeps playin. YOU CAN’T RATTLE WILSON!!!

    Also… BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!! 2 more sacks for Irvin today.


  3. They lost by three touchdowns after a bye and Sanchez was as terrible as he always is. Their season is over. Now we just get to watch the wheels come flying off. Should be pretty entertaining.

  4. It’s over for Sanchez. Tebow starts next week or Ryan might just get fired. They could have had Russell Wilson in the third round. Carroll spent big money on Flynn, yet was smart enough to draft another worthwhile player at the most important position on the field. Starting Sanchez next week might also get Tannenbaum fired, as it would be an admission that they went into the season with no relevant backup option. Tim Tebow’s acquisition has been a joke and a total failure. Sparano has been a joke and a total failure. They will be drafting early. QB, RB, OLB in whatever order brings max value. Trading a second for Flynn might make the most sense. Its truly sad. These people running the organization have no idea what they are doing. The most important position on the field on a team with a highly suspect QB and their idea of insurance is Tebow – its an insult to the fans.

  5. Not a Jets fan by any means. I actually can’t stand their constant talking, since they have proved absolutely nothing but you can only ask so much of your defense. This team is HORRIBLE offensively!! Much deserved week off for the Jets players last week. Worked real well.

  6. This team really needs a spark. At this point, I say you just start Tebow. I’ve defended Sanchez all year too. He played well against New England and Houston, but it seems the Mark Sanchez that carried the team in the playoffs is long gone.

  7. Wow, a lot of Jets haters here; as a Pats fan I don’t mind their losing, but they lost to a very good team. the Seahawks are for real and will likely make the payoffs.

  8. That was a really terrible start to the game for the Hawks. All credit to Rex Ryan and his teams D for actually rattling QB in the first quarter. Adjustments were made by Bevell and some big plays and screens and that option run with Wilson and it turned into a hometown beatdown. He settled in and had a steady game to close and Lynch has a 1000 yards already. They have been closing out games. Bruce Irvin (far from a reach) 7 sacks on the year, and man was that first sack explosive. Him and Bobby Wagner are my co-vote for DROY. Richard Sherman can talk all he wants because he’s balling with End Zone Int, Sack-Fumble. Go Hawks!

  9. In the beginning I felt like the Jets played hard. Wilkerson TD was huge and then the Jets had the ball at the Sea 9 and Sanchez made a dumb throw in the endzone. After that pick I knew it was only going to get worse. Kerley punt botch was bad, Nick Folk kickoff that went out of bounds is the most inexcusable penalty in football.. This Jet offense just plain out sucks.

  10. Seattle was looking for some WRs to step up and make some plays this season, and Sidney Rice and Golden Tate have both stepped up big.

    Tate had three brilliant plays today: The leaping grab along the sideline for a TD, a great RAC effort to convert a key third down, and the javelin toss to Rice. That may have been the ugliest throwing motion since Garo Yepremian, but it got the job done.

    If this team can get over the top on the road, they could be dangerous this January.

  11. Just imagine, Tannenbaum wanted to spend crazy money on Nmandi. Years ago, another genius coach and GM let James Hasty get away after he had played on a bad wheel all year. He went to KC and finished off a really good career. The saga of Brad Smith comes to mine. Man, that guy was a valuable contributor. If Tebow could be half as good in the wildcat… By the way, they need to change to a 4-3 defense next year. Put Davis at outside linebacker. Football is just a game…being a Jets fan, you have to keep reminding yourself.

  12. Great game now the hawks inch closer in the division race. Tate is helping the offense in heaps. Now all the hawks need to do is win a game or two on the road…sea!

  13. I see here how all that “planning” to get Timmah more ball time apparently worked out well, right?

    Antonio: My man. Nice work today – you still confident on that whole playoff prediction?

    Props to Uncle Pete and the Seahawks – nice work today.

  14. I don’t know if it is because they have opened up the play book for Wilson, but offensive coordinator Bevel had his best day of the year calling plays. Its a shame the Hawks didn’t get a shutout.

  15. Seattle is a better team than their win/loss record. SF is also very good, so this will be interesting.

    Seattle can do well this year if Wilson plays a bit better…but he is getting there. This team wins in spite of Wilson’s play, but Wilson also don’t lose games for the team. He reminds me of Trent Dilfer’s play for the Ravens who really won through defense and Jamal Lewis (RB).

    The major difference is that Wilson is in his Rookie year and hopefully growing.

  16. Hawks are for real, it’s nice to see Bevell use some Ingenuity to give QB Russell Wilson more options.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  17. jprcox…I hope you’re drunk…
    If not…
    You’re wasting your time watching football, because you have no idea what you are viewing.

  18. I spent the day watching the game with two of my sons and two young grand sons 7 & 10. There was a lot of fist bumps, high 5s, hot dogs. A good time was had by all. Thank you Seattle for providing a quality Grand pa moment… And yes, Russell Wilson is cool, way way cool….

  19. They are winning in spite of Wilson? What planet are you on? Top 10 QB rating, most TD’s of all rookie qb’s, 5-0 at home with 11 TD’s and no picks. Yeah, he sure is garbage.

  20. The Seahawks played hard when they needed to but I’m quite impressed that Pete carrol has more tricks up his sleeve. Watching the seahawks in the past coaching years we were just more conservative and a west coast offense with a soft alexander. Now we have a mobile qbthat makes plays and receivers/beastmode who can descently throw. They finally opened the play book and let’s see what defines the Seahawks season hthis last half … Go hawks

  21. blackfootkiller & others:

    YES, Wilson has a good rating, but so do a lot of backups. He was ranked 31st (of 32 mind you) in QB yards. Wilson is not winning these games. You guys may want to go sell your non-sense somewhere else, but even as a Seattle fan I know a couple weeks ago most in Seattle were calling for Flynn.

    Wilson is a rookie – and so far he is doing so/so. Luck and RG3 are doing much better, but I do think Seattle has a better team.

  22. Jprcox- based on your comments your quite an idiot when it comes to football, like most who can’t look past meaningless stats and see a great player. Don’t be an ignoramus pal, go hawks!

  23. Jprcox, really lacks football knowledge. While you’re looking at the teams yards per game. Look at their pass attempts as well. They throw it an average of 25 times per game. We are averaging just below 20 points a game and yes we do have an elite top 5 defense and run game. Give you a little perspective, the Colts throw it 40 times per game. Wilson QB rating of 90.5, Luck QB rating of 79.1 although I do admit that Luck does have to do more because he is the focal point of the offense. Wilson is the steal of the draft. Seahawk fans weren’t calling for Flynn even when the media and analysts were. The kid has improved game after game. Now back to your lack of knowledge, consider yourself informed.

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