Steelers support Roethlisberger for MVP

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The list of potential MVP candidates contains a handful of names.  Matt Ryan.  Peyton Manning.  Aaron Rodgers.  J.J. Watt.  Some are suggesting that Andrew Luck could get some votes.

But what about the guy who has as many Super Bowl rings than those five players combined?

The Steelers are making a push for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to get MVP consideration, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

He should be a candidate,” backup quarterback Byron Leftwich told Bouchette.  “The fact he was not listed [as one of five candidates by ESPN] is ridiculous.  He’s one of the elite; ‘7’ can play the game of football, and he’s playing at a very high level.”

“He’s a big-time leader, a big-time competitor, a fourth-quarter killer,” Mike Wallace said. “He’s the toughest quarterback in the league. . . .  He picked up the new offense really fast.  I feel it’s time he gets the recognition he deserves.”

The other side of the ball agrees.

“He’s a big reason why we’ve been in games and why we feel we can win any game,” defensive end Brett Keisel said. “That’s why we feel we can go to the Super Bowl every year, because we have a championship-type quarterback.”

Leftwich thinks that Roethlisberger’s somewhat unconventional style is hurting him when it comes to getting praise.

“He’s a very unique football player, and I think sometimes by him being unique and the style he plays, he doesn’t get enough credit for all the things he does right,” Leftwich said.  “He doesn’t play the way people perceive the quarterback position to play.”

“Sometimes he doesn’t get mentioned with the elite quarterbacks for one reason or another,” Keisel said.  “We in this locker room consider him the best.”

It’s unclear why Roethlisberger isn’t getting more notice or consideration for the league’s top individual award.  Past accounts of boorish behavior — and allegations of criminal misconduct — have made it hard for him to enjoy a great reputation among fans and the media.  The “drama queen” perception doesn’t help, either.

But Keisel and Leftwich and Wallace are right.  The guy can play.  And he’s playing as well as ever.  When it’s time for the votes to be cast, here’s hoping folks set aside factors unrelated to his performance this season.

33 responses to “Steelers support Roethlisberger for MVP

  1. Can someone explain to me why, in that photo, Roethlisberger is looking up into the sky, instead of looking at his receiver who is probably waaaayyy downfield?

    This is the look of an MVP quarterback????

    I’ll never confuse this guy with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

  2. Criteria for MVP should include some one who is an asset to the community, a person who is grateful for a gift or talent bestowed upon him or her and pays it forward. Sorry, but this man is an ‘ all about me guy ‘ first and foremost. I am sure Big Ben has never passed a mirror he didn’t love.

    The Steelers players should all be treated for multiple head concussions….Rothlisberger would not even make the passing thought list for MVP. I would vote the guy who runs on the field and grabs the kicking tee off the field before this tool !

  3. Q the haters…………

    The stats don’t lie. He should be considered, maybe not the favorite, but at least in the conversation. Matthew Stafford could be on that list too.
    There are many Defensive players deserving of consideration too.

    I do hope that people can just look at players stats and the real meaning of the Award. If you don’t have Peyton, the Broncos still made the playoffs. He should be the comeback player of the year. No disrespect, Peyton is top 1-3 ALL-time. Falcons are nothing with out Ryan, Colts are nothing with out Luck? Who knows. Steelers with out Ben? …..terrible. Texans with out Watt?….still very good. Patriots with out Brady? REALLY BAD.

    Most Valuable Player= carries his team on his back and the team can not win with out them.

    This is not a popularity award.

  4. In a league where image is everything, you really think a two time accused rapist will get the highest individual award in the game? Steelers could have gone 16-0 and Goodell would never have allowed it. Has nothing to do with his play. It would be a PR nightmare.

  5. He could be a considered if we didn’t live in such a fantasy driven opinion of the leauge.

  6. Sure Peyton Manning is #1 candidate. It’s a beautiful story and that’s what the NFL loves. Bottom line is Tim Tebow took Denver to the playoffs last year. Take Manning from Denver and they still have a decent team. Took Ben from the Steelers for an extended period and they would suffer greatly.

  7. as a packers fan i believe he should be in the conversation, a lot of football left to play. the media is getting ahead of themselves? week 13 or 14 and we should be talking who’s the real mvp. alot can change by then. imo

  8. Ben is not the reason the Steelers lost any of their 3 games. The 4th qtr defense can be to blame for that. Steelers held the lead in the 4th quarter of all those games.

    Ben has been quietly playing the best football of his career. The knock was he took too many sacks, which has been addressed. Hes spreading the ball around, putting up great numbers and opening things up for the running game.

    I’m all about it.

  9. they never give it to the guy that should win it, they give it to the guy with the best stats.

    Eli should have won it last year, Ben should be in the mix this year.

  10. As a diehard Bengal fan, let me say this. I see this man twice a year and as much as I hate him, he is tough as nails! I honestly think as a true NFL fan who watches ALOT (probably too much if you ask my wife) of football, It’s hard to see any team in the league that depends on 1 player more than the Steelers depend on Ben. In the same breath, Pittsburgh is playing very good football right now without Polamalu. He is TRULY overrated IMHO!

  11. bathroomben7 says:
    Nov 11, 2012 11:11 AM

    Patriots actually went 11-5 without Brady in 2008.


    Yes, but with pretty much the same team that went 16-0 the year before.

    I don’t get the Matt Ryan consideration over Roethlisberger. If I were building a team, I know which one I’d pick 7 days a week.

  12. We are unbeatable right now. You just wish you were a Steeler fan.

  13. He’s on pace for 4408 yards, 32 tds and 8 pickles.

    Possible MVP numbers to me. Of course someone will probably throw for 45 and 5000 yards, so he wont get it.

  14. 3 super bowl appearances and 2 super bowl rings. True steeler fans know what he brings to the table. Heart, courage, toughness and competitiveness. These are immeasurable things that cant be quantified by mere stats.. In anyone that actually knows the game he has always been an mvp. 1st ballot hall of famer for sure and he is just hitting his prime. He has the heart of a champion and the toughness of a throwback player. Mvp? Maybe not in this day of fantasy statistics. But make no mistake. Without him this team would not be a contendor year in and year out.

  15. But what about the guy who has as many Super Bowl rings than those five players combined?

    The guy that has more SB rings than those five players combined is having a pretty good season, too.

  16. It’s funny how people will forget the bad things some guys do( ray Lewis, Kobe Bryant) and yet they don’t forget Ben. Either way he is playing way better than luck and it’s a joke to consider luck and not Ben.

  17. mikea311 says:
    Nov 11, 2012 11:30 AM
    “they never give it to the guy that should win it, they give it to the guy with the best stats.

    Eli should have won it last year, Ben should be in the mix this year.”
    Did Eli go 15-1 with the worst defense in the league last year?
    Did his offense lead the league in scoring cause of him?

  18. Roethlisberger, MVP? Based on what? That ridiculously weak schedule? Against the Raiders, the Titans, the Jets, the Eagles, the Bengals and the Giants’ defenses?
    Heading into Monday night’s “clash” with the mighty 1-7 Chiefs, the Steelers are just 5-3 and own the 14th-ranked scoring offense in the league…
    Fourteenth. Against some of the absolute worst defenses in the league…
    Roethlisberger isn’t even the offensive MVP of his own team. Heath Miller deserves that honor.

  19. What a joke, I did not know second place in your division could lead to an MVP. Try hanging with the big boys Ben and not losing to the Raiders and Titans, pathetic, wow.

  20. Its only second place for now.
    It will be interesting to see how the next three weeks play out. May the best team win.

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