Titans thump Dolphins

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Bud Adams can go back to giving the middle finger to the opposing team.

The Titans, a week after Adams made it known that folks are playing and coaching and scouting and general managing for their jobs, dismantled the Dolphins on Sunday in Miami, 37-3.

Along the way, Chris Johnson became the first player to run for more than 100 yards against Miami in 23 games, with 126 on 23 carries.  That’s four more yards than quarterback Jake Locker generated through the air, completing nine of 21 passes.

Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a rough day, with three interceptions.

Running back Reggie Bush didn’t get another carry after a first-quarter fumble; he finished with four attempts for 21 yards.  Daniel Thomas got 21 yards on five carries.

The loss drops the Dolphins to 4-5, and it pulls the Titans to 4-6.  If the Titans continue to play like they did today, they’ll have at least four more wins.

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  1. One of the most poorly-coached games I’ve seen by a Dolphins coach. Ross, you should have fired Ireland last year. Then we might have a real coaching staff, hired by a real GM.

  2. The 2nd round pick from the Colts isn’t looking that good. But our own 2nd pick is getting sweeter and sweeter.

    The weather today was nice, though

  3. Dolphins seemed like they werent even trying after the Bush fumble. Was a rough game to watch for Dolphin fans.

  4. Philbin has ruined reggie bush. You cant have guys being afraid to make mistakes. When reggie was playing well, the fins were winning. Reggie is clearly the man they need to get touches. Im sure we will soon see comments about this. The only reason Im ticked is because I have Reggie on my fantasy squad and hes killing me!! Let him be Reggie, Joe!

  5. I saw this game. There was no way Miami would have won it. Balls, penalties all went the Titans way. One thing came out of this game is maybe people will shut up in putting Tanneyhill in the same class with Luck and RG3. It is not even close.

  6. ezra954 says: Nov 11, 2012 4:46 PM

    Out of the 22 games they didn’t let a hundred yard back how many did Miami win
    Not many, which makes it slightly more meaningful. More teams running the clock out at the end and all that rot.

  7. Way to go titans. Keep this up and you’ll be just bad enough to keep us out of the playoffs and just good enough not to get a top pick which brings us right back to where we are now, consistently-inconsistent-mediocre-at-best…ville. Hey great game though.

  8. This was one of the worst referred games I have seen. The Dolphins did play pretty poorly, but the refs mad bad call after bad call. Two BS block in the black penalties on some decent punt returns, an extremely clear fumble that was called down when no part of him hit the ground, and a couple of absolutely horrible holding calls. Meanwhile C. Wake is held on almost every play. It’ll be tough for the Dolphs to bounce back from this one.

  9. Season recap according to Dolphin fans.
    First 4 games- Dolphins are terrible and need to fire Ireland and Philben. Record 1-3

    Next 3 games. Win 3 straight and now Ireland and Philbin are brilliant and Tanneyhill is the better pick over both RG3 and Andrew Luck. Playoffs here we come. Record 4-3

    Next 2 games. Lose 2 straight to the lowly Colts and Titans. Terrible refs, terrible coaching, terrible GM. Record 4-5

    Make up your mind please as that poor band wagon can’t take all the jumping on and off.

  10. Philbin knows more than I would ever know about football but I know the Phins have not had an explosive rb in years and Reggie is the best rb we have had in a while. In order to bench a player you better have someone who is going to step-up off the bench and salvage that opportunity, Daniel Thomas is not that guy and 2 weeks in a row Philbin has teased the fans with glimpses of Lamar Miller. They showed on TV today that Tannehill and the Fins are great when he receives help from the rushing attack. Two weeks in a row they have been scaling back on using Reggie, his girl is pregnant not him Philbin!!!!!!! FINSup

  11. If Philbin is going to bench players for dropping the ball shouldn’t Sean Smith have a engraved seat on the bench??? Wish we could bench Sherman and his play-calling…you have the speedy Lamar Miller and Reggie Bush and you can’t figure how to get them the ball in open space, you use screen passes at the wrong time and to make it worse you throw them to Daniel Thomas of all people. Bush is on pace for 1k even though he has been on some silly pitch-count.

  12. @ dog daddy – MY Titans thumped the lowly Miami Dolphins on Sunday 37-3.

    You have to look at reality here, this is PROFESSIONAL football which means ANY team can beat any other on any given Sunday…it is just the way it is…. Each team has great athletes, it’s up to the coaches to put the team together that has the best chance to win…

    Turnovers: in the NFL any team that wins the turnover battle by 3+ turnovers wins 87% of the time…that is a major factor in the Titans defeating the Dolphins today…and why the Bears thumped the Titans last week due to five Titans turnovers…

    I don’t hate other teams, except when they play my favorite NFL team… Good luck the rest of the season !

    Go Titans Go ! Enjoy your bye week/off week!

  13. @paychrisjohnson28

    I was being facetious my friend. As a Colts fan I included my team with your team as being “lowly” as that is what the Colts and Titans have been called all year. Also, I wanted to thank you for wishing us good luck but we don’t need luck as we have Luck.

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