Arian Foster earned Brian Urlacher’s respect


If you want to earn the respect of a hard-hitting defense, you have to be hard-hitting yourself.

So it was no surprise the Bears were impressed with Texans running back Arian Foster last night.

He’s a bad ass,” Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said, via John Mullin of “You watch him on tape, you watch him on TV, you can’t really get a grasp of how fast he is, how big he is. I had no idea.”

He does now.

Foster did the toughest thing for a running back to do — he ran when everybody in the building knew the run was coming.

In the wind and rain and muck that made it near-impossible to pass, Foster ran for 85 yards in the first half and 102 for the game, with the game’s only touchdown on a short pass in the Texans’ 13-6 win.

It was just the second time in 20 games the Bears had allowed a 100-yard rusher, but it was different from the 141 Chris Johnson hung on them. That included an 80-yard run in the fourth quarter of a blowout, whereas Foster got his yards methodically.

“He’s so patient,” Bears defensive end Corey Wootton said. “It’s not so much that he’s explosive. He waits on his blockers, makes good decisions and then really hits the hole he picks.”

He also earned some street cred from one of the league’s baddest defenses by beating them at their own game.

7 responses to “Arian Foster earned Brian Urlacher’s respect

  1. The whole time I’m watching the Texans I’m thinking, man that team is gonna bleepity bleep my team when they play. NOT looking forward to it. A dome team that has the goods to win a sloppy weather game like that against a good defense…sigh.

  2. They looked incredibly tough against a very tough team. And in marginal conditions outdoors. Barring a loss in focus, they look like the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl without question. If they had a really legit #2 wr and slot guy…wow what an incredibly explosive team that would be.

  3. I said the same thing about him in high school! That guy killed me for 2 years! I always tried to rip his mouthpiece out so he had to sit a play.

  4. mrpigs…that mouthpiece move is a classic! Haven’t heard anyone bring that up in years. haha!!

  5. He played at Mission Bay HS in San Diego, I went to La Jolla. Western League rivals! He was so much better then we thought, tape doesn’t do him justice.

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