Asomugha could be on his way out of Philly, too

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It’s regarded as a foregone conclusion that the Eagles will cut quarterback Mike Vick after the 2012 season, given that he’s due to earn a base salary of $15.5 million in 2013.

Vick’s not the only high-profile player who could be on his way out of Philly.

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is due to earn a base salary of $15 million next season.  Per a source with knowledge of the deal, $4 million of the salary is fully guaranteed.  But $11 million isn’t; the question for the Eagles is whether they’re willing to pay Asomugha $4 million not to play for them — or $15 million to remain on the team.

Cutting Asomugha after the season would trigger no cap hit, other than the $4 million in guaranteed money.  His contract had no signing bonus, with the Eagles using a structure that equates compensation to cap number each year.

There’s a way the Eagles could make Asomugha’s cash and cap number less problematic next season.  Per the source, the contract reduces Asomugha’s pay by $3 million in 2013 if the participates in fewer than 90 percent of the snaps in 2011 or 2012.  Benching Asomugha late in the year for a couple of games would prevent him from hitting that number, dropping his salary to $12 million.

Benching Asomugha to trigger a $3 million reduction in his pay may not be the wisest strategy for keeping him happy.  Regardless, chances are he won’t be thrilled with his wages in 2013.  Given the decline in his performance, no one will pay him $15 million next season.

80 responses to “Asomugha could be on his way out of Philly, too

  1. Asomugha just never fit in with the Eagles. From what I read, he’s playing a coverage that he didn’t play in Oakland. Parting ways might be best for both parties.

  2. Wow the Eagles are in cap hell. Oh wait, until they unload two contracts and save 30 million. Then they have the most in the league in cap space.

  3. As a Texans fan, I’m so glad we used that money for J Jo and D Manning. Seems like our guys made the right decision on this one. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure and was excited to think we were in the running for Asomugha, but I’m VERY happy the way it turned out

  4. Time to clean house. Kick the bums out! Reid, Asomugha, Deshawn Jackson, Babin… Million dollar bums! This is a worse circus than the Jets!

  5. This guy might be the most Over Rated knock off of Kid n Play I have seen…Dude from awful team—Raiders with an eraser head haircut…C’mon man…Couldn’t cover a bed.

  6. I’ve seen him beat badly several times. Either those young guys make him look old or he left his shut down corner days back in Oakland.

  7. Interesting how these sources cough up a man’s salary, when a vast majority of us would cry foul for something that’s supposedly confidential.

  8. His tackling skills are a joke. It has nothing to do with what defensive scheme he’s playing in. He’s just soft.

  9. Keep Asomugha, fire Reed. Nnamdi will succeed in a system that plays to his strengths. The Eagles need to bring in a coach who can work with the personnel they already have there, not keep bringing in players, then demand they fit what Andy Reid does.

  10. Two goofy contracts, not sure what Philly was thinking with either of them, and not really sure what the players were thinking either. I don’t get either contract from either point of view!

  11. He looks really slow. Every time you see him, he’s chasing a guy down the sideline. O and the tackling… Where do we start? It’s not just him tho. The entire team need to go back to HS and learn how to tackle.

  12. Benching Asomugha late in the year for a couple of games would prevent him from hitting that number
    That is shady and unethical. Those clauses are in the contracts for performance incentives/injury insurance. They are not there for manipulation by the team to avoid monetary triggers. Although he has not played as well as expected, benching him for $ is bush-league. Benching him for legit production issues is different and it’s on the player for allowing it to get that bad.

  13. Asomugha is a lot like Doug Evans back in the 90s. Guy goes from a press man cover team, to a multiple scheme. Asomugha could still get it done in a cover 2. He’d be something on the Bears.

  14. Aso was over-rated in Oakland. He was playing for a team that was behind much of the time, creating a situation where teams didn’t need to pass very much.
    He never made big plays when he had the opportunity. Was really just known for denying part of the field that teams didn’t need anyway.

    I’m a Raider fan and thought he was over-rated when he was here.

  15. Wanted him on the Cowboys so badly in the 2011 offseason, was so mad when he signed with Philly. Yes, that genius Juan Castillo misused him, but its evident now that he’s not the same player he was in Oakland. He’s just allergic to tackling this season

  16. I think it is pretty obvious once he got paid he started thinking about life after football and every play is about making sure he gets their without further injury.

  17. I personally feel the Eagles should file criminal charges against Asomugha, because he literally stole 25 million dollars from the Eagles.

  18. He’s clearly not the player he once was. If the eagles go into rebuilding mode, why keep an older overpaid player? His only chance of staying with the eagles would be to take a pay cut. Then the question is; will that be more than he gets as a free agent?

  19. He’s like Shady Mccoy – supreme talent, they just don’t know how to use him.

    Nnamdi is a man-to-man corner and is usually at his best locking down a receiver 1 on 1 – not playing tons of zones like philly does.

  20. dsonashville28 says:Nov 12, 2012 9:14 PM

    “Asomugha just never fit in with the Eagles. From what I read, he’s playing a coverage that he didn’t play in Oakland. Parting ways might be best for both parties.”

    Forget that excuse. He’s either playing zone or man. The Eagles paid him 11 million a year to be damn good at both. He’s just not that good and was the definetion of overhyped when he was playing in Oakland.

  21. “From what I read, he’s playing a coverage that he didn’t play in Oakland.”

    That was his excuse last season when they were playing mostly cover 2 zone. This season they have played more man (supposed to be Asumogha’s strength) and the results are arguably worse.

  22. From the beginning just not a good fit.

    Philly has always prided itself on tough physical corners. Not sure what they were thinking cause this guy is a finese player to the T.

    Losing a step or two doesn’t help either.

  23. Thank God Dallas dodged the Asomugha bullet! As far as Michael Pick is concerned Philly should’ve never signed him to that ridiculous $100 million dollar contract before he showed any consistency…he’s too small and stays hurt and makes horrible decisions on and off the field!

  24. It’ll be interesting what Philly does after the season. Cutting ties w/Reid Vick & Asomugha. Could Foles be the future QB. We’ll hafta wait & see

  25. Even if he isn’t playing a coverage he knows, shouldn’t an “all pro” be able to adjust and excel after 20+ games? He’s been atrocious AND he refuses to tackle. At least Bobby Taylor – who also refused to tackle – could cover someone.

  26. Whether he was a good fit or not, he just plain hasn’t played well. Missing tackles, making bonehead plays in coverage — you’d think he spent the offseason watching tape of DeAngelo Hall!

  27. BS hes playing press coverage like he did in Oakland. He just got paid and got lazy. The dude couldnt tackle a schoolgirl plus he gets burnt at least once a game for a TD, not to mention all of the pass interferences he gets. WAY OVER-RATED!!!

  28. He’s in the wrong system. Nnamdi excelled in man-to-man. Philly uses zone. I say fire the idiots who thought he would be a good fit in their system.

  29. See kids!!!! Sign with Tom Condon and Ben Dogra. They get you paid in unemployment!!!

    They helped Jamarcus Russell in this matter too!!!

    Condon & Dogra > Rosenhaus
    any day of the week!!!!

    Then again, Howie Roseman is a bottom-5 general manager.

  30. Yeah nnamdi is best at man but the eagles run mostly zone so he’s not being used best and he is being put down but u dnt take one of the best corners and play around his strengths!

  31. @mrcosio- No need to bring your obsession with the RAIDERS into this. He was not used properly- the eagles blew it.

    Hopefully he lands back in Silver and Black for a hometown discount. He did play for Cal…

  32. It’s funny cuz when he went to Philly he said he could feel the difference from Oakland, that they were winners. Like he knows what a winner is. Karmas a bitch sometimes. He should thank Al Davis everyday for converting him to cornerback against his will when Davis drafted him. But instead as soon as that loophole was found in his contract he bounced on the Raiders and old Al.

  33. Several former NFL defensive backs turned talking heads on radio/tv have said for years Nnamdi wasn’t as good as most people thought. He’s been exposed in Philly. Not nearly physical enough to be elite.

  34. Last year I was one of those guys saying they were misusing him. Watch him this year, he is getting beat in man-press coverage, just check out the Julio Jones touchdown. It’s happening all the time, so to you guys out there who want him and claim your team will use him the “right” way, well, good luck with that.

  35. Nnamdi will never be as good again as he was with the Raiders, for several reasons. He’s older, lost a step. And zone coverage is not his forte, he’s a one-trick pony. His time with the Eagles exposed him, but people always want corners…look at Routt.Keeps getting signed even though his play is sub-par.

  36. Hail To The Redskins!! Bring Him We Welcome castoff Raiders CBs. We SHOULD have jumped harder for Woodson and we got Hall for a pack of gum. Nnamdi You will LOVE D.C. and now that you have seen RGIII up close and personal you have seen the future of the division. Come to Washington

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