Browns players favor updating their look

With a new owner and a new football boss, changes are coming to the Browns.

But the players wouldn’t necessarily mind if a uniform change was part of the plan.’s Tony Grossi polled a representative sample of the locker room on the issue, and found unanimous support for some tweaks to one of the league’s most traditional looks.

In fact, Grossi only found one player (wide receiver Josh Cooper) who fully endorsed the white-on-white look.

“I think it’s a new generation of football,” safety T.J. Ward said. “Especially with us being one of the youngest teams, I think the consensus is we kind of all want something fresh, a new look. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the same look, but maybe an alternate or a change-up. But we still have to play football.”

Even veteran kicker Phil Dawson, the only player who has been with the team throughout its second act which began in 1999, can justify an update.

“I look at a lot of pictures of Browns history and I see all kinds of different uniforms,” Dawson said. “So why it is now the actual ones we’re wearing we can’t change? I don’t get. I’ve seen brown on orange. I’ve seen white on orange. The one constant is the helmet, but way, way back they wore white. There have been changes to the uniform throughout Browns history.

“You can probably make a pretty good argument that this city fought so hard to keep its colors when the team left and came back, that some of that [tradition] sentiment is a product of that. So obviously it’s going to be a delicate situation. And I’m certainly not going to be upset if no change is made. [But] guys grumble a little bit.”

The one point no one’s going to argue is that the football is far more important than the fashion. College teams change uniforms often, using garish combinations and outlandish designs as recruiting tools.

But as the Panthers proved conclusively yesterday (when they were embarrassed while wearing a new all-black get-up), the most important part of the uniforms remains who is inside it.

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  1. I love the current Browns uniforms, save for maybe the orange helmet. If they insist on changing them though, I vote they keep things close to the same and adopt the old leather-look helmet the Redskins wore earlier this year.

  2. The garish, electric blue leggings the Panthers wore were the very worst part of their uniform.

    I wish the Saints would get rid of those ugly black uniforms, too. It’s dark enough in the Dome.

  3. got news for you the uniforms arent the reason for the horrible performance and thats the last thing the front office should be focusing on

  4. The problem really is Brown and Orange do not go together and they look awful together. They will really have to modernize them somehow to make those colors look good with white being mixed in as well.

  5. The best uniforms in the NFL are the classics: Packers, Browns, Bears, Raiders…. You’re not in college anymore, you’re a professional. Play ball.

  6. White jerseys and white pants suck on any team. It makes it look like a bunch of dudes in long johns out there

  7. Anyone realize how all the good teams don’t need uniform changes? It’s because when you have a good team, people recognize those colors with success and nobody wants a uniform change. When teams are bad the uniforms look just as bad. If the Browns start playing better, people will fear orange and brown. Right now it looks like crap, because their players play like crap.

  8. It would be nice if the NFL got back to the traditional unis. The classic 3 stripe down the leg and traditional colors are sweet, it seems the teams are going to metallic and neon colors (eagles, seahawks) The new age look the teams go to now are just a fad and look ‘arenaesque’; that explains why teams constantly change. Would love to see the broncos go to the Elway uniform, saints wear the gold pants, patriots go to the red white and blue, and dolphins get rid of the cartoon dolphin.

    I do think some teams made a change for the better, falcons look good, texans are nice, Buffalo’s are awesome and chargers are great.

    Call me old fashioned but the colors and designs of yesteryear are timeless.

  9. Hire a brilliant GM, who hires a great head coach, who hires great coordinators to put players in a great system. That’s how you make your uniforms beautiful and feared.

  10. You got to be joking!

    This sorry assed team (by the way, I’m a browns fan) has won 2 games this year after winning 5 last year, and they are talking about the color of their uniforms. Unbelievable!

    This shows a terrible lack of leadership on this team. If the HC doesn’t lambaste this subject, then the owner should as he is showing the HC the door.

    How about the players talk about getting healthy, execution, and finishing the season winning some games.

    They should be embarrassed by entertaining the subject, but I’m guessing they’re not.

  11. NOOO!! The Browns, along with Oakland and SF (in my opinion) have the BEST uniforms in football! I swear to God if these pro uniforms start looking like Oregon I’m going to dump this sport faster than you can say “And the Chiefs turn it over again”

  12. Listen the Dawg pound thing has been a great thing for years why not put the Bulldog on the side of helmets, use a different shade of orange instead of pumpkin orange, use metallic type paint, intead of flat orange and brown. I wouldnt care if they evern use real fur for the jerseys and paint with a dog tail on back and change the name to the cleveland bulldogs. Who cares as long as they start a tradition of winning again, is what matters to fans the most. Next season with a new owner , new head coach, and fresh start is as good of time as any to make some uniform, and other major changes, definately would get the fianbase excited again after another subpar losing season this year. Go Cleveland Bulldogs!!

  13. christophershearin says: Nov 12, 2012 3:09 PM

    I would love to see a black on black uni, maybe with some subtle orange highlights, or maybe a sweet Orange on Orange……..

    No denying this persons femininity!

  14. Here in Indianapolis the Colts updated their uniforms twice in the last decade and the fans were fine with it. They did it by adding two superbowl logo’s just before competing at the big game. How about giving the fans back in Cleveland a couple of those before the players whine about style. The Browns used to be dominant in the league but it was so long ago that college age kids would be too young to know that they were once what current fans think of teams like the Ravens and Steelers.

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