Curfew violation ends with Jenkins, Givens running stadium stairs

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It was known on Sunday that Rams coach Jeff Fisher had decided to deactivate rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins and rookie receiver Chris Givens for violating an unspecified team rule.  The violation wasn’t known.

Per a league source, Jenkins and Givens violated curfew.

It also wasn’t known that Fisher’s punishment had a second element.  As Peter King reported on NBC’s Football Night in America and explains in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, Fisher made Jenkins and Givens run the stairs at Candlestick Park.

“They weren’t going to play, so they needed a workout,” Fisher said.  “And I guess you can say it was part punitive.  We still have to sort some things out about what happened, but hopefully this helps them get the message.”

It could have been worse.  Defensive tackle Kellen Heard wasn’t deactivated for the game; he was cut.

23 responses to “Curfew violation ends with Jenkins, Givens running stadium stairs

  1. Gotta try to nip the Janoris Jenkins stuff in the bud now…. before you end up having to trade him to the Patriots for a 4th round pick.

  2. Maybe Fischer should give “Jerrah” a call and get some references on good babysitters for them.

  3. This isnt a strong a statement as Philbin of the Dolphins made though. Philbin benched Reggie Bush and Incognito, both veteran starters, in the first half. Bush for a fumble and Incognito for his dumb personal foul. I like both of these coaches because they stick to their guns but I am not sure if either will win a Super Bowl in this day and age of whiny over-paid athletes, these guys are old school and the new school dont like that.

  4. Rams are lucky these guys didn’t fall through the bleachers at Matchstick Stadium. That place is a disgrace. Should have REALLY blown up that place rather NOT REALLY blow up Heinz Field for The Dark Knight Rises.

  5. 1uniquename – It’s not as if the Rams benched their 2nd string special teamers. Jenkins and Givens are both starters. Jenkins is a talented young corner and Givens is a legit deep threat. Rams fans weren’t too excited to learn that they would be playing the 49ers w/o those two.

  6. @1uniquename

    Rams cut Incognito for bonehead penalties 3 years ago. I like the dude, but I’m amazed his temper has allowed him to remain in the NFL.

  7. I’d say, considering that they almost beat one of the better teams in the league without them, Fischer’s actions lit a fire under the posterior of some other folks on the team. 😉

  8. Doesnt make up for his horrible decision to call a TO without taking any time off the clock when they were at the 9ers 2. They could have run out the clock so san fran couldnt have taken it to OT. He panicked. He sucks

  9. Really like what Fisher is doing for that team. Even though it proved costly for us yesterday. Harbaugh just needs to learn some of those ol vets have tricks up their sleeves too. Lets see if he prepares better for the second meeting. Hats off to the rams for goin the distance.

  10. Stiller43 says:Nov 12, 2012 11:16 AM

    Doesnt make up for his horrible decision to call a TO without taking any time off the clock when they were at the 9ers 2. They could have run out the clock so san fran couldnt have taken it to OT. He panicked. He sucks

    Although I agree that was a questionable decision to say he sucks is lame. He has taken the youngest team in the league that has won 15 games over the last 5 years and made them competitive on both sides of the ball

  11. I’m very happy that Fisher benched these guys to get his message across, and to prove that no one is bigger than the team. For a rival divisional opponent, no less.

    Janoris Jenkins scares me a little bit. He’s well on his way to being a GREAT corner in the league, but he’s proven to be his own worst enemy, both in college and now in the NFL. Hopefully he gets it together.

  12. It’s apparent Jenkins learned nothing from his multiple infractions while at those intitutions that passed for “college”. Once a trouble-maker always a trouble-maker.

  13. I was kind of wondering when Mr. Jenkins was going to try and test the coach. I’d say he’s on double secret probation going forward.

  14. Stiller43: If there’s one thing I learned from watching Fisher on the sidelines every week for more than a decade, it’s that he does not panic when it comes to calling timeouts. He can be frustratingly deliberate about it, including the flipside when you think he’s letting too much time run off before using one, but he has his reasons.

    If all the Rams needed there was a FG to go ahead, I guarantee you Fisher lets the clock run down as far as possible once he got in his kicker’s sweet spot range. Which for Zuerlein is what, 50 yards? 😉

    But for a do-or-die first and goal, on the road with the crowd going ballistic, he’s probably more concerned with making sure everyone is on the same page. Better that than have a penalty or other mistake cost your best chance at the go-ahead score.

    Did not always agree with his reasons when it came to clock management, but Fisher is not the panicky type. Ever.

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