Fred Jackson has a concussion, won’t play Thursday

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Clearly, Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is a prophet.

Hours after he said he wanted to see C.J. Spiller more,  those snaps are headed Spiller’s way by default.

Bills coach Chan Gailey just announced that Jackson suffered a concussion Sunday, and won’t play Thursday against the Dolphins, via the team’s official website.

This one wasn’t hard to figure, as Jackson left the game with a “head injury” and was described as having “concussion-like symptoms.”

Concussions usually cause those.

9 responses to “Fred Jackson has a concussion, won’t play Thursday

  1. Why all you writers so ignorant about these concussion-like comments?

    Coaches aren’t doctors and therefore shouldn’t be making diagnoses.

  2. Chan Gailey: “Okay boys, were gonna give em a dose of Choice this game”

    CJ Spiller: “But what about me?”

    Chan Gailey: “I obviously hate you and you will get 5 touches, do what you can”

  3. chan would find a way to ruin this…

    final stat line from Thursday night:

    T.choice: 15 carries, 61 yards

    CJ Spiller: 6 carries, 125 yards

  4. “Coaches aren’t doctors”

    And doctors haven’t even once studied health in the history of the field. THey know absolutely nothing about anythign besides selling you medicine that is proven to not work and to be a fraud. What makes you think these clowns have brain trauma studies down pat? They don’t and the majority of past players don’t complain about splitting headaches every second of their life. Most of them live normal lives after playing.

  5. I’m not a doctor or a coach, but when Fred was clearly knocked out cold laying face down on the turf, I turned in a diagnosis of a concussion of which I was 100% certain.

    Get well and get back soon Action Jackson.

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