Gailey says Jackson has “concussion-like symptoms”

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The Bills have yet to officially diagnose running back Fred Jackson with a concussion.  Appearing Monday morning on WGR 55 in Buffalo, coach Chan Gailey admitted that, on the flight back from New England, Jackson was experiencing “concussion-like symptoms.”

So . . . he was hit in the head while playing football, he left the game because of it, and he was suffering “concussion-like symptoms” on the flight home.  Maybe he ate a bad black-and-white cookie.

It’s a bit ridiculous that some teams continue to resist application of the “C” word, but it’s understandable.  Once that label is used, the team loses control over the process, with the player returning to practice and/or games only after being cleared by an independent neurologist.

For Jackson, it’s unlikely that such clearance will be provided before Thursday night, when the Bills and Dolphins get together for their lone short-week game of the year.

14 responses to “Gailey says Jackson has “concussion-like symptoms”

  1. Hopefully Fred is fine-truth be told this gives CJ more touches, better for the team

    Also how do refs call PI in endzone when ball lands passed yellow line behind endzone–it was a gift to NE

  2. Teams resisting to use the C-Word or coaches? Coaches are still using the line, “Bell rung”, “ding”, preceded by “back in my day”.

    Coaches, not wanting to diagnose a concussion, and players not reporting symptoms (Calvin Johnson) you’d think they were in cahoots.

    Playing football is a pro choice v. pro life debate.

  3. Teams trying to keep the lid on concussions is getting really old and sad. It was obvious he has a concussion. When a guy gets hit in the head, simply lets go of the ball and drops face first with his hands at his sides, he is OUT. He even laid there for a few seconds while everybody piled on top of him. When you get your lights turned out, that’s the worst concussion you can have!!

  4. I thought it was a bit crazy that the announcers didn’t mention at all that he clearly got knocked out. Maybe they somehow didn’t see it, but man it was pretty clear, he just goes limp and then lays there motionless while everyone piles on around him for the ball.

  5. Tough loss to the Patriots. I realize Bills nation has probably had it with Gaily and his regime (fitzpatrick, etc). But take a look around the league man: Fitzpatrick was remarkable yesterday, a rookie WR ran the wrong route in tr end zone. Did you see Eli Manning yesterday? He was horrific. How is Mike Shanahan doing in Washington? I’m sure Bills fans would have been ecstatic to have him as the head coach few years back. Anyway, fire Chan, hire some other guy, clean house, rebuild, blah blah. Until Tom Brady retires I would just sit tight and safe your emotions for more important things in life.

  6. yes, face first on the turf is what I call “concussion like symptoms.”

    When will the NFL simply deal in absolutes? Whether it’s a “minor” or “major” concussion…it’s simply a concussion!

    no wait….my wife is 6 months pregnant with “pregnant like symptoms” 😛

  7. When I first saw this headline, I mistakenly read it as “Jacksonville has concussion like symptoms” and thought “what an interesting way to describe a team’s play…”

  8. He probably started showing those “concussion-like symptoms” when he realized that they were flying back to Buffalo.

  9. I have no problem really with the hit. But Spikes flexing has Fred got helped off the field was the most classless thing I’ve seen in a game. That guy was a classless piece of trash and college and still is.

  10. While Fred Jackson is a classy guy, maybe this is what the Bills need to force Gailey to use CJ Spiller more. I find it ironic that Gailey had no problem naming Spiller as the starter (over Jackson and Marshawn Lynch) in his very first game (when he clearly wasn’t ready), but now that he’s a legitimate superstar and home run threat, Gailey won’t start him.

    The more I see of Gailey’s coaching style, the less I understand his decisions.

  11. If he’s not a doctor, and the patient hasn’t seen a neurologist, all he’s only allowed to report Signs and Symptoms. I’m sure you would be one of the first persons to jump on the story if they reported he had a concussion, and then later changed the diagnosis days later to an aneurysm. It would be irresponsible for him to speculate on the severity of a brain injury without him having seen a specialist first.

  12. CJ spiller already proved himself earlier in the season when fred was out. I get it, Fred is a good running back, but CJ has shown that he deserves the bulk of the carries. More yardage out of spiller on less touches than freddy yesterday, speaks for itself.

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