Packers place Bryan Bulaga on injured reserve


There was a clear sense that the news on Packers right tackle Bryan Bulaga’s hip injury wasn’t going to be good.

The Packers made it official Monday, placing Bulaga on injured reserve and signing outside linebacker Vic So’oto to fill his roster spot.

Bulaga’s injury broke a streak of eight games without a Packers lineman missing a snap, now they’ll have to shuffle, perhaps moving left guard T.J. Lang to right tackle.

So’oto was in camp with the Packers, and gives them cover for Clay Matthews’ hamstring problem, after Nick Perry went on IR last week with a wrist injury.

15 responses to “Packers place Bryan Bulaga on injured reserve

  1. When I hear hip injury, I think of the close call Chad Clifton had with that cheap shot from Sapp that nearly ended his career.

    I hope its no where near that serious.

    TJ Lang will move to T and Dietrich-Smith with get plugged in a guard.

  2. Not mentioned is that Derek Sherrod has started practicing. Maybe a long shot that he’ll be a real contributor this season, but it wouldn’t be the first time somebody has stepped up unexpectedly for this team.

  3. Brian Bulaga was hardly Larry Allen. Did anyone watch the Seattle game?

    This is not a huge loss for the Packers. The quality of depth that remains is extremely questionable, but as long as no one else gets dinged there is no reason why this offense can’t continue to not run the ball effectively and almost get Aaron Rodgers killed game after game.

  4. You bring up seattle – which was way back in week 3…. Should the dolphins cut Jake Long cause of “A” bad game a week or so ago?

  5. If Sherrod can’t I have a feeling Thompson has Chad Clifton’s agent on hold.

    Reports have come out this season that Clifton has stayed in shape and has worked out for some teams. Wouldn’t be a terrible insurance policy for the stretch if he can stay upright.

  6. Chad Clifton? May as well see if Jerry Kramer is in shape and can pop out to tackle.

    As for axespray… Did I say the Packers should cut Bulaga? He’s part of a very mediocre unit whose deficiencies are masked by the greatness of Aaron Rodgers.

    You do realize the Packers may have to face Seattle, again, in the post-season? Would you have felt comfortable with Bulaga getting a 2nd chance to get Rodgers career shortened?

    He’s an overrated OT on an overrated unit. The drop off will be very minimal.

  7. Bringing back Clifton doesn’t make much sense. At his age/condition, he’s as useful as a disposable lighter repair man. Get well, Bulaga.

  8. I think Bulaga has taken a step back this year, not sure why, but last year he was really good when healthy. This depletes our interior run blocking even more which is the biggest concern IMO.

  9. Sure, Bulaga was owned in Seattle. But even McCarthy admitted after the game he made a mistake by not sticking to the run in the first half. They had like 3 rushing attempts, Seattle wasn’t honoring it at all, just going after the QB every down.

  10. Yeah, and our 1st rounder’s job is to protect Aaron Rodgers, not get owned play after play.

    Lang at RT is not a worry. Lang at LT would be, not that Marshall Newhouse at LT isn’t.

    More concerned about the guy who isn’t on IR…Jeff “blackhole” Saturday is far more worrisome.

  11. Hey you Packer backers look out for brother hrmlss. He lost his brother in law, Joe, to suicide Thursday. Joe was a Vikings fan and in his grief, hrmlss has decided never to make cracks about the Vikes again.

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