Patriots make room for Aqib Talib

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The Patriots gave up 337 yards in the air to the Bills in Sunday’s 37-31 victory, keeping them firmly rooted at the bottom of the league when it comes to passing yards allowed per game and reminding us why they traded a fourth-round pick for the suspended cornerback Aqib Talib.

Talib’s suspension is over as of Monday and the team made room for him on the 53-man roster by waiving linebacker Jeff Tarpinian. Tarpinian played in three games for the Patriots this year, recording one tackle, and started one game in 2011.

New England will get its first up-close look at Talib when they start practicing on Wednesday. The Patriots have mixed and matched what feels like dozens of players in the secondary over the last two years without finding any combination that works. They are looking for Talib to nail down one corner spot while they figure out the rest of the mix. He’s flashed the talent to take on that kind of role and the circumstances of the situation pretty much demand that he stay out of trouble off the field if he wants to hit free agency this offseason as a starting NFL cornerback.

We’ll likely start finding out how the Patriots’ gamble will pay off this Sunday against the Colts.

28 responses to “Patriots make room for Aqib Talib

  1. Just so he doesn’t shoot Andy Luck.

    Seriously, he has the raw potential however I have seen very little evidence in the last 5 years that the Pats can coach up potential in the secondary. Now in the early 2000’s that was a different story.

  2. Like him or not ,Talib immediately upgrades the Pats secondary,the weak link on the team.

    This team will be stronger heading into the playoffs.

  3. It could be a win-win situation for both sides! He’s definitely an upgrade as long as he keeps his nose clean

  4. Talib is on a short leash. He’s scheduled to be a FA at the end of this season and he knows that if things don’t work out under Belichick, he can wave a good contract good bye. Plus, I get the feeling that we all have blown his personality out of proportion. Yes, he might be a headache, but I’d put him more on the Randy Moss end that on the Albert Haynesworth end. Hopefully I’m right.

    What worries me is the coaching. Can they get him up to speed and teach him the system? I’m more inclined to believe that by the end of the year, he will be, like the rest of the secondary, an all-pro at not turning his head when the ball is coming his way.

  5. I hope the room they are making is padded and has bars.

    The Bucs are 4-1 without this clown. He is walking disaster area and donates at least 2 TD’s each game to opponents.

    Old Bill really took a chance this time. Sorry Pat’s fans and I hope works out for you.

  6. You mean to tell me the Pats picked up someone that wasn’t a TE or under 6 ft?

    My guess is the Pats will turn him into a quality CB in the league, and then cut him when he asks for more money. It’s the Patriot way.

  7. There’s no way the Patriots will make it back to the Super Bowl with a secondary that porous.

    Then again, I said exactly the same thing last season.

    I don’t see how Talib can’t be a big improvement for them. At the very least he’ll give the opposing team’s best WR a very tough time – and that counts for a lot.

  8. It just might be time to dump the D coordinator . after trying fifteen people in the secondary you might want to try new schemes……..

  9. Yeah, yeah. We heard the same thing about R. Moss, Corey Dillon, and even Rodney Harrison etc. that they were done and wouldn’t help the Pats much, but look what happened? The bugs had joint practices with the Pats. Bill saw something in Talib that caused him to go after him. When was the last time Bill did something like this? In Bill most of us Pats fan (LOL) trust. We’ll take our chances. Anything is an upgrade to this pathetic secondary. One that makes sanchees of the yets look like our QB (T.B.)

  10. I meant no disrespect Bucs fan. I typed bugs instead of Bucs (lol). An honest typo. Our coaches are cool. So you guys are ok in my book. Thanks for Talib

  11. Talib has skills man on man coverage gets burned 70% of the time. You drop a safety back in case he gets burned could really help. Face it he has skills but maybe Pats can help him. He will not help you go to a super bowl. He could contribute but needs others around him like Barber

  12. It’s my understanding that Belichick and Kraft have applied for a special dispensation from the league that would allow Talib to wear his ankle monitoring bracelet over his uniform.

  13. Talib is done, not only is he a head case he gets burned consistently, See Hakeem Nicks Patriots fans expecting a different outcome are in for a rude awakening.

  14. I have zero expectations … anything is better that what we have right now…

    BTW… The Pats passing D still has more to do with a pass rush than covering. Opposing QB’s usually have a friggan millenium to throw against the pats secondary. (it is maddening to watch)…Cunningham, Chandler and Ninkovich gotta step it up.

    It is going to be an ol’ fashion shootout in Foxboro this Sunday!!!

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