Reggie Bush: I deserved to get benched for fumbling


Dolphins running back Reggie Bush lost a fumble and was benched after getting just five touches in Sunday’s 37-3 loss to the Titans. Afterward, Bush called the benching the right call.

I didn’t deserve to be back in there,” Bush said. “I fumbled the ball and I’ve had two fumbles lost this year. I have to do a better job of protecting the ball. I’ve been in this league long enough to know protecting the ball is the most important thing as a running back.”

Bush got off to a brilliant start this season, with 50 carries for 302 yards and two touchdowns in the Dolphins’ first three games, and he talked openly about his goal of leading the league in rushing — a goal that seemed attainable, given how well he was playing. But Bush suffered a knee injury in Week Three, and although he didn’t miss any games, he hasn’t been the same player since then: He has 76 carries for just 252 yards in the last six games.

When a running back averaging six yards a carry and 101 yards a game suffers an injury and then drops to 3.3 yards a carry and 42 yards a game, it’s reasonable to think that the injury is the reason. But Bush says that’s not the case.

“No, not at all,” Bush said. “I’m not hurt at all.”

Whatever the reason, Bush’s production has declined. And that decline in production, along with two lost fumbles in the last three games, has Dolphins coach Joe Philbin phasing Bush out of the offense.

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  1. I’ve read a bunch of Dolphins fans (on social media sites, so obviously we’re grading on a curve here) complaining that if they’re going to bench Bush for fumbling, they should have also benched Tannehill for throwing interceptions.

    First: this is why fans do not coach or run teams.

    Second: it’s nice to hear Bush take accountability, not just because it helps to shut up those types of fans, but because that normally isn’t the case for athletes. He hasn’t played well, period, but there’s some solace in knowing that he’s standing up and not trying to pass the buck.

  2. I still remember all the dopes on ESPN saying that Reggie Bush was a no-brainer number 1 pick. To me, he’s been an overpaid bust from day one with the Saints and now the Dolphins.

  3. On the downside every palyer and coach didn’t show up to play yesterday. Even vs Houston there were several areas where we looked ok in that opening loss.

    The only positive from yesterday is that the team can redeem itself and the bad taste in everybody’s mouth by playing well in a short week.

  4. Bush is one of those guys that needs a lot of carries in a game. He is bound to bust one for a long gain if he gets 15-20 carries. When he is in a RBBC with 2 other backs and only gets 5 carries you probably won’t get too much out of him. Bush is probably the best player on the team. You can’t bench him for making a mistake. It hurts the whole team not just Bush.

  5. I’m feeling a nice bench warming during the Bills game will be a good lesson for Bush. Let Thomas take it to the house all day versus THE WORST rush defense in the league and maybe that will help Bush rekindle that fire he had at the beginning of the season prior to the Jets purposefully “taking him out”.

  6. The weather was nice at the game yesterday. Other than that…?

    This was the first game that they were really flat. They played with no life or energy. Add that to mistakes and you get embarrassed at home.

  7. I could’ve sworn Philbin said in his post game presser that Bush’s reduced role yesterday had as much (more?) to do with wanting to spread the workload a lot more because they have another game (division one at that) on Thursday night.

    Though I’m sure the fumble made it easier to give the other guys their snaps. Reggie handled the post game fallout like a pro should, regardless.

  8. Philbin is an idiot. You don’t bench your best player because he fumbled for the second time this year. Fumbles happen, no one is perfect. Yes, Bush needs to do a better job holding the ball, but even the best backs do it. Are you going to bench Tannehill for throwing an interception? Probably not. I hate the Dolphins, but I agree with what most of their fans are saying, bad move.

  9. i knew this was going to happen bush carrys been on the decline for a couple weeks now look back every week hes getting like 5 touches less… glad i traded him right before this weeks game and have no regrets!!!

  10. The game was already our of hand and there was no reason to rely on a fumbling Bush in the backfield when Thomas has proven himself to take over. You would not bench a starting QB for an interception but you sure as heck can bench a RB for not producing when the next man up can be just as good.

  11. I dont think Bush will be back with the Fins next year. Unless he signs a really cheap contract. It’s going to be the Thomas and Miller show next year and probly some late round draft pick for depth.

  12. Philbin should reduce Bush’s carries. Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas combine for a fine backfield and I will not be mad when they don’t give Bush a huge contract in the off-season.

  13. In response to ajb3313’s comment on Reggie Bush. J Philbin is trying to set a precident with this current group and future players. If your idea of a successful team is to make the playoffs just to lose in the first or second round, then hey, let Reggie fumble…no big deal, but to get to play in the superbowl takes alot more discipline and attention to detail.

    R Tannehill shouldn’t be held under the same scrutiny as Bush because he (RT) is a rookie, playing behind a O-line that hasn’t playing very well…besides Reggie Bush himself excepted responsiblity for his play and I respect that…so if looking good during the regular season and playing in a playoff game or two is enough for you, then I understand your logic and respect it, but I want alot more for the Dolphins and like the foundation Philbin is creating for the future…GO PHINS!

  14. EJ says:Nov 12, 2012 10:48 AM

    Philbin is an idiot. You don’t bench your best player because he fumbled for the second time this year. Fumbles happen, no one is perfect. Yes, Bush needs to do a better job holding the ball, but even the best backs do it. Are you going to bench Tannehill for throwing an interception? Probably not. I hate the Dolphins, but I agree with what most of their fans are saying, bad move
    A rookie coach with a rookie QB and hardly any talent on the team and they are 4 – 5. Two plays away from 6 – 3 and the Philbin is an idiot? Reggie has been downhill since he got hurt. They need to start getting those other guys reps not because Reggie fumbled but because hes not getting the job done.

  15. I agree with BOTH sides of the benching Reggie argument but it would be very interesting to see what Philbin would do if this happened against the Pats and we were down in the 4th Qtr with a solid chance to win… not tell me you feel comfortable with Daniel Thomas carrying the ball. Thomas has 2 fumbles to Reggie’s 3 fumbles but Reggie has had twice as many carries as Thomas.

  16. Benching Reggie was the right move…because he is one of the best players on the team. Philbin sat his best playmaker and a starting O-lineman for messing up. That sends a message to the rest of the team. They should feel that if Bush gets benched then they could get benched for knucklehead plays also. I missed the second half so I don’t know if either guy played again. Sitting either for the rest of the game would have been a bad move. The message would have been sent with one or two series. As for Tannehill, interceptions can be because of several factors. Tipped passes, receivers running the wrong route, wind gusts, great defensive play, etc. You don’t bench the QB for an interception even if it is a pick-6. If the QB consistently puts the ball in harm’s way, then bench him.

    Miami has been/still is a young team and is not as disciplined as they need to be. Philbin is trying to change that and I agree completely. The talent level in the NFL is not much different between many teams. Fundamentally sound and disciplined football from even average NFL players will win many games. Philbin is wise to address those issues now as they wait to gain more talented players down the line.

  17. It was ridiculous to bench Reggie until the 4th quarter.
    By the time he brought him back it was over. Tannehill was horrible, he couldn’t throw the ball further than 20yds, and on third and one threw an interception. He had all the room in the world to run.
    It was a horrible display. No one looked as though they were interested in the game at all. The 2 people who did something Hartline and Bess the rest “stank out the place” and we had to suffer it.
    The coaches had something to do with this debacle, they deserve some of the blame. Reggie is the one player who can do something at any time, and he stood there for 3 quarters, watching this crap.
    Can’t wait for Th

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