Rick Spielman: I’m not the anonymous G.M. who ripped the Lions


On multiple occasions this season, the Lions — and particularly center Dominic Raiola — have taken issue with reports citing an anonymous NFL general manager ripping the team. Whoever that anonymous general manager was, Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman says it wasn’t him.

Spielman was asked on Sunday before the Vikings met the Lions if he was the one who made the comments, and he said he was not.

“No, no, no – absolutely,” Spielman said, via the Lions’ website. “If I have something to say, I’ll put my name on it.”

The Lions fell to 4-5 with Sunday’s loss, which suggests that the anonymous executive who was quoted early this season as saying the Lions aren’t as good as they think they are may have had a fair point. But Spielman doesn’t need to say anything about the Lions, publicly or anonymously. The Vikings beat the Lions twice this season, so if Spielman wants to say anything about the Lions, all he has to do is point to the scoreboard.

20 responses to “Rick Spielman: I’m not the anonymous G.M. who ripped the Lions

  1. It was Trent Baalke of the 49ers. In the first article about this (anonymous ripping of the lions on the radio last month) someone gave good evidence for this. Coward hiding behind anonymity.

  2. I don’t know why anyone would be afraid to put their name on it……its true, the Lions are not as good as they think they are.

  3. It doesn’t matter who it was that ripped them as the person was actually doing them a favor but with Schwartz as a hot-head coach, it fell on deaf ears and the Lions continue to think they are better than what they are. It should’ve been the Lions GM or Schwartz himself who delivered that message to the team, too many individual players, selfish boneheaded penalties, players with far too much baggage. It doesn’t take a league expert to see what’s wrong with the Lions.

  4. I could give some credence to Baalke, he definitely fits the bill of an immature GM, but this seems to just overwhelmingly point to Spielman. Look even at his denial, it is that same sort of indignorant tone that you hear from sports talk radio call ins, and both comments came before the Vikings played the Lions. Most GM’s have a certain level of gravitas and if confronted with this accusation, would brush it off as nonsense. Spielman has that fan-type emotional childishness that you see in the anonymous comments and in interviews… exact same tone and way of speaking. It should be pointed out as well that he does have a little history with the Lions and some bad blood, and his brother was rightfully upset a few years ago when passed over to be the Lions’ TV announcer. Regardless, the whole thing is so far beneath how a GM should act and if were an owner and knew who this was I would be upset. Finally, how about a new rule in journalism that if an anonymous source denies a quote that the publishing outlet has the right to “out” the source? Much like the college polls and USC earlier this year!

  5. What is the point in even asking any GM if he’s the one who said that stuff? If they had any guts they’d have put their name on it from the beginning, who would come out now and admit to it?
    The real purpose of this pointless article is found in the last paragraph, just another cheap shot at the Lions by MDS. Let’s get this out there: We all know they either A) don’t show up for 3 quarters then fall short of a comeback, or B) one of the units plays good while the other never shows at all. They’re playing sub-par football and have a losing record to show for it. We get it man. Find another hobby.

  6. He’s a G.M. Who cares what he says? Currently players, coaches, and owners have words of import to react to. Albeit, maybe I’m wrong and they’re now being included on that list…

  7. i would hope it isnt him since they arent that good either and they will be exposed after 2 games with the bears and packers then a nice game against houston , someone should tell him ponder is not as good of a qb as he thinks he is

  8. Spielman has always come off as saying what he wants and what he believes. I’ve never heard of him hidin behind his thoughts. If it was Spielman it wouldn’t have been anonymous. He would have flat out said it.

  9. I truly believe its Jerry jones, still mad about getting fleeced for Roy Williams. He is cowardly enough to say something like that and not put his name on it….

  10. klunge says:
    Yup! Exactly. Glad you said it. Whenever I say the same thing I get put in timeout.

    I doubt it is Rick Spielman. His brother Chris never hides what he has to say, and didn’t care if it meant he got fired. His contract wasn’t renewed because he was clearly smarter than the Lions coaches and too much of a threat to their power over the team.

    Chris Spielman was the heart and soul of the Lions, and was the only player in the locker room who could stand up to Barry Sanders. Best inside linebacker we’ve ever had on the team.

  11. Whatever GM said it they should be patted on the back for understanding the game. The lions looked liked they should be getting tossed out of a honey wagon yesterday.

  12. The Lions should take their panties off and play better. Then people wouldn’t state the obvious that they are an awful team. Their coach is a head case and is very incompetent.

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