Shanle says Falcons were “classless” before game


The Falcons-Saints rivalry hasn’t been much of a rivalry lately, because the Falcons haven’t been doing much winning when they play the Saints.  As it turns out, Atlanta’s latest loss to their NFC South rivals was fueled by Falcons’ antics coming before the opening kickoff.

Linebacker Scott Shanle tells Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports that Falcons players were taunting a Saint who defected from Georgia to Louisiana during the offseason.

“They were talking [expletive] to our guy Curtis Lofton,” Shanle told Silver.  “I couldn’t even understand them. They were just walking all over our drills trying to mess with him. [Linebacker Jonathan] Vilma went and told their coach it was classless and they didn’t even say anything.  It set the tone for the day.  It was classless and they got what they deserved.”

It wasn’t the only pregame chatter that got the Saints’ attention.  Per multiple team sources, the Saturday night meeting included the latest installment of the “D-Block,” a locker room video that included at the 11 minute mark a nonsensical freestyle rap.  Viewed more as comical than offensive, the Saints nevertheless got an extra kick from the goofy antics from a team that seemed to presumed it would show up and win — even though the Falcons have beaten the Saints only twice since 2006.

As one team source told PFT, “That video would never be allowed nor would our players make a video like that in our locker room.”

By the way, the rematch comes later this month, on NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football.

We have a significant amount of anticipation for that specific occurrence.

50 responses to “Shanle says Falcons were “classless” before game

  1. “Vilma went and told their coach it was classless and they didn’t even say anything.”

    Oh, Mr Class says it was classless. SMH.

  2. Falcons probably would have won if they just focusedon the game and played and acted with discipline. When you offend Shanle, who I remember was trashy enough to walk naked behind an interview of a fellow defender that was being conducted in the lockerroom before the saints Super Bowl, that’s not good for the Falcons. It’s not enough to have talent, you need discipline and respect.

  3. “They were just walking all over our drills trying to mess with him. [Linebacker Jonathan] Vilma went and told their coach it was classless and they didn’t even say anything. ”

    Vilma would know exactly what classless is… Coming from a guy who is a prime example of “classless”…..

  4. Stop It withe the classless cliches! Saints organization using those words REALLY! Ge aside, these are the same people who are caught up in a bounty situation. Coaches and Players suspended for either lying or not talking to the commissioner! Stop it people. CLASSLESS is an ORGANIZATION who lies to the authority figure of the League, CLASSLESS is an ORGANIZATION that paid players to TAKE OUT OTHER PLAYERS! That’s classless!

  5. “That video would never be allowed nor would our players make a video like that in our locker room.”

    Nope, the Saints only record themselves creating bounties.

  6. If that’s what the Saints need to make themselves feel better about who they are then okay. What an irony!

  7. falcons are OVERRATED

    they were the #1 seed a few years ago and the pack beat them in ATL – the game was not even close,

    asante samuels hairline really bothers me

    mike smith is an average coach ,

    matt ryan average,

    they are average

    pack, bears, NYG, 9ers are all better. and new orleans.

  8. in the words of dennis green “they are who we they were”…. garbage. they won’t win a playoff game again… too full of themselves…. how ya feel this a.m. mr. roddy white!!!!! who dat baby!!!!!

  9. Like Brees said before the game : “We own this division make sure they remember that, they do all the talking when we do all the hitting. This is our division and they will remember that today”.

  10. Do you think that if Vilma would have walked over to the Falcon’s players with $10,000 in cash they might have been incentivized to stop with the trash talk?

  11. The falcan’ts were classless before the game, during the game, and after the game. It’s their norm. One and done in the playoffs.

    They can’t stop the run, and when they play the Saints, they absolutely have a phobia of 4th and short yardage, an absolute fear of that situation.

  12. Shanle shouldn’t be snitching to the media. Jocks acting like jocks, nothing wrong with that. This isn’t golf. Everyone from players to fans talk smack, it’s a part of the game.

  13. Some posters are assuming that the Saints are guilty of the bounty ALLEGATIONS. Again, if any of you have proof that the Saints are guilty, please post it and send it to the NFL because they obviously don’t have any proof. As for the game yesterday, it was hard fought and the Saints won. What happens in the rematch remains to be seen. However, you won’t hear the Saints players talking trash like Roddy White. Maybe the Falcons fans should concentrate on getting him to shut his mouth and concentrate on the game. At least two Falcon blown plays yesterday involved Roddy. On the other hand, never mind. If his trash talk motivates our players, maybe it should be encouraged. Who Dat?!!!!

  14. Scott Shanle?! Not Scott Shanle!! Why did they write an article with a Scott Shanle Quote? Why not Ricky Williams, he is more of an asset to this organization than this Arena League player. The guy is a complete schlub and doesn’t even play. They must keep him for his gaping black hole of a mouth to suck in unwarranted media attention to deflect their own classless problems… Taking a picture on the Falcon in 2009, a “saint” of a DC G. Williams, an honest HC, and Vilma, for whom i confuse him with Drew Brees for being so classy…sike.

  15. Right. Because the Falcons lost, it’s all because of the bounty scandal. Couldn’t be because of overshot throws or dropped balls.
    Gloating and celebrating are parts of sports. Always will be. But they are best left until AFTER the game is won.
    Yes I am a Saints fan. I went into yesterday’s game expecting the Saints to lose. When ATL got possession in the last two minutes, I fully expected them to score again, and win the game. I was pleasantly surprised.
    Let’s keep some perspective here though. Two teams with a lot of talent played an exciting game. Nobody got stomped. Nobody took the game and ran away with it. It was a close, thrilling game. What more could a fan ask for?

  16. This from a team that posed on the falcons logo and ran up the score to get brees his record. Not to mention the whole bounty mess. Get real you damn idiots

  17. I guess I’m one of the few Saints fans that remember 62 to 7 in tulane stadium. And, if I remember although I was only 8 at the time. The Falcons were up 42 to 7 and still thowing the ball. So, forgive me if I don’t give a flying f*** about you opinion ” cowartsh” And, personally my only regret I have when we play you is that we don’t beat you by 50. So, you and the rest of your wanna be, no talent, going home if the first round losers, can go back to your dome and kiss our Super Bowing winning * a$$

  18. This is too rich. The organization that intentionally hurt players and had a clearly rigged NFCCG calls ATL “classless”?? Haha. Drew Brees needs an explanation. Maybe one direction can give it to him.

  19. Ditto aintasinner! And while everyone’s bashing the Saints, consider the FANS while you’re at it. Win or lose, Saints fans will take you out and celebrate. Falcons fans are rude, crude and socially unacceptable. I’ve been to Saints/Falcons games in OUR DOME, and the fans were so vulgar and rude and just plain NASTY. Doesn’t surprise me that the players are the same.

  20. Unlike Falcon fans bringing up bounties, Saints fans can actually prove that the Falcons have no class and choke in the playoffs.

  21. It’s amazing that a team loose one game to a div rival, which they could have won, and now they’re not a good team. Thought they were the only team who had not loss a game. Falcons will be there in the end……TRUST!!!!!!!

  22. Surprising amount of smack from this team considering time and time again they’ve been unable to get one measly damn yard against the Saints. You’d think they would know their place by now.

  23. This is typical Falcon BS. For those Dirty Bird fans, how can you say anything right now when you barely beat the cowboys, broncos, RAIDERS, and Panthers? Really, you’re just as bad as the Eagles were at the beginning of the year barely winning games but thinking they were finally getting their stuff together. You really think you can stand toe to toe with a team that has an offense? The broncos and the saints are the only two legit offenses you’ve played. The broncos you played while manning was still getting his arm back to game shape. For your idiot loud mouth WR who makes catches pushing off, see every reception he had against the saints, then sit down and shut up when you lose.

  24. Falcons are a classless organization. This has been the case for awhile now. Is this news?

    Let the tailspin begin for the Failcants.

    Atlanta’s record is a by-product of their easy schedule. Only played 1 team with a winning record so far (Denver) and only 3 of last 7 games are against teams with winning records (Tampa (2), NYG).

    The reason for Atlanta’s playoff troubles? 6-10 teams don’t make the playoffs.

  25. “The organization that intentionally hurt players and had a clearly rigged NFCCG calls ATL “classless”??”

    What’s the weather like in your fantasy world?

  26. One and done will be the Falcons. Remember how they got throttled by Green Bay the last time they were the #1 seed. it will happen again this year. That’s a fact!!!

  27. As a falcons fan who is enjoying watching Sean Payton rot (primarily for running up the score on the coons last year to get Brees the record)… Brees played like the best QB in the league yesterday, his ability to put the ball in the tightest of windows is so impressive. On another note i love how much attention our rivalry is getting.

  28. Class is something you don’t see a lot of in the NFL. (OK, professional sports in general.) Why should anyone be surprised when someone behaves in a classless manner?

  29. not the first time these guys taunted Jeremiah Trotter in the opening game a few years back until he lost it and ended up getting ejected before the game started

  30. I’m thinking that it’s time we just abandoned the thought that a violent game like football is going to be considered “classy” period.

    There aren’t too many players out there who have been able to tear opponents ACLs or give concussions with “class”

  31. Until the Falcons get at least the NFC Champship game, let alone win a playoff game, they should just keep their mouths shut.

  32. I guess when you can’t win anything that matters like the falcons you have to play up big when you when what doesn’t matter. I am not a Saints fan…but the falcons are CLASS-LESS!!!

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