Texans’ Dobbins: NFL shouldn’t fine me for Cutler hit, he ran into me


Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was knocked out of Sunday night’s game after he took a helmet-to-jaw hit from Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins after throwing a pass. At least, that’s how the officials on the field saw it. But that’s not how Dobbins saw it.

In Dobbins’ view, he was just running forward when Cutler ran into him.

I did not hit him in his head, and actually he ran into me,” Dobbins said, via CSNChicago.com. “I just felt like he was going to take off and run with the ball and I thought he was past the line.”

Cutler was called for an illegal forward pass because he was beyond the line of scrimmage when he passed, so Dobbins might try to argue that Cutler was a runner, not a passer, at the time. But Dobbins acknowledged that he’s worried the NFL will see it differently and fine him.

“I’m definitely worried about it, but I felt like it was clean though,” Dobbins said. “I did not hit him in his head and I felt like I didn’t lead with my helmet.”

Whatever Dobbins thinks he did, the reality is he hit Cutler in the jaw with the crown of his helmet. It’s hard to imagine that the NFL will agree with Dobbins’ assessment that it was Cutler who ran into him.

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  1. I remember last week what Vick did when he saw a blitzer coming at him. He ducked, dropping his head about a foot, right into the blitzer’s helmet. The blitzer got penalized for helmet to helmet even though his original target area was well below the helmet.

    I didn’t see the Cutler hit but the QB needs to take some responsibility when they do stupid crap.

  2. I hate Cutler with a passion but he didn’t deserve that hit. With all the lawsuits the NFL is having to deal with regarding concussions, this dude should start thinking about liquidating some of his toys. This is gonna hurt.

  3. Sure. Just like OJ didn’t kill Nicole, just like Sandusky didn’t molest those boys, and just like there were WMDs in Iraq. Nice try Jackass. I hate the Bears but Houston is starting to develop a rep as DIRTY.

  4. These guys should be suspended as well as fined. Cheap hit. 50k at least and he should sit out the next game. That’s the only way to stop this. Monday night football will have 2 backups because of concussions next week. The front office is not going to like that.

  5. A play off game is going to be won by a QB that drops his head to take a hit for a flag. Just like taking a hard charge in the NBA

  6. Hmmm, all good QBs after throwing a pass (where the refs blow the call, they should be able to see the redline like us at home) go over to a linebacker and head but them with their chin…….

    Cheap shot by a team that has complained all year about others being dirty…….Com’on Man!

  7. Whether you think it was clean or not, that is the most violent hit to the head I remember seeing. His helmet actually swiveled around his head a few times. I remembered Maddens great line that “he got up looking through his ear hole”.

  8. Wasn’t that the play Cutler was beyond the line of scrimmage? If so, that made Cutler a BALLCARRIER. He was fair game…

  9. I just went back and watched that play. He drove with his helmet, to helmet. Not sure he meant it to be dirty, but this is the exact thing the NFL is trying to stop. I hope they fine is record breaking. Go back and watch this hit, it is awful. How he even got up, let alone played is amazing.

  10. This has to be the most interesting defense ever! I bet Goodell has a good laugh about this before mailing out the fine letter. “He ran into me”…what’s a crock! What’s next? He’s gonna argue that Cutler should be fined for running into him?

  11. The reason Cutler did not come back for the second half, per my sources, had nothing to do with that hit. Apparently, he threw a major hissy fit tantrum when he learned that the NFL does not allow umbrellas on the sideline.

  12. Here’s the other thing: it wasn’t even a good football play. Sure, he “laid the QB out.” But if you see Cutler getting set to throw the ball like that (which he could clearly see ahead of time), then you could put your hands up and try to deflect the pass. Yes, you have to beware the “pass fake” followed by the run, but until he takes off, try to bat the pass down.

    Despite the fact that many think that the game is getting too soft, going for the “kill shot” instead of playing sound football is simply not sound football. A great player should be able to strike fear into his opponents but do it playing sound technique. Think of a guy like Uhrlacher and not a guy like L. Landry…

  13. Dobbins reportedly also stated “With that a lot of people are going to interpret it as or create their own storylines, . . . but I know what I did, and the man upstairs knows what I did.”

  14. I don’t think the hit was as bad as Joe Mays hit on Schaub but very similar. I don’t think Dobbins intended to make a dirty hit but it was definitely an illegal hit. I am sure he’s getting a bill from New York this week. I imagine it will be north of $25k maybe, $50k. I don’t think a suspension is warranted since this is first offense but I wouldn’t be blown away if he missed a game. (Thank goodness we have Jacksonville next week)

  15. I’m a Packers fan, so I’m certainly not a Bears homer. That hit on Culter was incredibly dirty. Firstly, Dobbins did hit him with his helmet. Secondly, even if you dispute that, Dobbins kept running right into Cutler while Cutler stopped to watch the pass. In no alternate universe did Cutler run into Dobbins, nor was it a bang-bang play. Dobbins wanted to smoke Cutler, and he did.

  16. I don’t care if it’s considered dirty, illegal, finable, or cheap – all I know is that it was AWESOME! Had to rewind it at least 10 times to watch Cutler lose that stupid incredulous grin he carries. Hopefully it knocked off his pedophile mustache too!

  17. I didnt see the hit, but if he was passed the line of scrimmage, he’s a RUNNER, and head contact is LEGAL. He cant be responsible if cutler decides to perform the then illegal act of throwing the football.

  18. Players who voice takes that are so deluded (like Dobbins) here – detract from the credibility of athletes who actually have a legitimate beef.

  19. Ball carrier or not it was obviously helmet to helmet. Watch the play again. Watch Cutler’s head and helmet. His helmet nearly came off. That doesn’t happen with chest high tackle.

  20. Well I see half the responses are from Guys who didn t watch the game. another 1/4 of them thinking he was beyond the Line of scrimmage..which he was not, his back foot was still behind line. The announcers even said, why do youthink they challenged. and seems like those 75% in here have no clue when watching a good football game.

    The hit was ILLEGAL, runner or not, Helmet to helmet is a penalty and fineable. Lotta of guys in here, I can see are only Cutler haters, Cutler or not it was a penalty and should be a fine.

  21. Nick Perry got fined $7500 for a clean sack…

    then again, Duane Brown hit a dude after the play – ripping DJ Smith’s ACL – no fine…

    So going by that consistency – I judge that Jay Cutler will be fined $40,000 for this hit.

  22. People this is football not pingpong. How long has football been around? Domino affect you think? Why do players work out? Why do coaches push each person to be their best? Why do you complain so much? You sit and watch football as you please and cheer on your team but complain because it does not suit you. Support, coach, mentor for right or wrong no chastising the players.

  23. after watching the hit again in slo mo.. I conclude that Cutler needs to wear a dress. Schaub lost a chunk of ear on a legitimitely dirty hit against the Broncos.. he was out for a play, then came back in and proceeded to win the game. Cutler was running towards the line (and past it according to the penalty). At that point, he’s the running back.. when he made the decision to pass it was too late and the Texans defenders thought he was running it.

  24. You are not a runner if you don’t have the ball. The ball left his hand then 3-4 seconds later Dobbins drills him. Penalty fine & suspension.

  25. Helmet to helmet doesn’t come into play when tackling a runner. Leading with the helmet might, but that’s not quite the case.

    3-4 seconds? If that were 3-4 seconds then your days last about 18 hours.

  26. For those of you who do not believe Dobbins was guilty of a penalty and should not be fined, thank you for understanding the game. For those of you who believe otherwise, get a grip and stop your nonsense. Once Cutler went beyond the line of scrimmage, he is a ball carrier and is fair game. He took a good shot, but a perfectly fair shot within the confines of the rules. He should have slid. This one is on Cutler, not Dobbins, and hopefully, the totalitarian dictator of the NFL will not further embarrass the league with an unwarranted fine.

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