Trindon Holliday promises his days of celebrating TDs are over


Broncos return man Trindon Holliday started celebrating 75 yards into a 76-yard punt return on Sunday, and if not for a botched call by the officials, his touchdown against the Panthers would have been wiped out and ruled a fumble at the 1-yard line. As a result, Holliday says he’s done with his touchdown celebrations.

Holliday said he and Broncos special teams coach Jeff Rodgers watched the film together, and Holliday knows he wasn’t in the end zone before he dropped the ball on his touchdown. As a result, he has promised Rodgers that if he scores again he’ll hold onto the ball until he runs to the sideline and hands it to Rodgers.

“I had to go back and look at the film and I really wasn’t, so coach told me next time to just bring him the ball so we’ll be all right,” Holliday told the Denver Post. “Just cross the goal line and bring [Rodgers] the football to be on the safe side.”

That’s wise advice. Most of the talk about Holliday’s touchdown has centered on the fact that it was a blown call by the officials, but it was also a bonehead play by Holliday. At least he has promised not to do it again.

25 responses to “Trindon Holliday promises his days of celebrating TDs are over

  1. I mean even if the officials did promise not to screw up any more major calls, we all know they’re not capable of following through…

  2. If the ball went out of bounds thorugh the Endzone it would have been more than just a fumble at the one. It’d have been a turnover and placed at the 20 for the Panthers.

  3. Weird. Kubiak drafted this guy and kept bringin’ him back to camp and bouncin’ around the practice squad and finally he shows some promise this preseason.

    Of course, once the season started he was back to normal and couldn’t get out of his own way and Kub had enough and cut him. Remember, he fumbled his first catch with the Broncos. Now he’s got a couple returns done and he’s the latest stud.

    We’ll see if this is just a flash in the pan or his lack of focus will return like it usually does…..

  4. He did the exact same thing in the Bengals game too and I was worried it was going to be reviewed. I’m surprised the coaches didn’t mention something to him before this week’s game. You never take anything, especially a TD, for granted in the NFL. Of course, what do I know, I’m just a fan.

  5. When this guy took the Wonderlic test, he dropped the pencil after filling in the first five answers. Perfect score for him.

  6. Why is it so difficult for coaches to tell players what is or is not acceptable celebratory behavior BEFORE the fact? If they persist, publicly humiliate and bench the fool.

  7. Funny how when DeSean did the same exact thing he was called every name in the book, but when Holliday does it he’s just a “young, excited player”. Haha, these double standards kill me.

  8. The good news is it had no bearing on the outcome of the game so it didn’t end up being a costly mistake.

  9. denverdave3 says:

    I’d rather he stop fumbling.


    I’d rather have appreciative fans.

    Dude gives you a TD return in consecutive weeks to separate away for the win and all you can do is be a caustic prick.

  10. Wow vbe2, you truly must be a Donkey fan by showing your total lack of football knowledge.

    It’s not a turnover unless the Panthers recovered the ball at the one, it’s a touchback after it leaves the endzone you frickin’ Donkey loving moron.

  11. Stupid play by Holliday but I think he learned his lesson. Repeated mistakes won’t cut it in this league and aha talented Holliday is, you wouldn’t want to waste it on something dumb. He has done what us broncos fans hasn’t sen in a long time, and if he improves holding on to the ball pass the end zone and better ball control, this is a Hugh steal for the broncos. Not only teams have to deal with Peyton manning and that improving defense who sacked newton 8 times, but to game plan for the special teams would be too much. The broncos could be set all around with just a few tune ups, magahee has been fumbling more often this season and he could become unreliable if it doesn’t change, before the game manning wasn’t sacked for like 150+ pass attempts, Von miller is a beast and the young guys are getting better. Look out AFC, the broncos are making some noise

  12. the return was great, just bad judgement call by holliday. although it should have been reviewed and overturned. who knows what happens if called correctly.

  13. Extremely excited to have this element on the Denver Broncos team. Holliday solidifies our special teams which have a great kicker and punter already, and now a stellar return man. Put that along with our improving Defense which is becoming one of the best in the NFL. Oh yeah, and our Offense with Peyton Manning himself. This is all sounding like a perfect combination for a championship! Let’s go Broncos!!!

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