Alex Smith getting second opinion on his head injury

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49ers Alex Smith suffered a concussion on Sunday.  And while it’s unclear whether he’ll be cleared by an independent neurologist to return to action on Monday night against the Bears, a league source tells PFT that Smith is seeking a second opinion.

It’s unclear what impact, if any, a second opinion would have on the assessment of an independent neurologist.  Given the somewhat subjective nature of the ultimate assessment of a guy’s symptoms, however, a second opinion that points toward a mild concussion or no concussion at all could influence the independent neurologist’s assessments.

Smith has every reason to try to get back on the field.  If Smith doesn’t play and if Colin Kaepernick plays well on a national stage, Alex Smith could be the sports world’s next Wally Pipp.

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  1. Alex is a smart man. He is probably getting a second opinion because he wants to have a better understanding of his health. And he realizes that teams have a conflict of interest with respect to medical evaluations. So, chalk this up to a smart man gathering the facts of the situation.

  2. “This guy should have been drafted in the 6th or 7th round instead of #1 overall.”

    and this comment should have never been made but unfortunately we have to deal with clowns like you.

  3. If Cutler and Smith both start, or neither does, the game should be evenly matched…If one starts and the other doesn’t, then that takes away the parity.

    In case that wasn’t obvious.

  4. Kap isnt ready, and probably wont be until 2014, but I wouldnt mind seeing him as the starter against Chicago just to see what we have. I want Alex at the helm the rest of the way this season and next though.

  5. I had Kaepernick rated higher than Andy Dalton, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, and Blaine Gabbert. I had him a notch below Cam Newton… looks like if he can be a good QB AND not be a head case, he’ll surpass Newton.

    I don’t have Kaepernick down as the next Gehrig, I have always compared him to a Randall Cunningham.

  6. Smith is doing the smart thing. Anyone with common sense always gets a second opinion when it comes to head injuries.
    CK7 has potential and could be the future of the Niner offense but this offense isn’t designed for his style of play. The offense is designed for Alex and works much better with him behind center.

  7. thefreeslave says:
    Nov 13, 2012 7:50 PM
    Any mention of the helmet-to-helmet hit…anywhere?!
    I’m a Niner fan but he was a runner, so it is a legal hit.
    I’m not sure how I feel about Kaep against the Bears who force a lot of turnovers. Alex doesn’t turn the ball over much and the Bears are all about forcing TO’s, they are the best at it this year and it is how they win.

  8. “The x-rays showed nothing.”

    Yes, the x-rays showed nothing, because the imaging studies needed for the brain are MRI and CT scan.

  9. packownsu says: Nov 13, 2012 6:19 PM

    This guy should have been drafted in the 6th or 7th round instead of #1 overall.
    Ironic since your magnificent coach chose him and wanted nothing to do with the guy he’s got now..

  10. I’m with Oaktown, except I do know how to feel about it. CK dodged 2 bullets on fumbles and he probably dodged a couple off terrible passes that could’ve been picked.. I don’t see those bounces going his way if it happened against the Bears.. Hope Alex can go

  11. If there’s any question at all, Alex should sit this out. Colin played well in relief, but he needs to look to throw first. This isn’t the WAC. If he plays it should be wild. Not a win, but wild. It’s a .500 team with Kappy.

  12. Brasho – You arent a scout, quit talking like you are.

    With that said, regardless if Alex Smith recovers or now, he still has the biggest tool for a coach.

  13. Alex isn’t worried about Kap taking his job. He is a smart man and wants an educated opinion before he goes out and gets killed by the Bears defense. What us fans should be worried about is how this team isn’t showing up every week like last year. Harbaugh…”we practiced all week for the fake punt”. Are you kidding? Where was the defense against the Ram’s…save Justin, Ahmad and Aldon?

  14. This is a unique opportunity for both teams to sit their starting QBs out against each other. Chicago should agree to sit Cutler if San Fran agrees to sit Smith. And hopefully both teams can meet again in the playoffs with both QBs healthy!

  15. CK has barely touched the field in his NFL career and people are already drawing firm conclusions about him. In the background of Alex being given chance after chance, the team sticking with him over and over, long after almost every other team would have moved on, this makes no sense to me.

  16. Kaepernick has barely thrown the ball. He may turn out well, but Alex Smith, aside from one game, has played very well. He is the starter. Overall, with the weapons they have, even guys who haven’t played – Jenkins, Jacobs, LaMichael James, I’m surprised they haven’t opened it up a little bit. Manningham and Moss are due for big games.

  17. Colin isn’t ready to face a defense like the Bears. If he starts Harbaugh won’t even think about letting him throw. It’s going to be a run the ball defensive game.

  18. “Colin isn’t ready to face a defense like the Bears….”

    Yeah because practicing against Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks and Dashon Goldston and the #1 defense in the world is just schmuck ball.

  19. When you get a concussion, it should be mandatory that you miss the next game. Then you don’t have these issues. We are talking cracks in the skull people. You should take a week off to study that new crack in the brain. Gzzzz.

  20. So far, in limited action, Kaepernick has narrowly avoided 3 INTs. Not ‘great defensive play’ INTs, but bone-headed, can’t read defenses INTs. He’s also shown us his dubious accuracy and that he can really run.

    Which is exactly like he was in college. He’ll tear it up against poorer opponents, but he’ll also kill you because he’s got no feel for the passing game. Take the Rams, barely avoided two picks against one of the worst secondaries in the NFL.

    The Bears have one of the best. Those ‘near misses’ would have likely been INTs and possibly TDs.

    And I’m not saying he’s stupid, he’s actually quite smart. But it’s the kind of smarts that doesn’t translate to the field, so he’s a lot like Rex Grossman. Has all the tools, will show some big plays, but then just kills you with the turnovers because he has no damn sense or ability to read defenses.

  21. Would rather see both QBs take a week off. If they’re unofficially targeting your head before the concussion (see: Cutler) you can bet they’ll be doing it even more in the weeks after.

    Both teams will be in the playoffs, barring a collapse. One game isn’t worth your franchise QB’s future.

  22. Saw a poll on CSN-Chicago where 75% of Bears fans who responded said Jay Cutler should definitely play Monday night if he is cleared by doctors, and 25% said he should sit out regardless to be on the safe side.

    I agree with the cautious ones, and would hate to see Jay have a bad game due to still being concussed, or take another hit that ends his season ’cause he came back too soon. The same folks clamoring for him to play right away would be all over him for being ‘fragile’ or ‘not tough enough.’

    Better Cutler and Smith sit this next one out, and live to face each other another day…Like maybe in the NFC
    Championship game.

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