Ayanbadejo says Raiders thanked him for supporting gay marriage


During Sunday’s Raiders-Ravens game, Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo talked to some players on the Raiders, but it wasn’t trash talk. Instead, Ayanbadejo says he and some of his opponents talked about politics, and that players on the Raiders credited him for his support of a ballot initiative that resulted in Maryland legalizing gay marriage last week.

Three Raiders congratulated me on working with and for marriage equality,” Ayanbadejo told TMZ.

Ayanbadejo declined to name the three players, but he said he’s going to continue to support gay marriage initiatives in other states.

As Ayanbadejo continues to work to support gay marriage, and continues to get the support of other NFL players, he’s demonstrating something we’ve noted previously: how quickly attitudes are changing in NFL locker rooms, just as attitudes across America are changing. Until last Tuesday, every statewide ballot proposal on gay marriage in every election had been won by the anti-gay marriage side. This year all four ballot proposals on gay marriage were won by the pro-gay marriage side. It appears that the NFL is like much of the rest of America in becoming more accepting of gay marriage.

11 responses to “Ayanbadejo says Raiders thanked him for supporting gay marriage

  1. The Government and Ayanbadego should stay out of telling other people what is right and wrong.

    So I guess all the money that the NFL and their Breast Awareness Month generates for abortions and planned parenthood isn’t enough, they have to take on other morality as well. Why don’t they prove they can solve all the helmet to helmet before they take on headier issues.

  2. It really doesn’t matter who wins the vote. I mean look at it here in CA, the people voted against Gay Marriage twice and the courts overturned it. Get it to those 9 supreme justices and end this debate once and for all.

  3. Ayanbadejo shows true bravery. So much respect. I wish more straight men were not threatened by gay marriage and had the guts to stand up for others’ civil rights.

  4. @swagger52, you’re kidding me right? You start off saying that Ayanbadego should stay out of telling other people what is right and wrong, and then your entire next paragraph you proceed to tell everyone else what is right and wrong? Get a clue, dude. It’s over, your side has lost, and as upset as it must make you feel people are slowly starting to be treated as equal (even if you deem them inferior). Stop being on the wrong side of history.

  5. Yeah that’s it athletes in the spotlight shouldnt speak about issues that are important to them, or their views on civil rights?

  6. White, heterosexual, male here…

    Highest praise to Mr. Ayanbadejo for his courage to stand for his convictions. He is a trail blazer for progressive and forward-minded thinking in the NFL.

    What a wonderful human being.

  7. Chill out swagger52.

    All Ayanbadejo is supporting is that you have the right to marry your gay lover, if you so choose. If you think it’s wrong, you’re also free to keep your gay relationship in the closet. It’s your choice.

  8. Besides this issue, has this guy ever made press on pft for his performance as a football player? Can I have news about football and not players personal lives?

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