Brady Quinn cleared, ready to play Sunday


After missing two games with a concussion, Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn has been cleared to return to the field on Sunday against the Bengals.

Although he had already been ruled out of Monday night’s game against the Steelers, Quinn made the road trip with the team and met with a specialist at the University of Pittsburgh, who said Quinn is OK.

I’m real excited,” Quinn told the Kansas City Star. “I was glad to be able to come with the team and being around them again because it stinks not being around these guys and not feeling like you’re a part of them.”

Quinn has now had two concussions this year, one in the preseason and one that knocked him out of the October 28 game against the Raiders. But now that he’s good to go, he will apparently get the start against the Bengals: Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel didn’t specifically address the quarterback situation after Monday night’s loss, but he made clear before Quinn was hurt that he believed Quinn was the man to lead the team going forward, and Matt Cassel, who threw the game-sealing interception on Monday night, certainly hasn’t done anything in Quinn’s absence to change that.

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  1. I have to say that even with a 1-7 record Arrowhead would have been solid red and rockin! Did you see all the empty seats? WOW!!!

  2. Whoever invented the phrase “blind leading the blind” had to have had the image of Brian Dabol fumbling through the game photos on the sideline last night with Matt Cassel.

    This team’s problems extend well beyond the quarterback position.

  3. Quinn needs to be ready to compete with Cassel for the 2 spot after Shottenheimer drafts a franchise QB.

    You’re rarely better off for losing but sometimes there is a silver lining..

  4. I didn’t like Matt cassel as a back up and could never understand why the Patriots kept him every year. He did better than I thought he would.

  5. It’s a Veterans day miracle!!! He wasn’t ready for last nights debacle in Pittsburgh but he amazingly got well about the time Cassel threw another interception that lost the game. I’m sure they are dancing in the streets in KC!!

  6. Cassel had success because of the Patriot system, which made him look better then he his.

    The Chiefs don’t have a very good system… in any phase of the game…. which includes maturity and poise.

    How about that touchdown celebration??? C’MON man!!! At least act like you been there before without being stupid silly…

    The team proved why they’re 1-7 and is out of control. Romeo has proven he isn’t the HC man, never will be. Stick to D Romeo.

    Frankly after watching Weiss, Crennel, and McDaniel on their own… I’m even more convinced that Bill Belichick IS the man. Bill made them all better than they are.

  7. Living on the east coast I don’t get to see too many KC games, and I made it a point to watch last night’s game to see them play. It became quickly evident why they’ve only won one game all season. Apparently they spend all their time practicing these stupid dances and celebrations that make them look like idiots. Really Romeo? Note to KC: Win something!

  8. This was my first chance to see KC, too. Despite playing with great enthusiasm, which was good, this is a very undisciplined team. Downright bone-headed in some respects. A choreographed TD celebration guaranteed to draw a flag even though it wasn’t really a TD. Duane ( Are those footsteps I hear? ) Bowe who dropped everything but his pants. A TD called back by a penalty, then missing a chip shot field goal. Was anyone really surprised that it was to Pittsburg’s advantage that KC got first possession in OT?

  9. I am not a Chiefs fan but I came away thinking the refereeing hurt the Chiefs at critical points. The down field holding call on Cassel’s touchdown pass was a terrible call. The offensive interference on third down in the final minute, negating a key first down pass by Cassel, was also terrible. Cassel followed it up with a great pass and completion to get them a field goal and into OT.

    Cassel was also hurt by a number of second half drops by his receivers and dumb penalties. Yes, he threw an interception in overtime on a pass he should not have thrown but the ball was clearly tipped, a fact that John Gruden missed. If that was Brady, Peyton or Eli, Gruden would be talking up the tip and taking the blame off of the QB.

  10. Nature gives us signs that predicted Quinn’s healing and being ready to play against the Bengals.

    For the past week all the golphers, prarie dogs and groundhogs in the area are been building bunkers in anticipation of his errant ‘bombs’!

  11. I have to say that even with a 1-7 record Arrowhead would have been solid red and rockin! Did you see all the empty seats? WOW!!!


    Really? I’m pretty sure every year the Chiefs have been forced to buy tickets to avoid a blackout. Sorry, facts suck.

  12. lol all you touchdown cele haters, i thought it was funny, they prob knew it was going to be overturned anyways. I used to enjoy the celebrations before rodger added flags to every play

  13. I really think that Quinn is a good QB he just never had a good system to work within in Cleveland an now in Kansas City he has always been on bad teams which is unfortunate. I wish him the best an that he can find a good team next year where he will have a chance to start maybe the jets idk but I hope he gets another legitimate chance to be the starting QB for some team opening day

  14. Having Quinn start for the Chiefs isn’t only good news for AFCW rivals…or even only football fans. Hey, anyone with an appreciation of slapstick comedy should tune in to watch their games.

    And it’ll provide NFL Films with an endless supply of footage for their upcoming blooper reels.

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