D.J. Williams will have to work back into starting lineup

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After serving two suspensions totaling nine games for off-field incidents, Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams is not being guaranteed anything.

Williams missed the first six games of the season for violating the league’s policy prohibiting performance-enhancing substances. Another three games were tacked on after an August conviction for driving while impaired.

In his absence, Wesley Woodyard and Keith Brooking have stepped up and played well for the Broncos. Woodyard leads the team in tackles with 80 and has also compiled three sacks and a forced fumble. Brooking has recorded 35 tackles and a forced fumble from his middle linebacker position.

Despite Williams’ past success, he’s going to have to earn his way back into the lineup. According to Eddie Pells of the Associated Press, Williams is willing to do whatever the coaches ask of him to get back into the lineup.

”I hope, sooner or later, I can get back to the role that I had before I left,” Williams said. ”But I realize it’s going to be difficult just to jump back into that. But I’m ready to go whenever they throw me out there.”

Williams has compiled 810 tackles, 20.5 sacks and two interceptions during his eight-year career with the Broncos.

13 responses to “D.J. Williams will have to work back into starting lineup

  1. He needs to spend time rotating with Brooking at Mike.

    Keep Woody at WILL, he’s killing it.

    Stupid, animal pee using, drunk drivers should be thankful to still be employed.

  2. The Broncos defense is playing at a very high level so the last thing that should happen is that he be given his job back. Learn and accept whatever role they give you D.J. and hopefully you can give the team a boost by the time the playoffs come around.

  3. D.J.,

    First, welcome back. Now it’s completely on you to make the best of the situation. No more screw ups OK?

    You have the ability to really make the defense better but you must earn back the trust of the coaches and most of all the little people – the fans.

    Play your heart out when given the chance and make a difference. Even if it is only to let Woodyard and Brooking that you are knocking on the door.

    Get ready to play and play well. It is a long season with a lot of football left.

    GO BRONCOS !!!!!!!

  4. The D is doing just fine without him, Woodyard has shed the “undersized” label and should be garnering Pro Bowl talk. DJ was bad his one year at MLB, so I don’t really see him as a fit there, and then they’ve got a straight up beast playing SLB already, no way he fits in there. Add to that that Williams was given very few reps in training camp and you realize it’s an uphill climb for him to get any playing time unless he’s willing to play special teams.

    Now with all of that said, I think they should release him, he’s been given enough chances and he keeps screwing up, it’s probably best for both sides to just move on.

  5. Okay, DJ had a total mental lapse with all of this mess but a pissed off and hungry DJ can be a very good thing! Cut him….WHAT??? He has been the lead tackler on the team multiple seasons. No doubt Woody should stay at the Will and no way the Sam gets replaced but we could use some improvement in the middle. Brooking is a good leader but his play has definately fallen off. At the point of attack, if he comes in solo, he will usually make the tackle but is driven back several yards. For sure DJ was an idiot and needs to earn a spot again but if he comes back with his head screwed on straight he will for sure be an asset.

  6. First time ever being suspended and you idiots say cut him. Champ and DJ carried that D since 04 and made it through the joke of a coaching carousel of D coordinators.

    Longest tenured Bronco deserves the benefit of the doubt. So happy to have him back!!!

  7. ewoods6: him being a long tenured Bronco has nothing to do with him being a turd. It also doesn’t guarantee him a spot when everyone else is already playing well. Did you ever consider that maybe they’re playing well now because he’s not there? He’s easily the most overrated player amongst Broncos fans, right now all 3 linebackers are playing better than he plays when he’s 100% and. Given his lack of reps and long layoff I’m skeptical he’d be better than Irving or Trevathan are at this point.

  8. johninthewest: Hillman is what, 16? Google, youngest players in NFL. The kid can burn, get him some reps. Nosho Moreno was a wasted draft pick.

  9. So you are saying playing Hillman over Moreno (status quo) would be a better at this point in the season? What has Hillman done so far this year? I understand he’s a ‘transition’ back. IMO You gotta do what’s best for the team and Hillman is not the answer at this time…

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