David Garrard puts out word that he’s available


If there are any NFL teams in need of a veteran quarterback, David Garrard wants them to know he’s available.

Garrard, who had arthroscopic knee surgery in August and was released by the Dolphins in September, told Jay Glazer of FOX Sports that he is healthy and ready to play. Garrard was initially the No. 1 quarterback in Dolphins camp and was projected to start for them this season before suffering the knee injury. The Dolphins ended up going with rookie Ryan Tannehill and are obviously glad they did, but Garrard apparently looked good enough before he went down to impress the coaching staff in Miami.

Whether Garrard would be able to join a team right now and quickly absorb the playbook and get himself ready to contribute this season is a separate question, but with several starting quarterbacks — Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, Chicago’s Jay Cutler, San Francisco’s Alex Smith, Philadelphia’s Michael Vick — going down this week, some team might want to consider giving Garrard a call.

16 responses to “David Garrard puts out word that he’s available

  1. While Garrard is no superstar, he could outplay Gabbert with one arm tied behind his back and a blindfold on.

  2. Always liked Garrard, never got enough credit. Your telling me the Jets couldn’t use him right now? Oh wait nevermind Tebow is there for “Football reasons”….right.

  3. Arizona should be contacting his agent ASAP. Garrard is no superstar but he’s much better than Kolb and Skelton. Could save their season because its going down hill fast!!!

  4. Note to Clark Hunt :

    If Pioli isn’t on the phone right now, you can add this to the list of reason to fire him.

  5. Seemed okay in camp but the video of him knee boarding on Hard Knocks as well as his story as to how he messed his knee up didn’t sit well with me.

    Got the feeling he was collecting a check but that could easily be my miscalculation.

    I’ll say this much, he seemed like a good teammate that should be easy to mix into a locker.

  6. Garrard SHOULD get a shot somewhere! I wish him well. He’s a solid QB. In all honesty, Carolina should dump both their backups for him. He could actually play if something happens to Newton, AND he’d be a real solid steady vet for Newton to learn from/lean on.

  7. Jaguars, Chiefs, Cardinals, Eagles, Chargers, Jets….I’m sure there are other teams that can use him either as a starter or backup. I agree with some of the comments here, Garrard can still play and not given enough credit. At least give him a shot and see what he can do.

  8. David Garrard putting Byron Leftwich out of work again? I don’t see it.

    Arizona still has a season to save. It would be an instant upgrade if he is able to move around a bit.

  9. Ha, he wants to take Byron’s job again! Unfortunately for him, 33+ running QB’s are not a hot commodity. Pitt is better off with Lefty if they want to utilize their WR’s. Garrard never hits anyone thats actually running.

  10. @ jjackwagon … While i agree that Pioli needs to go and i assume you feel that Cassel, Quinn, and Stanzi just plain suck, as i do, I disagree with you about Garrard coming anywhere near the Chiefs. What puspose would it serve? He is not winning the next 7 games. He’s not going to be the QB of the Future. He is not going to be the difference between, lets say, 2-14 this year and then, lets say, 9-7 next year. It just doesnt make any sense.

  11. The easiest fit for him would be Atlanta; he’s familiar with Koetter’s offense. Unfortunately for Garrard they don’t need a QB.

  12. Wish the Bears would pick him up, Campbell was HORRIBLE, literally never threw a pass more than ten yards in the air… Garrard will at least take a shot downfield, he HAS to be better than Campbell.

  13. He’s always been honest about when he’s healthy and not.
    Um, no, he hasn’t. I like Garrard but he was hiding a back injury in Jax and got cut. He worked out for Miami and another team but got no offer so then he announced his back issue and scheduled surgery. This year he hurt himself at home and then tried to claim he’s been ailing for a while. He just wanted to be paid (injury settlement) instead of losing money due to “non-football” injury. Garrard is a good guy and a capable backup QB but he has not been honest about injuries…most players aren’t when they want to play.

  14. With Garrards experience as a pro, I cant believe he isnt on a roster somewhere. Especially a team with a young starting QB. Not only could he tutor the young guy, he could step in and be capable of moving an offense.David isnt a long term answer for anyone, but he could definately improve a few teams out there.

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