Garrett won’t rein Romo in because he’s “a really special player”

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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says he’s happy to take the bad with the good with his quarterback, Tony Romo.

After the Cowboys beat the Eagles on Sunday, Garrett said that he views Romo as a great quarterback because he can improvise and do things when the play breaks down, and there’s no way to rein Romo in without taking away from that. So Garrett is willing to accept the bad plays with the good.

“If you ever get to a point where you’re strangling him and saying, ‘You can’t do that and you can’t do that,’ I think you’re taking away the essence of what makes him a really special player,” Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News. “You’re going to have some plays that you don’t like, and you have to live with those, and we’ve had a few of those. But at the same time, you have to allow for the other ones. You have to be balanced in how you evaluate it.”

Garrett, who was an NFL quarterback himself, says Romo makes some of his best plays when other quarterbacks would panic.

“The amazing thing with him is he feels so much and then he can see so much while all of this stuff is going on,” Garrett said. “Just having played the position, I know what a melee that whole thing feels like. These guys are all around you like, ‘Where the hell am I?’ You feel like you’re going the wrong way. He just has this great poise about him as an athlete where he can kind of feel what the heck’s going on, and keeps his eyes up and sees what’s going on down the field. It’s pretty unique.”

The problem, however, is that Romo often has more of those plays you don’t like than plays you do: He has more interceptions (13) than touchdown passes (12) this season. There’s nothing “special” about that.

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  1. what is wrong with Dallas?… why do they always thinkRomo is so great? … seriously… 12 td’s vs 13 interceptions? … the guy is not a winner – he’s a loser…. and they will never come close to the superbowl with him as their QB… I’d bet my house on it…

  2. I hate the Cowboys with the best of them, but Garrett is right.

    MDS you had nothing like this to say last year when he threw, what, 31 TD passes and less than 10 picks all season? So as much as I hate them, Romo is good. No denying it. To criticize at this point is a bit disingenuous….

  3. Tony Romo has a 65 CMP%, 161 TDs, and 85 INTs in his career. Even this season, he has 10 TDs and 4 INTs if you take away the two games where the entire team just imploded (Bears and second Giants game).

    He has zero turnovers the last two games. Good enough for me.

  4. I never really understood the hate Tony Romo gets. I know he plays for the Cowboys, so right there people will naturally despise him. But as far as his play, it’s unwarranted. The guy is a top 10 qb, no question. His offensive line is one of the worst I have seen, and he continues to be a strength for that team. I just know as a Jets fan, well yeah. I wouldn’t mind this guy being my qb. I wouldn’t mind Trent Edwards being my qb at this point. But still.

  5. well, the real truth is you all know more about football than Garrett or Romo, that’s obvious…jag….offs.

  6. Garrett played nine whole games in 13 seasons. He was barely an NFL quarterback. Pretty much like he was barely an OC and is barely a coach.

  7. In other news Jason Garrett doubles down, goes all in and hitches his wagon to Tony Romo. It’s cool man, it’s your career on the line….

  8. Unfortunatelyy Garrett has drank the Romo Kool-aid. Romo can and does make spectacular plays but he makes horrible ones too and has far too many interceptions which kill a team.

    With Romo you take one step forward and then one step back. They will remain an 8-8 team with him as QB.

  9. “Garrett said that he views Romo as a great quarterback because he can improvise and do things when the play breaks down, and there’s no way to rein Romo in without taking away from that.”

    Replace the name Romo with Vick in this sentence – this is the same BS we have been hearing about Vick for years. How’d that work out for Reeves, Mora & Reid.

    Some guys are regular season guys but just cannot deliver when the $$$ is on the line. IE: Romo & Vick. Romo has been a really good QB within the 16 reg season games but when it comes down to put up or shut up, he’s an epic failure.

    Some QB’s just play bigger on bigger stages. The bigger the showcase the more they shine.

    The Cowboys need to realize that Romo IS NOT one of those guys!

  10. What situation? Due to parity in the league and the lack of “relagation” like the real football (soccer) world, teams finishing dead last, aren’t kicked out of the league, or demoted to a lower division but rather are awarded a top draft pick for it, so you don’t promote the best and don’t demote the worst so Darwin is driven crazy and you have “any given Sunday” and actually promote mediocrity in the sport and it’s left up to a handful of special players. REAL MADRID Forever! Never demoted in nearly or more than 100 years!

  11. jimmy2litre says:
    Nov 13, 2012 7:32 AM
    what is wrong with Dallas?… why do they always thinkRomo is so great? … seriously… 12 td’s vs 13 interceptions? … the guy is not a winner – he’s a loser…. and they will never come close to the superbowl with him as their QB… I’d bet my house on it…
    Guy don’t pull BS stats he has 2 really bad games where he threw 9 of those 13 picks. Also alot of his picks this year were due to either his WR tipping balls/running the wrong routes or them being down big and he had to make desperation throws.

    Romo isn’t perfect but he’s the least of the cowboys problems.

  12. So to Garrett, Terrible = Special. He’s the perfect coach to work for Jones. They’re both delusional.

  13. I agree with Jason Garrett. And though many of you probably don’t and are quick to say that Romo’s bad outweighs the good, that’s simply not true.

    Romo does lead the league in interceptions. But, not all of Romo’s interceptions are his fault. Granted, he makes some questionable throws. But, he also has had several interceptions that came because the receiver was not in the correct spot, did not run the correct route, or simply popped the ball up into the air.

    And, Romo (12 TDs to 13 INTs) is not too far off from Eli Manning (12 TDs to 11 INTs). Romo also has fewer multiple INT games than Manning and Rivers. He has the same number of games with no interceptions as Manning (3), and more than Rivers (2).

    At the end of the day, Romo does have bad moments, as does any QB. But, Romo’s good (coming back from 23 points down to take the lead, AND win if Dez Bryant doesn’t put his hand down) and giving them a chance to win every game far outweighs the bad.

  14. Still the third highest rated passer in NFL history. Still one of the most winningest active QB’s. Way to cherry pick stats from a half a season, MDS. I’m going to judge your entire career on this article.

  15. Nobody gets more blame than this guy, everyone forgets that this guy had the cowboys go 13-3 not that long ago with a good team around him.

  16. Romo gets all the blame, he brings his team back to win games & our defense can’t stop or make a play in the 4th. Can someone please tell me when other than this weekend has Demarcus Ware ever made a game changing play in the 4th. Had a chance against Atlanta to stop stop Julio Jones in the backfield & as usual grabs air misses the tackle. Scandrick had a chance to tackle #32 he missed. The D in the 4th qrt is horrible but let’s not look at the OBVIOUS lets always blame Romo. As Pat Kirwins book says Take your Eyes off the Ball. That line can’t block consistently, Romo is running for his life but its his fault. Yes I agree he makes mistakes who doesn’t. I do know one thing not one person on these boards could even complete a pass or a handoff in the NFL especially behind that line.

  17. As a Lions fan, I can honestly say that Romo has Joey Harrington-itis. He’s just good enough to not get fired. Just good enough to make enough people think “maybe it’s not really his fault.”

    You’ll be better off when Romo is gone.

  18. chop Romo down all you want, if he had the O-line Akiman had this dude would not be such a gun slinger and would be destroying defenses, i read where a philly fan said “we should have kept blitzing” well go ahead, they stopped because he hit them with a 60 yard completion, if Romo was a free agent right now i just wonder how many teams would be bidding for his services? i can think of 2o right now, the Cowboys are suffering from a lot of things but QB play isn’t one of them.

  19. This is not Romos year. A lot of these pics are the wr fault (Dez)
    And a lot are Romos. Look at the last 7 years stats and it will tell you he has been a top qb. Garret’s offense has run dry and predictable. There is no fire in Dallas anymore. People walk on eggshells cause of fear of the media. I’ll back Romo until a better option appears but any team with any qb will do the same. Example is Indy.

  20. Joey Harrington? Harrington had 6 more INT’s than TDs, a passer rating in the 60’s, and lost two out of every three games he started. Nobody but Lions coaches and fans ever thought he was ever good enough to start. There is no way that you can compare this jabrony to Tony Romo.

  21. Tony Romo must be the most charismatic person to ever play in the NFL, because he certainly has a LOT of blinded people thinking he’s great, when he isn’t even mediocre.

  22. 13 interceptions would be about 7 if Dez Bryant had a clue of what route he was supposed to run. Why do you think he only had 2 catches against the Eagles??? What kind of routes were they??? Both GO routes AKA run straight. We have to simplify it for him. Rest assured without Romo we ‘d be about 2-7 right now.

  23. Romo would have less interceptions if his receivers ran better routes. The receivers would better run better routes if they were subject to discipline by their head coach. Their head coach would be able to administer discipline if he wasn’t constantly undercut by the team owner. The team owner wouldn’t be meddling if he wasn’t a delusional control freak. The owner wouldn’t be a delusional control freak if his family cared more about his legacy than money and intervened.

  24. “By special do you mean someone who’s played for eight years and still makes rookie mistakes constantly?”

    You mean like just flipping the ball up in the air, up for grabs to avoid getting a sack and giving up an INT on your own 12 yard line or throwing off your back foot into triple coverage and getting picked off? Because that’s what Eli Manning did against the Bengals.

  25. I love the way some people pass judgement against Romo without watching the games. If you would watch the games then you would see that their are always defenders crashing through the line and pressuring him or stuffing the running backs behind the line of scrimmage. How did Tom Brady do against the Giants pass rush the last two times he faced them? Are “genius” general manager changed offensive linemen for the sake of change and signed players no one else wanted and that’s why the points are down and the negative statistics are up.

  26. Isphet71, remind me of a time when Joey Harrington had a 102.4 QB rating like Romo did last year??? In fact, remind me of a time when Harrington led the lions to a winning season??? You sir may sit in the corner of the room and be quiet.

  27. I don’t understand why so many Dallas fans are always down on Romo. After all, he was signed as an undrafted free agent. Think about it: no wasted first round pick, no wasted guaranteed money. I think for an undrafted player, especially at the QB position, he has done exceptionally well.

  28. Tony Romo isn’t even Jim Kelly.

    Please show us ONE BIG GAME where Tony has shined. Either a game to get into the playoffs or a playoff game. Tony is great within the 16 game reg season but when it’s a BIG game, he plays lousy.

    Every Cowboy fan here wants to use this year, how about last year against the Giants win & in. What did he do? Same thing he has done with every BIG game he’s ever played, came up short.

    What about the year they were 13-3, what did Tony do in the playoffs?

    The guy just isn’t a big game QB.

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