Giants rookie David Wilson will ride the pine until he grows up

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Three running backs were chosen in the first round of this year’s NFL draft, and two of them are carrying the load as rookies: Tampa Bay’s Doug Martin has 173 carries for 862 yards and Cleveland’s Trent Richardson has 152 carries for 575 yards. And then there’s Giants rookie running back David Wilson.

Wilson has 18 carries for 89 yards this season, including a grand total of three carries for two yards over the last four games, and Giants running backs coach Jerald Ingram says that’s because Wilson hasn’t learned how to play like a professional.

“David has to learn you can’t be just a runner, that’s not what we do, you have to be a complete running back, you have to be knowledgeable, you have to be smart, you can’t just accept your mistakes,” Ingram told the New York Post. “It’s about winning games, it’s not a popularity contest. It’s time for you to grow up and be a man now and see what you can do with the whole ball of wax. Until he proves that it’s hard to stick him out there and feel comfortable.”

Ingram suggested that Wilson thinks as long as he can make plays with the ball in his hands, he should be on the field — even if he doesn’t know his responsibilities in blitz pickup.

“Just because you’re a first-round draft pick doesn’t mean you’re ready to play or they all would be great,” Ingram said. “Yeah, he is explosive, but at what cost is he explosive? Is he explosive at the cost of not being able to protect well, not being able to know his job well, not being a pro?”

Wilson has been a good kickoff returner this season, so his rookie year hasn’t been a complete waste. But Ingram’s comments make clear that the Giants view Wilson as a disappointment.

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  1. i wouldnt say “disappointment” he’s excellent at kick returns and yes, has an insane burst. he is averaging almost 5 yards per carry. every giants fan knows and fans/ students of the game know this kid has talent. he is simply saying he can’t get by on speed and jukes alone. his main issue which everyone can see is his blocking is poor, it’s true, he just wants to get out there and make these plays and thats only part of the game. he’ll work on his blocking a ton this offseason and he’ll flourish. hes insanely fast, has size and can do a ton of things with the ball. need to block and pick up blitzes in the NFL though.

  2. Wow, this is some harsh criticism. Hopefully he takes it as motivation to learn and then he can play with a little chip on his shoulder.

  3. Clearly blocking is a big part of what NFL running backs are asked to do, but if the coach is saying he’s “explosive at the cost of [i]being a pro[/i],” then that’s an indictment of something else.

  4. The guy didn’t get this way the day after he was drafted. Someone didn’t do their homework. Better stick to drafting pass rushing linemen.

  5. Just trying to go through in my mind plays in which he was on the field and was asked to block and failed. Since he’s not been on the field much at all, I’m drawing a blank.

  6. The Giants haven’t built perennial contenders and 2x SB winners taking pro-ready draft picks high in the draft. They take athletes with high upsides and bring them along slow. Next year or 2014, the kid will be like McCoy. Watch.

  7. @dirtmcgirt24

    “Just trying to go through in my mind plays in which he was on the field and was asked to block and failed. Since he’s not been on the field much at all, I’m drawing a blank.”

    i’m thinking it’s more of a practice field issue. maybe not being able to recognize and pick up the blitz in practice then blowing if off all “but i’m an explosive back, i don’t need to pick up the blitz”

  8. When u get paid the kind of money Wilson gets pd u need to learn the entire aspects of the game. Marshall Faulk one of the best RBs had to block & play WR every now & then. Wilson needs to watch some of Faulks tapes. Wilson still has a lot to learn before he’s a decent RB

  9. There are more than a few videos out there of Wilson that indicate he is a very emotionally guy. They may even make you raise an eyebrow – All players are gain and lose motivation in different ways. If the RB coach puts him on blast like this to the entire world, he could very well lose this player, remember he’s only a 21/22 y.o. kid and I’m not sure he even has the emotional maturity of his age. Hope you know what you’re doing coach..

  10. “But Ingram’s comments make clear that the Giants view Wilson as a disappointment.”

    Being disappointed in someone is different from viewing them as a disappointment. He has been in the league for all of 10 games and they have a few other capable running backs to allow him time to develop. He probably wants to light a fire under him, but saying they view him as a disappointment is overstated, unwarranted, and – to a degree- irresponsible based on the comments provided.

  11. I wonder if they say this before they drafted him and thought they could work it out or if they didn’t do their research. Or is this part of their fixing him plan. One things for sure.. it’s not Eli’s fault.

  12. szwhtsup123 says: Nov 13, 2012 1:35 PM

    Maybe we need to have JPP throw him in an ice tub! That’ll wake him up!

    The more people pull this line, the more I laugh. Amukamara is now the 5th best rated CB in football. And the eye test confirms it, as well.

  13. They had no plans to start him this year anyway, nor play much — unless everyone who was originally ahead of him on the depth chart, including messes Bradshaw and Brown, as well as Scott before he was injured — all went down. You’ve got to work your way up the depth chart with Coughlin. Bradshaw only started so quickly because the team needed the change of pace the year after Barber left and having Jacobs logging the entire carries load was obviously not going to work if they were going to win. The Buffalo game was huge and showed that he was ready to play in big spots. David has not shown that yet. Even in training camp, we saw first hand that he was just not ready to do everything that a back must do, especially in this “check with me” system that Gilbride and Eli manage.

  14. Didn’t this kid play in an option offense in college? Why is this all of a sudden breaking news that he has no idea how to pick up a blitz?

    The Giants knew this drafting David Wilson. They knew it throughout training camp. They know it in week 10. It takes more than 4 months to learn the nuances of NFL blitzes when you’ve never been asked to do it before at any real competitive level.

  15. Good teams hold their people accountable for doing their jobs. It’s a professional sport and by week ten Wilson hasn’t learned his protection responsibilities yet? He needs to get his ac together

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