Goodell concerned that HD is so good, there’s no need to buy tickets

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For tens of millions of Americans, there’s nothing better than spending 12 hours or so every Sunday sitting at home watching NFL games on TV. That’s great for the NFL’s bottom line.

But the ideal situation for the NFL is for those home viewers to be watching games played in sold-out stadiums. And NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he’s concerned that so many people enjoy the TV experience — especially as more and more people buy high-definition televisions — that fewer fans are willing to buy tickets to watch the games in person.

One of our biggest challenges in the league is the experience at home,” Goodell said. “HD is only going to get better.”

Goodell made his comments before a group of Falcons fans in Atlanta, where the team and the league are asking for the city’s help in building a new stadium to replace the Georgia Dome. Goodell said that a good facility is the key to keeping the fans coming, but his statement raises an obvious follow-up question: If the fans are already perfectly happy to watch at home, and HD TV is only going to keep improving and keep making the at-home experience better, why should the fans support the use of taxpayer money to build a stadium?

As it is, many fans see no reason to spend their tax dollars or their disposable income to support watching games from the stands because they’re perfectly happy watching games from their couches.

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  1. I dont know, staring at Dilfer’s dome before & after the game may burned my retna’s…the light just projects off that thing. I think he’s Lex Luthor

  2. The answer, unfortunately, is this: They will have to find a way to make money from those of us sitting at home. Pay Per View, even for your local team? Forcing us somehow into getting Sunday Ticket? I don’t think I like where this is going…

  3. Isn’t the NFL’s sellout rate at 95% or close? Hell, it’s big news when a team doesn’t sell out (except for Tampa Bay, San Diego, and sometimes Buffalo).

  4. At home and it’s not that close.

    Cons for home — no fan interaction/experience

    Cons for stadium — cold weather (usually), expensive tix/parking/food, can’t watch other games, less replays, no insight from announcers, harder to follow fantasy team

  5. Prices are TOO HIGH! $9 sandwiches, $5 sodas, $9 beers, $30 parking and $90 for tickets is obsurd… especially to sit with rude drunks and to stand in line for an hour just to enter the stadium!

  6. Gouging ticket prices, parking fees, concession prices are sky high.
    Stay at home, near the bathroom, kitchen, no drunk fans, no traffic hassle.
    Think about it. The NFL is a victim of its own success.
    Nuts to the stadiums

  7. Nothing can compare to the stadium experience…

    Here’s an idea…how about franchises make an effort to give fans an autograph opportunity. During the warm up sessions, allow fans who have seats all around the stadium to come down to the front row and players can take turns, say 5 minutes each, to go around and give autographs to fans and children…I’ve heard the argument many times that there isn’t enough to keep the kids excited…this same theme seems to get the kids excited for Tampa Bay Rays games…maybe it would have a positive impact on the ticket sales for the Buccaneers.

  8. iv been to a couple of games this year, but sitting on my ass all day watching football in HD in my boxers, you just cant beat that. and i have affordable beer at my house. but i do like going to games for the interaction with fans and being up close with players

  9. It costs more for a family to attend 1 game than it does to get NFL Sunday ticket and watch every single game all season long. It’s not that difficult of a decision to make.

  10. Goodell is such a jerk. This is the very first baby step to making the nfl pay per view. This is what happens when rich people run things, regular folks get squeeze out.

  11. You have traffic, rowdy fans, fans who like to shoot people, cold weather, expensive beer/food, parking, etc. I love going to a football game. But, I go to a game, maybe once or twice a year and I try and go before it gets cold. It’s overrated.

  12. For me it has much more to do with the cost of a ticket and the ultimate bonus of not having to deal with drunk/obnoxious/vulgar fans as I try to experience a game with my kids. And yes, my humungous HD TV is nice as well.

  13. $100 tickets, $10 beers, and $8 hotdogs are the real issue here. Knowing how much it costs me(1 person) to attend games, I shudder to think how much a family of four would have to drop to get the fan experience. Or, they can pay 75$/month and watch the game at home.

  14. Could not agree anymore perfectly!!! San Diego has the 4th highest priced tickets in the NFL and they to are trying to ballat a new stadium as well..

  15. I used to go to OU games 2-3 times a season, even when they were terrible. I got my first HDTV with digital cable in 2008…and I haven’t been to a game since.

  16. HD is great, but the cost and hassle of going to games is the biggest deterrent.

    Every time a new stadium has been built, the real fans have gotten priced out in every sport.

  17. Since like 60 percent of Falcon “sellouts” actually consists of visiting team fans, it would be nice to them see road games in a nice stadium.

  18. Hmmm.

    Hour+ drive to the stadium, $9 beers, $10 hotdog, $45 parking pass, and we had to sit thru a lock-out wondering if we will have the NFL because owners/players can’t agree on how to divide the fans money. NFL Security sucks and it appears like a dangerous life choice to go to a game in California these days.

    Took this long for Goodell to get it?

  19. 2 decent seats $300
    Parking $35
    Beer $8
    2 Hot Dogs & Nachos $20

    That is the reason I stay at home. Don’t blame the HD, blame your outrageous prices. Not a lot of families want drop $400 bucks to watch a game dummy.

  20. Goodell wants to blame TV for outrageous ticket, concession, and parking prices. What a tool.

  21. the HD you speak of is HIGH DRIVEN prices not only for tickets to a game but to park for a jets or giants game its 50 bucks are you kidding me the cheapest ticket at metlife is 175 sorry but 500+ bucks for 2 people to watch a game is rediculous especially if you have to deal with the elements of cold and the possibility the game is a blow out , shouldve taken notes from MLB you raise prices you get empty buildings, not to mention those outrageous personal seat licenses in order to purchase season tickets

  22. Really, why not make ticket prices so ridiculously affordable that it would be hard not to go?

    But RG might want to consider that all these happy campers watching at home are the reason they make billions in TV revenue.

  23. right Goody…its HD, not absurdly high ticket prices that are keeping fans at home. I wonder how some people get to be so successful being so stupid.

  24. maybe just maybe the NFL is realizing they are pricing all loyal season ticket holders out of the market. See Redskins. It used to be you knew everyone that sat around you. Then tickets got so expensive folks would sell games just to make it manageable. Then it got to the point they said heck with it, we’ll just buy the 1-2 games we really want to go to on Stubhub. Woops. There goes the environment the team wants at home and everyone loses…except for players salaries.

  25. Goodell is willfully ignoring the real issue – pricing. I think most people would love to go to the games if it didn’t cost so much because the experience of watching a game in person is pretty cool. But once you add up tickets, parking, blah blah…it’s wayyyy too much. When you can buy a nice flat screen and Sunday Ticket for the same price as one season ticket, that’s the issue.

    However, that’s the one issue the owners will never budge on. So they’ll keep trying pointless solutions like adding wi-fi in the stadiums and building bigger Jumbotrons. Those things are nice, but don’t affect a fan’s decision to buy a ticket instead of stay home by one iota.

  26. The NFL needs to follow MLB’s lead in it’s next wave of stadium builds. Build smaller stadiums. Baseball use to have 50K to 55K as it’s default, but look at the last group – most are around 42K at full capacity (Pitts, Wash, SF, etc.). This did a few things – may tickets harder to get which creates demand. In addition, the seats are better just because it’s smaller.

    The NFL needs to scale back and make these tickets more scares.

  27. Like Fitzmagic said.

    Too expensive and the PSL garbage. Plus at a place like the Cleveland stadium they have the yuppie blockwatch who text security if you are standing and not sitting down, or cheering or booing loudly.

  28. A. Taxpayers should never agree to use taxes to build stadiums for rich team owners. The economics always work out in favor of the owner. ALWAYS.

    B. If the tickets were priced in such a way that a family of 4 wouldn’t need to save up for a year just to go to 1 game, maybe more people would go.

    I understand A and B may be at odds, but that’s not the consumer’s problem.

  29. thats absurd. The idea that the in game experience is replaced by HD tv is silly. Having to shell out close to 1g for prime seats per game is the problem. PSL’s is the problem. The zealoys football fan well is only so deep. I wonder if the same could be said of a Coldplay concert? I think not.

  30. when you’re sitting on your couch you don’t notice all of the TV time outs.

    I would venture to say there is about 10-30 minuts worth of idle time at the stadiums.
    Players stand around, coaches stand around, any momentum dies.
    The man with in red with the big orange gloves dictates the flow of the game and it IS RUINING THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE GAMES.

    another aspect that drives fans away from the games is the fact that there are so many people DYING to make money off the ticket exchange.
    Eagles suck and sell out within 5 minutes.

    Then you go to flubbstubb and the tickets are at least at a 3x markup..
    So we are now overpaying for a watered down product.

  31. The NFL needs to look up price elasticity. One can stretch a rubber band, and think wow I can’t believe it stretched this far, let’s stretch it some more. And then guess what. It hits the limit and it breaks.
    It’s not all (obviously some) HD TV’s fault it’s $10 beer and incredible price hikes for seats.

  32. I have 3 55″ or larger LED HDTV’s in my home. With a 75″ hooked up to theater sound.

    I also have season tickets to OK State football games and go to several Thunder games throughout the season. I would much rather go to the games. We have watch parties for the away games, but nothing beats going to the game.

    My point is if you build a strong fan base you don’t need to worry about HDTV. A loyal fan will always want to support their team and provide “Home Field Advantage”

  33. I’d be a bit more concerned with the price of tickets, PSLs and food keeping people from buying tickets. HD really has little to do with it, in my opinion.

  34. 1st off – few fans actually live by an NFL stadium
    2nd – it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to watch it at home

    It’s 5000% better to be at the game than at home!

    I love these votes because it shows that the fans on this board are NOT season ticket holders. There isn’t ONE single season ticket holder that would vote for home over at the game.

    watch the thumbs down vote on this to prove the statement.

  35. Thats like saying koolaide is so good there is no need to buy juice. If you price koolaide at $1 and juice at $4 people will still buy juice because enough people prefer it. If you price koolaide at $1 and juice at $100 with a $5,000 personal shopping license required to shop at the juice store, suddenly koolaide tastes real good. The NFL just has to realize they can’t keep increasing ticket prices when TV’s are getting better and better at the same price.

  36. For the amount of money I would pay to go to a game I could host a party and get multiple people drunk and watch multiple games on Sunday.

  37. Here’s a novel concept Roger: LOWER THE TICKET PRICES and the CONCESSIONS!! Cause you’re right HD TV is great with the commentary the replays that don’t get shown in the stadium and the ability to watch multiple games with an Ipad and extra TV and a Laptop. Games will sell out once again when it doesn’t cost $250 per person to attend a game. Greedy Owners! The stadium has become secondary income and is no longer needed for teams to pay bills.

    the guy who commented on PPV games isn’t too far off.

    hate godel , hate the owners’ greed, hate this watered down NFL with a ging leader.

  39. The prices are extreme but people would pay it if the product was better. Nobody is enduring the hassle of going to the stadium and paying these ridiculous prices to sit a mile away and watch a glorified track meet. Bring back the hitting and fans will return.

  40. For the price of taking your family to a game, you could just buy a new TV. Making the stadiums nicer won’t do anything but raise the price of tickets, making even less people go to games.

  41. What does HD have to do with the NFL’s target audience?

    You are not selling suites to SD reception isn’t going to sell a suite.

  42. NOTHING beats the tailgate atmosphere and going to the game. I am a Canadian that goes to every Buffalo home game. I am 2.5 hours each way with Canadian border in between. Buffalo is my 2nd home.
    That being said, it sure is nice when the Bills are on the road, watch the game game in Hi Def, then to be able to stand up, turn the TV off and get some work done around the house. (all the while muttering to myself and throw stuff in the garage because the Bills lost another one!)

  43. the only thing I enjoy aobut going to a NFL game is tailgating. Love getting my buzz on before noon. Makes me wish I could walk there, Tailgate then stumble home to watch the Eagles lose from my couch and pound cheap beer till the walking dead comes on.

  44. During the labor disputes, you always hear the owners crying poor, then the players demand the books be opened, and the owners refuse; “just trust us, we’re going broke.” The same premise is in the debate on how to pay for stadiums. The owners insist they don’t have the money to build/rennovate them; they have to have taxpayer money. Then, after the citizens pay up, the fans get hit again by having to buy PSLs, pay double or triple the price for seats in the new place, or both. The fans can either take that double hit, or pay about $1 a game for NFL Sunday Ticket.

    I’ve commented many times on this site about how much I despise the wealth-envy rhetoric politicians spew at us every day. This is no “millionaires and billionaires” rant. The owners need to prove to the citizens of their cities that this is the only way stadiums can get built.

    The NFL has annual revenues of about $9 billion. I don’t know how much they put in that community stadium fund, but if they put 10% of their revenue into the fund every year, then every team would be able to get $900 million every 30 years for a stadium. Anything above that, you can probably talk the taxpayers into contributing (it’s much easier to say you need taxpayer help for 10% of your stadium cost than 90%). You just can’t sit there and take in $9 billion a year and then tell a bunch of regular joes making $40k a year that they need to agree to a tax increase to pay for a new stadium, while you pay nothing, and expect them to go along with it. If you think you need tax revenue for a stadium, the burden of proof lies with you, Mr. Owner.

  45. How much money does Rog and the NFL make off of DirecTV NFL Sunday ticket?

    Oh … doesn’t matter …..they’re not for profit LMAO!

  46. You could literally buy a pretty nice HDTV for what it would cost you to go to a couple of games.

  47. Let’s see, I can buy a really nice TV, two nice recliners, an HD package, and Sunday ticket…

    or I can buy two nosebleed PSLs that give the “luxury” of then buying tickets.

    It’s a no brainer

  48. Goodell makes his comments around the same time yet another team (Vikings) is considering requiring the purchase of a personal seat license just to have the opportunity to buy a seat at the game. Given the opportunity to pay twice for the same seat, who wouldn’t rather stay home and watch the game?

  49. I like watching games at the stadium the best. But, I just don’t have the funds to go to every game. I am a Bears fan so it’s a much different problem then selling out. If I could get tickets for face value I would go to more games. Some people commenting are getting this confused. Small market teams that cannot sell out are unable to sell all of there seats at face value. Large market popular teams like the Bears sell out every game creating a secondary market where tickets are sold well above face value and individuals re-selling the tickets are getting the extra profits not the NFL

  50. Being fortunate enough to have season tickets I would have to put in my .02$

    Its not fair to compare apples to oranges.
    Key point is that not every seat is the same which is where game day experience comes. You cant get the Game dame festivities at your home. You get a comfortable couch nice big tv and cheap beer and food, not a bad combination of things. Being there is something you cant replicate.
    You cant scream out of the top of your lungs at home and know that you have atleast 30000 other people screaming along with you.
    You cant tailgate either tho it is easier to get your friends and family to do the same thing as you would in a tailgate fact is you wont do it at home in a small grill out of the tailgate,
    You cant get those Rally towels I am addicted to those damn things.

    On the other hand its cost atleast 200$ for 2 decent tickets and parking at SF.

    Also if you are in the Nose Bleeds or worst yet Mnt Davis (RIP) watching the game at home makes more sense.

    Location Location Location its all about Location.

  51. geauxjay says:
    Nov 13, 2012 4:44 PM
    Since like 60 percent of Falcon “sellouts” actually consists of visiting team fans, it would be nice to them see road games in a nice stadium.
    Only 60%? Could be worse. You could be in Charlotte. Panthers fans haven’t been more than 40% of the attendees at any game in years.

    I also echo those who cited ticket and concession prices. Why am I going to pay $8 for 1 beer when I can get a 6-pack for that price?

  52. Some of the owners price gouging for going to the game is much worse than when I come home form the game after spending $ 250.00 and my wife gouging my eye’s out.

    Now it doesn’t matter cause I cannot see one way or the other anymore !

  53. This is the same man who tried to convince the public that Jonathan Vilma is responsible for every injury from the last 50 years.

  54. PSLs should be listed as a crime on the FTC site. Greedy owners should lower ticket prices so more fans can afford the “stadium experience”, or at least lower the concessions so you don’t have to spend a week’s pay to feed the family.

    But home sweet home has none of the problems. AT home, you have unlimited food and beverage, no parking hassles nor lines for the can.

  55. I have access to free tickets and parking passes for Bears games, but I rarely go unless a friend or customer from out of town wants to go. It’s a full day’s investment to go down to watch a game, and I prefer to sit on the couch at home or go to a local bar to watch it. And that’s before the weather changes for the worse. It’s not necessarily just a monetary issue, but one of simple convenience as well, plus the ability to jump around to other games as well as follow fantasy games online.

  56. They want taxpayers to buy them a new stadium? How old is the Georgia Dome? 15 years? No way. Tell the NFL and it’s billioniare owners to pay their own way.

  57. I get fired up…. Face value is 95 bucks. But by the time you get through to ticket master there sold out… Tickets go on sale at 9. I get through at 9:02. And ticket master says we’re sold out!!! 2 minutes and your sold out…. For a Jacksonville game??!! You can’t even et fans to go to the games. It’s all a big sham so they can charge 300 a ticket. I still go to games but mostly out of state.

  58. I can see why some people would prefer to stay at home and watch the games on TV, but for me, I love watching the game in person.

    Nothing beats tailgating at 8:30 in the morning, drinking bloody mary’s, eating good food and smoking cigars. I also enjoy the atmosphere as well, nothing like cheering on the Ravens with my 70K closest friends….

  59. Actually Goodell, HD is about to go away in a few years and be replaced with UD which is much better than HD. So you have an even bigger problem than you even understand.

  60. As a member of the 1 percent ) who will soon be paying a higher share of taxes thanks to the election results), Goodell is totally oblivious to the fact that attending an NFL game is beyond the reach of middle class families. Watching the NFL live has become a privilege of the upper class. And that is fine by me, because for the cost taking my family to an NFL game I can buy a nice size hi def TV manufactured by cheap labor in China, plus get DirecTV with Sunday NFL Ticket for a year.

  61. Games are way more fun to go to… if you have good seats. At home in HD is obviously better if you would have nosebleeds in the stadium. If they made the tickets more affordable, people would want to go to the games even more.

  62. Let’s not forget that season ticket holders also have to pay for 2 pre-season games too.

    I have paid the Giants PSLs on 3 seats for a POS stadium that does not compare to the one they tore down. MetLife in the upper deck is an atrocity. Next to impossible to get in or out of (escalotors going down before games and going up after games?), smaller bathrooms, seats way further away from field, and to think we have the priviledge for paying more.

    As soon as the Giants start raising prices on the cheap seats upstairs, and they will, see ya!

    The only thing I will miss is the great pre-game tailgate parties we have at 17A!

  63. I’ve been a loyal Patriot’s fan since I was old enough to understand football. Would absolutely love to take my 4 sons, their wives and all my grandchildren to a game but I don’t want to take a second mortgage out on my house.

  64. Parking at Met-life is literally 50 dollars. They own the parking lot. Nobody told them to tear down a perfectly good Meadowlands and build a 1 billion+ stadium.

    They want to replace the Georgia Dome, is it even 30 yrs old? Why not renovate it, at lesser cost? It’s always the same old song, luxury boxes.

    I’d gladly go to to every game, if the ticket was 75 and the parking was 15, and the concessions were about half of what they are now.

    Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of being there in person, it’s not about watching HD TV, football was awesome on my tube TV, 10yrs ago, they’ve just priced the bulk of the fan base out.

  65. the problem is that im not going to pay 200 bucks to watch from the nosebleed section. and 50 bucks to park my car for a few hours, and 100 bucks for three hotdogs. and one bottled water . id rather just watch from home and enjoy actually good food.. for far far less then having to sell a kidney. he doesnt understand because hes paid to much so he doesnt realize how much theyve sold there souls for the weak dollar …

  66. For me it’s partly the price of the tickets and partly the convenience of watching several games at once. But mostly is the price of beer and food. Geez they’re ridiculously priced there. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything at a concession stand.

  67. This can’t be for real, that dude had to have been misquoted… The home experience is their biggest problem??? Why?? Cause I can wake up have breakfast, some wife loving then burn one and relax in the comfort of my own home and watch in the comfort of my own environment??

    Choose your next words wisely Mr. Goodell…. You with the money seem to forget there’s more of us than there is of you, and I’d like to see a income statement and profits after a week of games played in empty stadiums!!!!

  68. Cons for home — no fan interaction/experience


    This can also be considered a huge PRO for home based on some stupid fans I’ve been reading about lately.

  69. Goodell’s statement is a ploy. He wants the rich to fill his stadiums with a few “real” folks spread about. The NFL is making it’s cash from TV and merchandising. Stop buying DirectTV’s programs, stop buying jerseys and hats, and stop going to games and see what happens. Can’t do it, can you!

  70. Never been a huge tailgater, but mainly because in NOLA the French Quarter is one big tailgate pre/post game. But I love being in the Superdome during a game. Hearing the crowd, seeing my boys in person. But for $500 for me and a friend to go, plus travel/lodging/food, it has turned into a huge event I plan for a year ahead. When I was a kid, we would drive to New Orleans, grab some cheap tickets and scream our lungs out. A couple times a year. The NFL is becoming too exclusive to see in person. The people who actually care about every game and watch for the love, those aren’t the type that can afford to go anymore.

  71. I’ve been to over a dozen Patriot games at Gillette and its ridiculous to say the experience is better at home. I have way more fun at the stadium cheering my favorite team on surrounded by other fans. Seeing a player live is a totally difference experience than seeing one on tv. What it comes down to is cost benefit analysis. It’s just not practical to go to every home game because the cost is incredible. I could go on a posh vacation to another country for two weeks on what gas parking tickets and food costs for 8-10 football games.

  72. Include something with the tickets besides over priced food and beer and a tiny seat with no place to put the food or beer. I am thinking jerseys, superbowl lottery entries for tickets, offer hotels for away game tickets, better trinkets for the first % of fans (not crappy flags and pink towels), parking privileges, I don’t know… anything besides a seat. I have a seat at home as well and its way more comfortable. Only thing keeping me going is the atmosphere at the game and the tradition of going that I created myself.

  73. I’d rather watch them on HDTV than pay exhorbinate ticket prices, fight traffic and attend a game that has developed into a mostly field goal contest.

  74. For the price of the ticket, stupid high parking, beer and food. I can sit at home with 7 other people. Fridge stocked with beer, enough munchies to last the entire day and food to feed us at dinner time. All for less than the wife and I would pay to go see the game. To much greed in the NFL.

  75. I am old enough to remember seeing the Oilers play in the University of Houston stadium. We sat in wooden bleacher seats and could run on the field after the game and celebrate with George Blanda, Charlie Tolar, Billy Canon and others. As a high school student, I could still afford a ticket. I followed when they went to the dome and paid the higher price through two 1 and 13 seasons right into the Love You Blue days with Bum Phillips and his boys. Then Bud Adams fired Bum and wanted a bigger stadium. The fans showed him the door to Tennessee. Bud is still hated in Houston. By the time we got a quality owner in Houston and the Texan’s franchise I was relegated to the TV. I dropped $2 grand on my 60″ and never looked back. Multi-million dollar contracts for players that used to play for the fun of it, big money to be made on parking, food, drinks, TV contracts and etc. The NFL should look in the mirror if they feel they have a problem.

    Besides, in Texas we can participate in our favorite religion under the Friday night lights of some of the best high school football to be had anywhere.

    So, my recliner and TV are my choice for watching NFL football at todays prices.

  76. I can pay $250 on Directv and watch all the games or I can pay $250 for a single ticket, plus parking, and concessions…. not a very hard decision there!!!

  77. 3 words: Family Friendly Sections. give people the options of taking their kids to them and rotating out of that pool of seats once their kids get older. I am tired of having to deal with mouth breathing sub human drunks at the game and shielding my kids from thrown objects

  78. I don’t know what exactly he thinks he’s going to do. But for years vie listened to people with angst say the Superbowl, regular games, etc will move to ppv. That will never,never happen. The NFL makes too much money on TV revenue from their broadcast partners and advertisers. If they start charging people to watch games at home you just lost every single casual viewer and some die hards who won’t pay. That lowers their ad rates for commercials and being its now on ppv, you don’t have a TV deal with a broadcast partner. They would never, ever recoup the cost of those lower rates in ppv buys.

    As far as the experience, I much prefer at home over going there. Parking a a ripoff, drinks are a ripoff, we always ate before we went so food was never an issue. Then you deal with “fans” who act like they’ve never been in public before. NFL Sunday Ticket is cheaper in the long run, I get to watch all my teams games, less hassle, and aggravation.

  79. The teams should track attendance by ticket holders. If you miss two or more games you lose your season tickets and the next in line on the 20 year waiting list is up. This will allow the hardcore fans to get their hands on season tickets or at the very least have season ticket holders actively look to sell.

  80. Hey lets charge people thousands of dollars for PSL’s, then possibly hundreds more on various food, drinks, foam fingers, and parking. Then lets surround them with belligerent drunk people who are ready to fight at any give moment. Drunk from the $10 beers that the owners love to give out.

    Hmm, I cant possibly imagine why people choose to watch the game at home.

  81. Stop crying about money roger there are so many commercials during football games it is ridiculous I just saw a statistic that during the 3 hours it takes to watch a game only 10 minutes of that is plays being run the rest are commercials and teams huddled up.

  82. When Veterans stadium opened in Philly in 1971, I had 6 seats for a 7 home game season for $252 for the season! Today 2 tickets for a single game would cost as much!

  83. I’m a soccer fan converted to NFL fan here and have been to several NFL games. I have to say that watching the game at the stadium was a good experience but the game seemed slow to me. The play happened fast, but the signal exchange between plays were just too long. It killed the flow of the game. So if you watch it on TV, the Analysts break the plays down in between, so there is no “dead” time as if you were at the stadium. That said, I’d rather go to a stadium to watch a soccer game than an NFL game. And will rather watch an NFL game on TV than a soccer game. But that’s just my opinion though.

  84. Going to a good college game is much less expensive and hassle.

    For that matter, high school football is a much better game, IMHO, when you get right down to it.

  85. tcbowa says: Nov 13, 2012 5:43 PM

    I’ve missed entire quarters due to bathroom lines at Qualcomm.


    Did I read that right? At qualcomm? Last I checked the Chargers stadium is ALWAYS empty….

    Then again, who would really pay to see Rivers and Co. play? Not this guy

  86. A football game is just purely boring to watch in person. Probably the worst of all sports.

    First of all there are 1000 commercial breaks. So half the time when you are at the game you are just sitting there wondering why the players are all just standing around kicking the dirt. I can’t imagine how boring it must be for the players.

    Secondly, in real life, a 50 yard pass just doesn’t look that impressive. Same thing for 5 or 10 yard runs. It looks like they ran a few inches.

    Finally, its the only sport that allows its fans to enter the stands already smashed so you have watch some ahole in the next row attempt to remain standing during the national anthem. You can imagine what that person is like by the third quarter.

    Improve the quality of the live experience, don’t just complain about how good the game looks on TV.

  87. “One of our biggest challenges in the league is the experience at home” …

    What’s that you have in your hand Mr. Goodell? Is that? a BILLION $ check from Direct Tv??

  88. As usual, Goodell and the NFL are blind to the concerns of fans with their agenda of trying to squeeze even MORE billions of dollars from their fans.

    Every comment he makes just pushes me further and further away from supporting the league, particularly financially!

  89. Getoffmylawn! says:
    Nov 13, 2012 4:37 PM
    Lower the price of the ticket first. Then build a stadium that seats 60,000 instead of 85,000. That should keep it full.

    You do know that would only drive the prices of tickets up because it increases the novelty factor of 8 home games because you are removing that many seats.

  90. There are many sounding like victims here. “Oh poor me the tix are too high” I agree they are too high but whining isn’t going to change that….Stop going to the games and the owners will get the message.

  91. @ beefjerky1

    We’ve *already* stopped going to the games. That’s what this whole thread is about!

  92. For the expense of me going to one game I can pay for Sunday Ticket, a seasons worth of food and beer at home, have a bathroom 15 feet away and get trashed and not have to worry about driving home.

    And if the game I’m watching sucks I can instantly flip to another game.

    Maybe if you eliminated $20k PSL’s, $10 beers and $5 hot dogs more people would be willing to experience the game live.

  93. Uh Roger? . . . uh . . . your NFL is degrading its own stadium experience . . . uh . . .

    “Paging Roger Goodell to Lambeau Field. Here you will understand what is needed to save your NFL.” Lambeau Field & HDTV are not in the same league or from the same planet.

    Mr. Goodell, stop building 175ft wide Jumbotrons & imitating the home experience, & start encouraging owners to foster the kind of experience Lambeau has to offer. Anyone who would chose staying at home with HiDef over the Lambeau experience may as well just go ahead & plug their HEAD into the TV.

  94. hey Rog, for the price of 2 tix, parking, food and beverages for ONE game, I can buy a kickass HD TV.

    Of course you are pricing the average fan out…

  95. They shouldn’t have any worries in Green Bay.
    It takes decades, a lifetime or even beyond to have any hope of getting season tix. for Lambeau.

    So make every single team a non-profit community owned team like the Packers and then problem solved.
    Fans who invest in their team will want to go to the stadium and are willing to pay more for that experience.

    In any case, I will stay at home. More comfortable and no hassle and cheaper.

  96. And Roger wait till what you see over the next few years. Currently there are a few TVs out that are “4K” TV’s, compared to the current best TV which is 1080P (but right now they are about $10,000). In other words, there is about 4 times as many dots on the screen. Plus the new OLED TV’s are also better.

  97. Considering I can build out a complete home theater for the cost of two season club seats I think it’s fair to wonder what the future of the NFL stadium is. I still prefer club seats to my home theater — but not the drive there or back. Also I much prefer my home theater to sitting with the trash in the regular seats, I have on idea why anyone would want to sit with those animals. If the NFL would provide helicopter pickup so I could avoid traffic I’d still stick with the stadium. Let me know Rog.

  98. Wow from the tone of these comments u would think the nfl has a huge attendance problem…95% or more are sellouts so obviously enough people are willing to pay

    i personally go to about 2 or 3 games per yr because while i love the baltimore gameday experience i find that i can follow the game much better at home

    i think the biggest issue the nfl needs to fix is the secondary ticket market..thats where the price gouging is a big problem and the nfl doesnt even get the additional revenue…i would likely go to more games if i could actually get tickets for face value

  99. It ain’t the TVs is the cost and hassle of going to a game. Everyone’s saying the same thing here but if umpteen-gazillion people post it over and over, maybe one of those billionaires might get a little curious and take a look and see what they can do.

  100. Three questions:

    First, which is greater – stadium revenue, or revenue from television rights?

    Second – which revenue source is growing at a faster rate – stadium revenue or television revenue?

    Third – which has a limited upside, and which has a seemingly infinite upside?

    Goodell can make all the comments he wants, but the reality is that the TV revenue will continue to grow at a faster rate and without the capacity limitations that are present with stadium revenue.

  101. The NFL and stadiums are going the wrong way: They needed to go to a more personal experience not just more seats and charge more… You can get vertigo in the upper deck of most stadiums.

    Do a few things:

    1. Reduce seating
    2. Increase technology at the seats
    3. Bring prices back in line with the economy

    It doesn’t seem that complex, but all of these owners are convincing cities of the increased revenue of a new stadium. Instead, make it a smaller stadium and make the experience second-to-none. NFL creates a “Dave and Busters” like restaurant chain with real-people pricing and have 3 such restaurants in each stadium, and treat a ticket like an all day pass. Air out-of-market games on big screens throughout the stadium on game day (in good weather) and improve technology (more tv’s, access to undelayed-audio, heated seats, etc…). If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Very simple.

  102. How many times will this story appear before Mr. Commissioner at least pretends to hear our responses?

    It never seems to be the fans screaming for a new stadium. Even in this story the ones asking for it are ‘the team and the league’…but it’s not the fans…the same fans who ironically would be paying for it in one way or another.

    No other story gets as many responses/posts as this one. Time and again we say…”the reason there is downward pressure on stadium attendance is the cost of attending, sir. Your hot dogs, your parking, your tickets, etc…are TOO HIGH”.

    And yet again, as dependably as the sun rising, in zombie-like fashion, Mr. Commissioner will say something to the effect (as is in this story), “a good facility is the key to keeping the fans coming”.

    Mr. Commissioner, we are telling you to listen to the fans of the game…the ones that are actually paying the bills…the ones that have to sit thru 2 hours of commercials to watch 1 hour of game action…the ones paying for $9 beer, $6 hot dogs, $40 parking, outrageous tickets prices and the ultimate slap in the face, PCLs…the cost is too high. If the owners think they can’t make enough money in this business anymore, sell the team and go make your billions elsewhere. Enough is enough.

  103. In just about every game I have attended, I find out what happened on the field from my brother who watched the game at home. $150 for a seat and my brother has a better seat at home?
    You would think the big screen in the stadium would show the fans in the stadium what my brother sees at home. I’m ready to give up. Plus, if the game is bad I can change the channel at home.

  104. I’m late to the party so this won’t get much attention, but I couldn’t care less about ticket prices. It’s the $30 for parking, $10 for beer, $4 for water, and $6 for hotdogs (that cost $.25 each with the bun) that keeps me from going because I have a family to take. I’m going to be there for what, 4 maybe 4.5 hours? My whole family is going to eat twice. I’m going to drink a few beers(my wife is driving us home, don’t judge). Even if I buy into the cheap seats, I’m spending close to $200 just for sustenance while I’m there. I’d rather save the ticket money and spend the $200 to throw a nice get-together for the whole circle…

  105. flacco8 says:
    Nov 13, 2012 8:37 PM

    i think the biggest issue the nfl needs to fix is the secondary ticket market..

    15 minutes after tickets go on sale, they’re sold out for the popular teams/good matchups. And we’re directed to the NFL Ticket Exchange website that is the official ticket gouger of the NFL….that I’m sure they’re making some type of fees off of.

    So I’m to pay 300% plus markup to a service they already own and take a piece of the pie from the gougers themselves? No thanks.

  106. I live in Canada, last fall I drove 10hrs to Boston to watch the Giants beat the Pats. That was my first NFL game. $700 for 2 tickets and $8 beers, 2 nights in a hotel and gas. had a great time and I would do it again after I win the lottery.

  107. The economic law of supply and demand…and the law of dimishing returns.

    Prices will lower. There is a ceiling for every product. I just hope that concessions and parking will go down with ticket cost.

    Unless, of course, the government gets involved with the NFL. Then we’re all screwed.

  108. I shell out $6,580.00 a year for NFL tickets. I may have one more left and then I am done.

    I will get an even bigger HDTV, thinking maybe a 60″ or 70″ maybe even an 80″ and may never go to a game again.

    There are only so many $6 hot dogs and $11 beers you can take in one lifetime.

  109. For sure lowering tickets prices would bring more people in. That’s a no-brainer. The prices have gotten to be out of control, especially when your team isn’t very good.

    Another reason is the beauty of NFL Redzone HD. One channel, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than DirecTV’s offering. For me there’s no other way to watch football.

  110. I went to a Colts game in 2003, $10 a ticket, FACE VALUE. No joke. The Colts used to have $10 tickets. And they weren’t exactly terrible, Manning had led them back into relevance by then…the seats were end zone up high, but the RCA Dome was small so they were still decent seats. Just this season I got tix for the home Jax game for $40 a piece…looked the other day and they have jumped up a ton. Indy is a frontrunner town and when Manning left and no one thought the team was going anywhere, the market was soft. Now the Colts are decent again and the prices are up. I go to a game, maybe two a season. Parking isnt too bad if you can walk a bit..$10-$20. Concessions are a rip but that’s nothing new. We have it pretty good in Indy actually. Even in the Manning heyday I could get tickets for under $100 a piece, good seats too.

  111. Maybe he should be worried that its cheaper for a Giants fan to fly to another state pay for hotel and still get a better seat for the same price as you do at home.

  112. When I lived in the DC area years ago, my set of two Redskins season tickets cost about $1000 a year. There were no seat licenses to buy, parking was around $5.00, I think, and concession prices were high but not outrageous.

    When I look at what all that would cost today, there’s no possible way I could afford to be a season ticket holder anymore.

  113. Come to la. A city with 12 million ppl will sell out every home game in a brand new billion dollar stadium. How can it get any better. Roger, it’s ur fault for putting teams in buffalo, St. Louis, Minnesota, Tampa bay. Bring a freakin team here and the league won’t worry about revenue or ticket sales. Duh.

  114. It’s not HD keeping me away from the games. It’s the drunken, belligerent, borderline violent fans that are sitting next to me. And in front of me. And behind me..

  115. Its not great stadiums that keep people going. Its the experience of being at a football game. Unfortunately these big wigs dont get it. Having Tvs in every chair is the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. Make prices affordable by the everyday American and not just corporations and you will see more people going. Especially with our economic health as a country.

  116. I don’t even pay to watch my hometown’s games in HD. I just use my antenna, get the games in hd and for free. Record them with Tivo. Paid television is a ripoff, just buy netflix, hulu and an antenna for <20$ a month for most programming that matters.

  117. Go to a game. It’s nothing but stoppages of play. It’s boring. Kick off, commercial, 3-out, commercial, 5 minute drive and TD, commercial, extra point, commercial, kick off, commercial, review, commercial, 3- out, commercial, baseball has more action. And it’s only $100-500 a seat, $40 parking and $48 a six pack.

  118. The NFL business model requires constant generation of increasing income. Pay per view is not that far away. What goes up, comes down. Remember that baseball was king of the world 20yrs ago, NFL was an after thought. Everything changes. The NFL hit its peek with the Giants-Patriots (18-1) Super Bowl. And, who else is burning out on the non-stop ads. And games are rather slow, instant replay is painful.

  119. Several people in this thread have mentioned building smaller stadiums. I have an idea- why not use tarps to reduce the size of the existing stadium from 85,000 to 67,000?

    Oh wait, that’s what the Jaguars did 5 years ago and they haven’t had a blackout since. But they are moving to LA b/c of attendance problems, aren’t they? Aren’t they?

    The Jacksonville solution, suggested multiple times here, has become practically a national joke.

    But it’s worked. 5 years, no blackouts.

  120. I remembered I got 2 free tickets to see Vikings play the Bills. Parking was high, to have a beer was like buying a six pack and food cost was almost like feeding the whole family at dinner. The new swear words i learned is almost worth it but its the obnoxious drunk fans “mostly women” who I grew tired of by end of first quarter. That experience cost me 120.00 dollars total…free tickets my eye!

    Stay at home I get my 12 pack teach my own kids the proper way to swear “at Ponder” no lines at the vikingdoode bathroom. bbq while the game is going on HD IS NICE but I know where this is going. He wants to charge a fee to sit at home and watch the game. if that is the case I will rake the leaves that my wife is bitching at me too do on Sunday. I might get lucky if I do!

  121. samurai3939 says: Nov 13, 2012 4:41 PM

    Goodell is such a jerk. This is the very first baby step to making the nfl pay per view. This is what happens when rich people run things, regular folks get squeeze out.
    CONGRATS tool man. First one to pin this on Rodger. Lord knows when Tag was commish tickets were .12 cnets, gas was %0 cents and women were free. Yup, Goodell ended all of that.
    How do you NOT occasionally shove food down the wrong hole moron?

  122. Sold out stadiums are directly related to the ability of the team that plays in the stadiums. If the team is a “winer”, fans will come, if not; “black out”.
    Instead of blaming “HD” the league should look to the management ineptness of the losing franchises.

  123. The problem is sub-par product.

    Most of the GOOD teams don’t have a problem selling tickets.

    Perhaps there’s too many teams in areas that just don’t care about football, or even more… sports in general.

    Eliminate a few teams, and the talent per-team gets much better.

    Instead, you’re doing the opposite… talking about having teams in London, and Mexico, and maybe Canada. That’s not solving anything. Even if you gain fans in other countries… they’re not going to be flying around to the majority of the games still held in the US.

    People have already touched on pricing. It’s too high. It should be the same price league-wide, and should be much lower. Don’t penalize me, as a fan, by charging me more just because my local team happens to be doing better than another team.

    And hey, if your stadiums aren’t filling up anywhere near capacity… perhaps you should eliminate a few thousand seats, so that you can make the remaining seats much more comfortable. More elbow and leg room. Perhaps even cushioned? You know, instead of 73,000 tiny, cramped, packed to the brim seats…. how about 60,000 very spacious, luxurious, comfortable seats?

    With the free space that frees up… maybe you can install screens in the back of each seat so that people can watch NFL RedZone, or at least see scores/stats of all the other games going on. Maybe even a headphone jack to listen, as well.
    The signal would be hard-wired, so everyone’s phones wouldn’t be competing for signal.

    And hey, here’s another idea NFL… START YOUR GAMES ON TIME! All of this pre-game nonsense… someone please let me know the next time a Thursday/Sunday Night Football game starts before 8:30…. even though it’s supposed to start at 8:20. Monday Night Football is supposed to start at 8:30… but usually doesn’t start until 8:40.

  124. Yes, prices are high, but they’ve been high for a while and people were more willing to pay not too long ago.

    The root of the problem:
    Inflation & unemployment.

    Unfortunately, the economy sucks and the voters in this country continue to overwhelmingly vote for more spending, directly or indirectly. At a time when the federal deficit is over $16 Trillion, state/local governments are still getting aid from the treasury while their constituents approve of billion-dollar stadium bills.

    That said, I’ve never really understood the desire for new stadiums. Yes, they look nicer, but the cost/benefit for the gameday experience does not seem worth it to me. As a Niner fan, I go to Candlestick to tailgate and watch a football game in person. If I cared about the scenery and the quality of the video screens, I’d clean my living room and watch the game at home.

  125. I don’t mind paying $100 for lower to mid level seats, the problem is people trying to sell those same tickets for $300-$350, that’s why nobody goes.

  126. I did note Monday night that the Steelers’ stadium was less than half full.

    TV is very adroit at not showing empty stands.

  127. I grew up just outside of Green Bay. Our family has had season tickets ever since they built New City Stadium (Lambeau Field for the rest of you). I started going to games at the age of 10. I am so fed up with the NFL that I am boycotting the league (with the only exception of watching the Packer game). I no longer watch Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football or either the first half or the second half of the Sunday doubler header which ever is opposite of the Packer game. This is the first year that I am not going to all of the home games. I am only attending two and selling the rest. The reason being that I am tired of the money pit that has become the NFL. I now live two hours from the stadium and am tired of alot of things. I am tired of the cost of the gas driving to and from the stadium, tired of the parking, tired of being treated like a convict going into the stadium where we are now wanded and tired of $8.00 beer amongst other things. I calculated the cost of a family of four to go to a game. It was equal to a mortgage payment. The NFL expects us to do this 7 times/year (10 times for other venues). The cost is ridiculous. So I decided to do something about it and stop going. There are no lines for beer, food or bathrooms at home. There are instant replays at home. I don’t have to drive home “buzzed” by the couple of beers that I had. I don’t get home at 2:00 in the morning after a Sunday night or Monday night game. I don’t have to sit behind some irate idiot who constantly is standing up and blocking our view. The only thing that I’ll miss are the other “regulars” that has become family in the 40+ years that I have been going. I truly feel that either the NFL will become a corporate event or they will suffer some great attendence losses due to the ever increasing costs.

  128. I can’t believe the NFL and Goodell still think the key to getting asses in seats is a “more enjoyable in-stadium experience”. NO! The key is more affordable tickets, food, and drink. You think the average family wants to pay $7.50 for a beer and $5 for a hot dog?

  129. Lets see,
    Bag of nachos and cheese at home = $5.60. (Large family pack
    exra Large pizza 4 toppings = $22.39 + tip = $27.39
    2 large 2 ltr soda = $3.29 ( on sale:))

    No one obstructing your view.
    Not having to worry about parking
    No getting home late due to the traffic
    Not dealing with rude and drunk obnoxious people.
    Bathroom breaks take longer because you have to stand in line and find your seat once you get back.
    And you dont have to wait in line for a security check just to watch the football game!!!!
    And if my team is losing!! I can simply switch the channel and stop the agony!!

    All this is worth staying at home and watching it ond a beautiful “55” HD visio

    Yes !!! HD is taking over and until price for tickets are lowered and concession prices are lowered, more will continue to stay in the saftey and comfort of their homes to enjoy the games..

  130. They need to start showing more replays and other games on the big screen during timeouts.

    The greed of these teams throws the local car dealer ad at me over and over while the people at home can flip to another game.

    Many of us are NFL fans….not just the home team. We want to know what’s going on.

  131. haha everyone bashes San Diego fans for having the occasional blackout and not being true fans yet 90% of all the comments say its too expensive to go to an NFL game.

    And the fact that San Diego is top 5 most expensive major city to live in probably has nothing to do with it either right? yeah, I thought so.

  132. razzlejag says:
    Nov 14, 2012 4:42 AM
    Several people in this thread have mentioned building smaller stadiums. I have an idea- why not use tarps to reduce the size of the existing stadium from 85,000 to 67,000?

    Oh wait, that’s what the Jaguars did 5 years ago and they haven’t had a blackout since. But they are moving to LA b/c of attendance problems, aren’t they? Aren’t they?

    The Jacksonville solution, suggested multiple times here, has become practically a national joke.

    But it’s worked. 5 years, no blackouts.

    The tarps have been on since the 2005 season. They had 3 regular season games blacked out in 2007 and 7 regular season games blacked out in 2008. So, you are incorrect.

  133. You all say you rather watch it @ home. However it’s people like me who buy 4 season tickets to a Patriots game that make it easier for everyone else in the Patriots television market to have a choice of either watching a game @ home or @ a bar.
    Nothing like watching a game in person. Where I sit I can interact with the players, coaches etc. The tailgaiting experience is something that is always priceless. You do it with the same people and it’s like your extended family. Colllege season tickets like the game in Stillwater Oklahoma are affordable or in the cases of people in the Tulsa, Oklahome City area it s the only game in town therefore they have no clue of what a real pro day experience is.
    Again without people like me, you do not have the choice to sit on that plush couch to watch a HOME game. And Bob Kraft did NOT use PSL’s when he built Gillette Stadium.

  134. Roger obviously spends zero time in Seattle cause getting a ticket to a Hawks game is harder than sifting and finding gold on top the space needle. There is no way TV compares to a Hawks home game, when you feel ,as a fan you can actually influence the game (which we do as the 12th man) its awesome!! The players talk to us and you can see it that they believe it themselves, HOW COOL IS THAT!! Even if your not a Hawks fan , once in your life,if you can find a ticket :), go to a game here.

  135. Maybe when I was in my 30’s I would go to games, but anymore sitting at home and watching with friends or just your wife is great. 55″ LED HDTV with a Bose Surround Sound setup is awesome.

    Hey, at the half you can have a little fun with the wifey!!! jus saying…..

  136. NFL football is a reality TV show with a live “studio” audience. A full stadium improves the TV product. If they need to charge less to fill the stadium, then that’s what they’ll end up doing. There are plenty of people who’d want to go if they could afford it.

  137. If there were ever a story I wish the NFL office could receive all of our comments on, this would be it. Your fault Roger, you priced us out of the stadium. After parking, food, tickets, beer, the 50 inch TV is about the same price.

  138. The tickets are too high for an average family to go. Also the quality of football has gotten to where it is so mediocre these days it isn’t always fun to watch. Though I am a much bigger NFL fan than college, I think part of it is that too. The college atmosphere makes it more fun to attend a game in the stands and their ticket is much cheaper. I would like to see the NFL have a little more pizazz, more team chants and wearing of team colors, and even have team bands for each team, and can’t believe a few teams still don’t have cheerleaders. It is also a problem that the lines move so slow at the concession stand and halftime is so short, you miss most of the third quarter trying to buy a coke.

  139. As everyone else posting here sees, the two biggest factors for lack of attendance are simply 1) $$ Unaffordability and 2) If we’re just talking about viewing the actual football game (aside from all the other aspects of attending a game), unless you can get the perfect seats/luxury box on the 50 yrd. line, football is better viewed on a large screen HDTV, especially with a DVR running to rewind/rewatch any play, along with commentary from the experts. As some others have posted, for whatever reason, this is not so true in viewing a game of baseball or hockey, which are much better watching in person. For those who say you lose out on the comaraderie with other football fans, this is easily solved by simply watching the game at your local sports bar, or by having fellow fans over to watch the game on your HDTV at home.

    Goodell is correct in acknowledging the HDTV factor, and is simply dishonest or out of touch for ignoring the $$ factor. I don’t think Goodell is stupid. The only logical motive for commenting the way he did was to start prepping everyone for the time when the NFL goes pay-per-view on TV.

  140. I’m sure they will muddle through somehow. My grandson’s high school team recently got complementary tickets, and were wowed by the experience. So there you go, build from the ground up while they are young. At least some will work to afford to go. For we older folks some of us are used to low-def, and it keeps the rifraff from coming to my house to mooch, and its quiet enough for my deaf ears to hear.

  141. The last NFL game I went to (Browns Patriots 2 years ago) I went as a guest. I will never buy tickets to an NFL game until either I have kids or my nephews aren’t content with either high school games ($5-$7) or college <$25 won't do it any more.

    NFL teams priced out their fans. I find my $400 much better spent on Sunday ticket because I will at least have money left over.

  142. The NFL should foot the bill for the new stadium, but they’ll never do it. Roger and the NFL owners will just threaten to move the team to a new city/state that WILL pay for the new stadium. When you have money and power, you pretty much get what you want.

  143. Some fanbases can’t even get tickets from the box office. Ravens tickets sell out in 10 minutes every year. You have to be friends with a PSL owner (who is already getting ripped off) to not get ripped off on tickets.

    Paying $100+ per ticket to sit in the next-to-last row in the entire stadium is dumb when I can go to my local bar, eat and drink until I can’t eat and drink any more, take a cab home, and still have money left over.

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