Panthers DC points out his side is doing good work


The same day the Panthers fired their special teams coach after the touchdown that wasn’t, the assistants that remained were freshening up resumes, and making sure everyone knew the kind of job they were doing.

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott pointed out for the fifth straight game, his defense held opponents to 20 points or fewer. Of course, the Panthers gave up a pick-six, a return touchdown and a safety Sunday to lose 36-14, their fourth loss over that span.

I’m not taking anything away from the wins and losses. That’s the most important thing of our business,” McDermott said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. “But I’ve got a goal as a defensive coordinator and a vision, and we’re moving forward toward that vision.

“Anybody who was at the field yesterday I think saw that those guys played tough, aggressive football through and through until the end of the game. And when the game was going the way it was going, to keep coming back and keep coming back and keep coming back, that speaks about what’s going on the defensive side of the ball.”

This is what it’s come to for the Panthers, an every-man-for-himself situation for the second time in three years. The entire organization is gripped with the stark reality that major changes are coming, so it makes sense for anyone with anything to crow about gets it out there for the world to see.

Saying it in a press conference is a lot cheaper than postage for 31 envelopes, anyway.

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  1. Gee…what a great teammate.

    McDermott’s always been a self-promoting blow hard.

    This is what happens when you give high level coaching jobs to guys who never played at any level, but have high uq’s.

  2. This team needs Mac. He has done a tremendous job with the defense. I think keeping RR, Chud and Mac will pay long term dividends in developing the team. Bring Polin back.

  3. The wheels are coming off in Charlotte….again. His defense has played better this year but are still weak against the run and allowed a deep pass completion late in the game against the Falcons that cost them the game.

  4. kepickle says:
    Nov 13, 2012 8:18 AM
    Well he’s right & a panther fan I wouldn’t mind him staying.
    He might be right, but saying it is another thing. Long term, no matter where he goes, he’s going to cause problems. And ultimately fail.

  5. The Panthers are now starting to challenge the Jets for this year’s most dysfunctional, drama-filled mess of a football team.

    It’s obvious Rivera is in way over his head, and that’s a shame because he seems like a nice guy who had paid his dues as an assistant. It’s also now obvious why he’d been passed over as head coach material nine times before Jerry Richardson hired him.

    This season is looking grimmer and grimmer by the week for Carolina fans.

    I think Richardson is seriously thinking about selling the team. He may be ready to hang it up completely. A lot of scribes in Charlotte say “No way,” but this is the man who fired both of his sons and the man who undercut John Fox, so I don’t close any doors on the decisions the Big Cat might make.

  6. They should push their hardest to hire Chip Kelly as HC. He could turn that college skilled team into something special. Have Chip either keep Chud or replace him with his OC. Leave McDermott because he’s been able to hold a D together with injuries and an offense that puts up more points against themselves than their opponents. That would make the franchise a more viable option to sell and move to LA too. Just my thoughts on the matter.

  7. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:
    Nov 13, 2012 8:47 AM
    The wheels are coming off in Charlotte….again. His defense has played better this year but are still weak against the run and allowed a deep pass completion late in the game against the Falcons that cost them the game.
    The Falcons game was not McDermott’s fault. He had the right defense called. They completed the 60-yarder because Nakamoura, whose only job on the play was to keep Roddy White in front of him, stood and watched White blow right by him.

    We aren’t claiming the D is great, just that it’s worlds better than it was before he got here. Our problems are that Rivera is in over his head, our offensive line is the worst in football and the OC has the big head after a big year last year and can’t call a decent game anymore.

  8. The thing about the Panther’s D is that there is a lot more Rivera than McDermott going on there. Unfortunately, he is in over his head as a HC, because he has made good strides with a D with a lot of injuries and young guys playing big minutes.

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