Reggie Bush hopes to rebound from first career benching

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Dolphins running back Reggie Bush won’t have much time to sulk about being benched after fumbling during Sunday’s loss to the Titans.

His team plays Thursday night against the Bills.

For Bush, the development was unprecedented.  “I’ve never been benched in my life,” Bush told reporters on Tuesday.  “This was the first time.”

Bush also explained how he reacted to the situation.  “You just take it with a grain of salt [and] find a way to fix it,” Bush said.  “At the end of the day, the only thing I can control is fumbling the football.  I know how to control that.  I know how to fix that and I know how to obviously get better at it and that’s the only thing I can control.”

It was his third fumble of the season and his second lost fumble.  More importantly, it was Bush’s seventh straight game of less then 100 yards rushing, which comes after a run of five 100-yard performances in six games dating back to 2011.

“I just felt like I haven’t been playing as well as I know I can these past few weeks,” Bush said.  “It’s been a little up and down and it hasn’t really been where I would like it to be.  I’m my biggest critic of myself and I always set the highest goals and highest standards for myself, so I haven’t been playing to where I know I capable of.”

Bush said on multiple occasions before the season that he’d like to lead the league in rushing.  Through nine games, he has 555 yards.  That puts him at No. 18 on the list, less than half the amount gained by Adrian Peterson, who has 1,128 yards in 10 games.

13 responses to “Reggie Bush hopes to rebound from first career benching

  1. I am not a Reggie Bush fan or a Dolphins fan, but I don’t understand why you keep harping on the fact that he said he wanted to lead the league in rushing. What is wrong with having a goal, even one that you will fail to reach. He is an average back who tried to provide himself with extra motivation by having a goal and making it public.

  2. reggie bush should spend about 2 or 3 seconds every 6 to 8 months worring about what anyone else says or thinks the rest of the time let it be thier problem. keep believing in you reggie and do your thing my man

  3. The Titans were stacking in the box on third and short yardage situations. Tannehill or the coaches should have seen what was being done on defense and thrown short instead of running. Philbin has been a decent head coach so far but this was a bad game for him.

    Oh I forgot the Dolphin receivers can not create separation.

  4. “More importantly, it was Bush’s seventh straight game of less then 100 yards rushing”

    Might that have something to do with him being benched during the game?

  5. Anyone else remember how much of a stud this guy was coming out of USC?

    What a letdown, he got stripped of the ball just like he got stripped of his Heisman. Karma?

  6. This guy is Tebow-esque in his opinion of himself. The performance just doesn’t match the hype and everyone seems to know it but him.

  7. I’m benching him from my fantasy lineup. Gave me a big ZERO last week and I lost to my wife. Vernon Davis didn’t help either. What’s up with his free fall this year?

  8. At the end of the day a lot of athletes and sports journalists talk about the end of the day.

  9. Reggie is the best player on the dolphins offense and isnt utilized correctly. I dont know how many drives start by running Bush right up the middle on first down and get nothing. Swing it out to him on first down or run a stretch play to give him an opportunity to use his speed and agility. I still dont understand why he is not used more in the passing game as well, he should have 40 catches by now. Joe Philbins offense is just not RB friendly, wasnt in GB and wont be in Miami. Not that I dont like the direction the team is headed and that I dont like Philbin either just think they are using Bush wrong. I dont think Reggie will be back next year anyways and I’m fine with that as long as they keep winning.

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