Reggie Bush says benching bothers him, takes shot at “Buffalo women”

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Dolphins running back Reggie Bush has developed a knack for saying the right thing when he’s talking to the media.  He did it earlier on Tuesday, in a regular session with reporters.

Like many athletes, however, he gets a little looser when he’s on the radio.

That’s what Bush did during a Tuesday visit to the Paul and Young Ron Show in Miami.  The show sent out several cuts from Bush’s most recent appearance, two of which caught our attention.

First, Bush admitted that he was bothered by the benching on Sunday in light of the fact that he’s in a contract year.

“I’m not gonna sit here and say it doesn’t bother me,” Bush said.  “It does bother me.”

But the quote that will cause the biggest stir, specifically in Western New York, came when Bush was reminded that his next game will be played in cold weather on Thursday night.  One of the hosts joked that the women will be topless and the other one said to Reggie, “You don’t wanna see that.”  And then the first host said, “No, God no.”

And then Reggie, instead of respectfully laughing or changing the subject, said, “Not Buffalo women.”

So, yeah, a potentially boring Thursday night game just got a little more interesting.

You’re welcome, NFL Network.

63 responses to “Reggie Bush says benching bothers him, takes shot at “Buffalo women”

  1. well ill hope that the hot women at this game take their clothes off then! we have good looking women reggie. but when youre used too loose girls like kimmy buffalo isnt for you

  2. Honestly he should have kept Kim kardashian it’s just that he didn’t know that when it comes to women like Kim kardashian you gotta go upside their head often.

  3. Benching should bother any player, whether they deserve it or not. If it doesn’t they don’t care, one way or another.

    The thing about the Buffalo women. It is obvious he was joking, could you not hear him laughing as he said it? Geez…. You media sometimes, I swear.

  4. What good would it do to go upside the head of a Kardashian woman? There’s no brain in there to jump-start.

    Getting back to the subject–I see that aging has not brought maturity to Reggie Bush. I hope the Bills pound the snot out of him, and that the proud ladies of Buffalo moon him when he exits the stadium on the way to the team bus.

  5. Nothing but big, beer chugging broads and city rejects from here who go up there for school. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attractive woman from Buffalo in my 33 years.

  6. Coming from a guy with a butt-ugly NFL career and a college career forfeited. Yeah, he talks like a prince with the brain of a toad.

  7. Reggie, the Kardashian family would never step foot in Buffalo.

    Give their women a break.

    By the way, Joe Philbin Was incorrect to bench Reggie Bush on Sunday Because all he did was let his ego get in the way!!!

    Everyone fumbles. Even Adrian Peterson used a fumble a lot, but Even the egotistical Brad Childress never benched him for one.

  8. Am I missing something here? Why would there be topless women at a football game?

    I mean…if we are trying to start a topless revolution at Bills’ games, then I’m all for it, otherwise, I’m confused.

    By the way, if you can’t find a hottie in Buffalo, you really aren’t looking very hard.

    By the way, Miami has made the top of the list of Fattest U.S cities at least once.

  9. Yes, it’s impossible for any attractive woman to come from any city but L.A. or Miami. G.F.Y.

    The women in Buffalo still have as many Heismans as you do, Ray-J Bush.

  10. BIG DEAL. Day must be slow for this to make a pft headline. Who ever gets offended has problems by caring so much what a Reggie Bush has to say. Plus, freedom of speech. People are such crybabys. Get it together.

  11. Coming from Buffalo, I used to get mad about this, but honestly after traveling through out the united states and abroad this line of thought does some merit. believe me, there are plenty of gorgeous chicks in buffalo, and thousands that reggie would love to see flash him will attend thursdays game.

    but on an aggregate level there is a much greater hot chick percentage in most large cities, and especially warmer cities.

    prolly why i love to travel so much

  12. I am praying that something interesting comes to Buffalo so that I can comment on the quality of their women, first hand but, alas, Buffalo is a wasteland soon to be a boring city covered by feet of boring snow. No attractive woman would live there unless chained to a radiator.

  13. trojanwarrior007 says:Nov 13, 2012 11:30 PM

    Travis Henry and Willis McGahee beg to differ with Bush based on the offspring they’ve left in Buffalo.
    But due to the breeding stock, those offspring will grow up to be defensive tackles.

  14. I was just up to Niagara Falls a couple months ago (via Buffalo) I saw no lack of hot women, young AND older. But I am happily married, so it,s strickly window shopping.

  15. The “great lakes Area” Detroit, C-Town, Buffalo. Boasts some of the best women in the USA and they ain’t shy brother. They will come after you, not the other way around. You don’t know what your missing, man.
    —-Guy from C-Town

  16. The women in Buffalo are a bit rough around the edges but they’re real.

    They were alright for a young man in his teens, who hopped over the border to some club that looked like an airplane.

    The memories are foggy.

  17. That’s actually really funny. Plus, the two hosts baited him into that playful comment anyway.

    No big deal.

  18. Well the women in Buffalo aren’t as fake as K.K, have as much plastic in them, and aren’t skanks like K.K.

    Other than that, i agree Reggie, the women in Buffalo are pretty hideous………….and K.K. is a tramp.

  19. I was in Buffalo for the Bills-Titans game in mid October of this year. I was pleasantly surprised by how many attractive women attended the Bills game. There were a larger number of attractive women attending that game than Bucs or Dolphins game that I ever attended and the reason is simple. In Buffalo, a Bills home game is the event that you plan your week arround (despite their poor play on the field). There are not many choices in Western NY for fun, outdoor things to do after Labor Day, except attend a Bills or Sabres game with friends. In Florida, obviously there are lots of alternatives to Fall football. One look into the seating area at a Dolphins or Bucs game and that becomes obvious.

  20. The term Buffalo Woman doesn’t paint a very good mental image. Neither does Walrus Woman. I am certain THIS is what Reggie MEANT to say LMFAO

  21. This from a guy who proudly dated a worn out skank that any person with the internet can watch some other guy rail. Of course, the cynic in me thinks dating the Kardashian was simply a PR move to boost his visibility and help build his “brand”. He (like too many other players) seems more concerned with that crap than he is playing football. (this dude is and always will be something of a real tool).

  22. “Reggie bush…. Let me introduce you to CJ SPILLER… You know, the guy who is what you were supposed to be…”

    Right… Because top 5 picks need 3 years to prove they are “the guy they were supposed to be”?

    Spiller should be the last person you point to considering hes just finally looking like his draft position.

  23. Great comments from a guy who has lived up to expectations.

    Tired of the comments Buffalo is an armpit. Simply not true.

  24. Not very smart. Bush is not a very good (or consistent) football player, so he better watch his comments if he wants to get an auto dealership or pursue some other career once people get tired of waiting for him to blossom.

  25. Haha I hate talk show hosts, somehow always lead a player into saying stuff that starts the most pointless argument. I’m sure buffalo has beautiful women.

  26. Buffalo women look like buffalo…Buffalo’s women I’m lead to believe follow the same normal distribution for beauty as any city in America

    Remember folks… Beauty is in the eyes of the BEERHOLDER!

    thanks ill be here all night

  27. Who cares about C J Spiller. What’s he done lately?
    Finally looking like his draft position, good about time too. Buffalo is a horrible place, I can’t imagine the topless women, what a sight that has to be.
    Reggie has better looking women than what he would find there.

  28. Wait, so because Reggie Bush, who didn’t bring up the subject, didn’t say anything wrong, didn’t discriminate in any way, just said “not buffalo women” this is a story? I just don’t understand. I’m not even that big a miami fan and this is just stupid.

  29. You people are just incredibly intolerant. It’s just that these lame radio hosts and Reggie Bush would rather see topless Buffalo men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  30. The folks defending Buffalo and its “women” are hilarious. I had occasion to spend some time with a young woman from Buffalo. She wasn’t the prettiest thing, but each time I think of her that anecdote about a golf ball and garden hose comes to mind.

  31. There is a lot of hot caucasian women in Western New York. I honestly haven’t seen many cute black chicks though. Usually when they’re cute they have a space in there teeth so wide you can kick a football through it. You just can’t win here. Maybe they were speaking of the black women?

  32. Hey mr wright don’t knock upstate we pay all the bills for you city people to walk around with your dirty accents and spend money that’s needed up here. Bet your glad Obama won !

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