Report: Darren McFadden “iffy” this week

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The Raiders had just about everything go wrong in Baltimore last Sunday, a turn of events that some may have predicted when they announced that they would be flying east without Darren McFadden, Mike Goodson and Richard Seymour.

Oakland doesn’t have to release any injury information until Wednesday, so there’s no official word on their status for this week against the Saints yet. Unofficially, though, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that McFadden’s chances of playing this week are “iffy.” McFadden’s ankle feels better and he should play in Week 12, according to the report, but the Raiders may be shorthanded in the backfield once again.

Goodson is also battling a high ankle sprain, so he probably isn’t much likelier to play than McFadden. That likely means more work for Marcel Reese, Jeremy Stewart and Taiwan Jones, who were the running backs in the 55-20 loss to the Ravens. They gained 76 yards on 22 carries in the game, although nine of those runs came in the fourth quarter when the game had long been decided.

The outlook for Seymour, suffering from a hamstring injury, isn’t any clearer. The Raiders may be trying to avoid a third straight loss with less than a full deck.

15 responses to “Report: Darren McFadden “iffy” this week

  1. Poor Darren, he has to be “Iffy” this week. Walking around with that T shirt with the big question mark on the front. Being poked and prodded by all the other guys. Bouquets of flowers left at his locker. Everyone turning the lights and music down when he is around.

  2. I love me some D-Mac but i really think its time for whats best for the team…EVERY YEAR HES HURT PERIOD. trade him for some good pics this guy cant play healthy get rid of him while he still looks like he gots value. It will not supprise me if this happens before the draft, send him to the PATS it will help Tom out alot and lets pic up some of those pics they got..

  3. So hes going to make just as much an impact as he has the first 9 weeks?

    Time to trade for 6th rounder and a bag of chips.

  4. Joey is right; it doesn’t matter who is back there, this franchise is the laughing stock of all sports! And I’m including the WNBA…

  5. No word on why Jones didn’t play anymore than he did in Baltimore. Why did Allen and Knapp put in a player from the practice squad (no offense to him) instead of using a player already on the team? I think it’s time to trade or release these over paid players, get someone that wants to play and earn their money. Get someone who enjoys playing. Where can anyone go and get paid all this money to play a game, be set for life and have fans everywhere?

  6. McFadden’s absence from the lineup is no big loss as he’s been next to useless all year (and I don’t buy into blaming it all on Knapp and/or the ZBS).

    If only the previous GM hadn’t landed us in 2012 salary cap hell then we could’ve kept Michael Bush (who I always thought was better than ‘DMC’) and things would probably be a lot better in the ground game.

  7. “Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that McFadden’s chances of playing this week are “iffy”….

    As a Raider fan, we know that “Iffy” is a code word for “I.R.” when it comes to DMac.

  8. The Raiders may be trying to avoid a third straight loss with less than a full deck.
    The Raiduhs have been playing with less than a full deck for the last decade.

  9. well when you have og’s that can’t create leverage, and get pushed back every play, and a zbs, that does not work, a RT that is to slow to handle a speed rush, a center who is better off at guard, and a lt who would be better suited on the right side…..might be part of the problem why mcfadden is hurt. say what you want, but he has earned every single yard he has gotten thus far this year. These guys can’t create a hole to run in.

  10. both mcfadden and goodson were in a walking boot today. jason cole is in miami. i’m sure he has a real pulse on the activities on the team in oakland.
    i doubt either will play this week

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