Report: Roethlisberger has “unusual” separated shoulder


A quarterback with an unusual reputation for embellishing injuries now has an unusual injury.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger suffered a separated shoulder during Monday night’s game against the Chiefs.  Per Cole, one source described the injury as “unusual.”

Roethlisberger was taken to a local hospital for an MRI during the game.  It’s unknown whether he’ll miss Sunday night’s visit from the Ravens.

It’ll be the first of two games against Baltimore in a 14-day period.

Roethlisberger is having one of the best seasons of his career, with teammates openly politicking for MVP consideration.  The Steelers could find out quickly how valuable he is; if the offense sputters against the Ravens like it did against the Chiefs in an overtime win that was secured by the Pittsburgh defense, the Steelers will once again be jockeying for wild-card position come late December.

57 responses to “Report: Roethlisberger has “unusual” separated shoulder

  1. Things can change in a heartbeat as witnessed by both this weeks night games.

    Imagine Peyton going down, Donkey fan.

    It isn’t pretty, is it?

  2. redguy12588 says: Nov 11, 2012 3:45 PM

    For all your fantasy players out there, start any and all Steelers. This is gonna get ugly.


    Now just how moronic does that statement from above seem? What makes him look even more stupid is all the “thumbs up” that clown received.

  3. Forget his throwing, how will this affect his ability to corner coeds in bar bathrooms?!…..allegedly

  4. No whining from the Squealer fans if he is unable to go. Next man up. Lewis & Webb both gone for the Ravens and don’t hear any excuses there.

  5. There is little doubt that he will play Sunday night. He has already been playing with a partially torn rotator cuff.

  6. I think you meant “a win that was secured by an awful throw by Matt Cassel as he never looked away from Bowe and missed his target by a mile.”

    Chiefs found a way to lose. Give credit where credit is due.

  7. Breaks my heart!Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy.What goes around comes around.All the late hits the pukesberg gets away with have come home to roost.

  8. Great now we get to listen to Ben tell us all week how much pain he’s in but he’s still going to play.
    Is there a bigger attention seeker in sports?

  9. For the 8th straight year, Roethlisberger comes down with an “injury” just before he plays the Ravens. For the first time in a long time, this one may actually be legitimate. Congrats, Ben.

  10. Leftwitch and batch as backups would be promising, 15 years ago. Leftwitch looks like a statue out there and Batch needs to be activated! Can’t believe these guys are still on the roster. Big mistake not looking for a young QB in the last couple drafts.

  11. The only thing I can think of, is that by “unusual” they mean that they are having a hard time determining if he needs surgery or rest?

  12. Ben the Embellisher strikes again. Now, instead of watching a great game next Sunday night, all that we will hear is about the “injury” and how players usually would have been out for weeks with a similar injury. Of course, Ben the Embellisher is the only player in history to play with such “injuries.” What a joke.

  13. Well Ravens fans, next week we will continue our reign of disrespect. We got absolutely NO recognition this week for putting up 55 points (to the same Oakland team that beat Pitt), drop in the rankings with a 7-2 record, Suggs gets no attention for a miraculous return, but next week? The entire game commentary will be about Ben’s shoulder, Polomalu, and Ryan Clark (the same Ryan Clark that Torrey Smith owned for a GW TD in Pitt last year).

    But that’s fine. We like our role as underdog. Hiding in the background. That’s where we do our best work.

    Time for 11 straight in the AFCN.

  14. annnnd cue another opportunity for Collinsworth and Michaels to spend 3 quarters of the SNF broadcast gushing over how he’s “the toughest qb in the league”. Its getting old.

  15. Ben didn’t return to the game – does that tell you anything ? He usually returns to finish the game, he won’t play Sunday.

  16. Good thing no Steeler fans were around to see the injury. What a bunch of frauds. Way to play in front of an empty house. Reminded me of Yankee Stadium.

  17. @ rockthered1286 says:
    I think you meant “a win that was secured by an awful throw by Matt Cassel as he never looked away from Bowe and missed his target by a mile.”
    Chiefs found a way to lose. Give credit where credit is due.
    Same way the Ravens beat KC – KC fumbled the game to the Ravens.

  18. The Drama Queen strikes again. Looked like about 7 or 8,000 missed the act, though, unless they all came dressed as yellow seats.

    Everyone talks about the injuries on Pittsburgh’s OL all season, every season, yet there is never a holding flag thrown on them.

    You could’ve scripted all of that game last night…Ben gets hurt the week before the Ravens game, on national tv, and the visitor has a go-ahead TD called back on a dubious flag.

    He’ll play. He’s pulled this before. Luckily he got hurt on Monday night to save us a full day of the speculation and “toughest qb in the league” banter.

  19. shows the difference btw ravens fans (whos team has won NOTHING with flacco) and steeler fans (3 SB appears, 2 wins). We have something to talk about, you dont. When Lewis went down, the local (Pittsburgh) station was taking calls, and almost all steeler fans were wighing him well (even with his questionable past), we respect him as a great player. Like Ben or not, the guy IS A WINNER! Dont believe me, just comare SB wins. AZnd that is really all that matters, since that is the goal every season. Show some class, we all know it ups the Ravens chances if he cant play. We have been winning with 8 starters out. 43, 33, AB, now #7 (big play guys). Its not an excuse, its facts. As a steeler fan, i like my chances against the ravens better with Ben.

  20. Vintage drama queen. “Unusual separation”code for he is good to go. It happens every year. By the way what an absolutely pitiful showing by the Steeler fans. Where were you last night? Heinz always has lots of empty seats, but last night’s half empty stadium was ridiculous.

  21. I’m sure Ben will come out of the locker room with his arm in a sling. Then at the start of the game he will throw off the sling and jog out on the field like Superman.

  22. I don’t hear any excuses only people celebrating a potentially serious injury and hoping the guy doesn’t play next week. You Ravens fans scared of losing to a good team and your lead in the division or what?The media may ambellish injuries but Ben has never left a close game if he wasn’t seriously injuried. Losing a washed up Ray Lewis and and a CB are no where near as big as your franchise qb. But you wouldn’t know what its like to have one of those so Ill let it slide.

    And to the idiot talking about an empty stadium, Heinz Field offers standing pavilions with a great view for when it’s pouring like it was last night.

    Man, the dumbest people love to open their mouths the most. 6-3 and don’t be scared to catch that L Sunday night Ravens fans.

  23. “Per Cole, one source described the injury as “unusual.”

    of course it is – dollars to donuts the “source” is Ben. BTW, every other news source in the country is calling is a sprain (maybe you guys have yourself a scoop)

  24. And is Flacco goes out, that’s the first excuse Ravens fans will shout to the rooftops !!! What a bunch of hypocrites.

  25. Now we know why dink & duck. His shoulder has been hurt all year. This just made it worse. So the Ravens luck out again – I bet they could get away with murder.

  26. If Roethlisberger misses any significant time, the Steelers are finished. Leftwich sucked when he was with the Jaguars, and he certainly hasn’t gotten any better since.

  27. I have to say that even with a 1-7 record Arrowhead would have been solid red and rockin! Did you see all the empty seats? WOW!!!

  28. Ummm a few Superbowl winning QBs were discussing how he landed and the injury and how they felt he would e out 3 weeks and that beven when he returned it will be a problem the rest of year. Again, coming from guys who have actually played the game of football not living in moms basement acting like your tough. Saywhat you wish about him, he is one of best in the game and the steelers will have a lot to overcome having an injury at the QB position. Hopefully he isn’t out for season cause Leftwhich isn’t going to get it done for the rest of the year I don’t think.

  29. RE: The attendance. Heinz field is fairly unique in that it has the two huge covered spiral ramps on the south end of the stadium. It was raining, so those things were packed from top to bottom with thousands of people trying to stay dry. That would leave their actual seats empty.

    Announced attendance was around 60k. Pittsburgh measures attendance by turnstile count, not tickets sold. Attendance was about average for a rainy weeknight game against a bottom-dweller.

  30. imarguingontheinternet says:
    Nov 13, 2012 10:13 AM

    Attendance was about average for a rainy weeknight game against a bottom-dweller.

    Hmmm, the Ravens played one of those this season and their attendance “averaged” 70,000+…in other words, full…I’m sure there are 8 high school games, a Pitt game, and two pop warner games on the Heinz Field turf this week, just in time for the Ravens. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  31. Get off of Big Ben! He deserves a second chance!
    After all, you ppl DEMANDED that Vick be given a second chance and he got one and now if he’s ripped for being a dog killer, the critic is labeled a racist.
    Big Ben was not arrested or indicted, therefore no crime was committed, so you ppl have no basis on which to rip him.
    If you continue, then I will rip Vick, Burress, Stallworth, and ray Lewis every chance I get b/c charges were filed against them.

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