Schottenheimer says he wasn’t in Kansas City, but he’s talking to Chiefs

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On Friday, a SiriusXM caller insisted that former Chiefs coach Marty Schottenheimer had been spotted in Kansas City.  The Chiefs denied that a meeting between Schottenheimer and owner Clark Hunt had occurred.

Thereafter, Schottenheimer said that, while he didn’t meet with Hunt, they’ve been talking.

I stay in touch with the Hunt family,” Schottenheimer told Jarrett Bell of USA Today.  “Of late, I’ve called to encourage them for whatever they’re doing.  They’ve got a lot of young players.  And they’re working their butts off.”

Schottenheimer indicated he’s not returning to the NFL, even though through last year he was coaching in the UFL.

“Life is good,” Schottenheimer told Bell.  “I just feel badly because I have great affection for the Hunt family and the Kansas City Chiefs.  Those were the best 10 years of my career.  But I think the world of Romeo Crennel.”

As Chris Mortensen of ESPN explained on Monday night, Schottenheimer has “preached patience,” which would suggest staying the course with the current coaching staff and front office.

The problem is that the fans want blood, though they’ll accept change.  The message from Marty seems to be that change for the sake of change may not change anything.

Still, as the losses pile up (even close ones in overtime), Clark Hunt at some point may have to balance the right football decision against the right business decision.  Even if the right football decision is, in the short term, the wrong business decision.

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  1. Translation … “So if you do decide to fire my good friend Romeo … a wonderful guy … a prince among men … then rest assured I’d be happy to take his job. Not asking you to fire him. That would be classless. Just saying that if … well, you know.” **wink wink snicker**

  2. It’s funny…all three fanbases that ran Marty out of town would probably welcome him back with open arms…

    Current Browns (I know he technically coached the Ravens…but I’m sure cleveland would welcome him back)
    Chiefs (see above)
    Chargers (Norv)

    Grass ain’t always greener…

  3. I don’t believe that the coaching staff is to blame. The players seem to be having trouble executing what has been given to them in the playbook. Romeo Crennel is a good coach with some average players. Upgrade the QB, WR, DE, CB positions and we’ll see much more from this team.

  4. EJ, your players having trouble executing multiple weeks IS THE DEFINITION of poor coaching in some form or another.

    There wasn’t a person in the NFL that didn’t think the Chiefs didn’t have good players going into this season. There were a lot of folks (not all) that picked the Chiefs to win the division. That’s probably the most disappointing thing about this season, we have a lot of good pieces. It isn’t just players, it’s been proven that Cassel is even a serviceable QB when used correctly.

    The biggest issue has clearly been turnovers and lack of recovering our own as well as recovering opposing teams. A lot of that is poor coaching, not just showing HOW to do it or not do it but just the general discipline of the team.

    Marty as GM, Cowher as HC, Romeo as DC and Norv Turner as OC (once he’s canned for losing any given random game)

  5. The Chiefs have set franchise records for futility under Scott Pioli. Arrowhead is no longer the best homefield advantage in the NFL. Pioli has stuck by Matt Cassel for far too long, and his only good draft picks have been Eric Berry and Justin Houston.

    Change for the sake of change may not always be good, but it is desperately needed right now.

  6. the grass actually WAS greener with norv in san diego

    norv`s playoff record was better than marty`s

    marty couldn`t even win one playoff game in SD, in fact norv, for all the hate , has a better record in sd than marty or even coryell had

    that said, it`s san diego, they couldn`t win the big prize with fouts and all those great wrs , so yeah….

    it`s san diego…..

  7. EJ, how about you just upgrade the QB position? That would mark immediate improvement. Pioli needs to take Cassell with him back to New England. Chiefs do have a lot of talent on that team. Give them a QB with potential and watch that teams play and confidence improve.

  8. Hell, they could trade for Old Joe Montana and have a shot at a wildcard still in the weak afc this year.

  9. Some of us older guys remember how Schottenheimer would ALWAYS choke up come playoff time.

    I mean choke it up big time.

    The play calling during the regular season always went as follows and was termed R2P2 …

    1st down: Run
    2nd down: Run
    3rd Down: Pass (Only if necessary)
    4th Down: Punt

    In the playoffs, any passing of any kind was frowned upon. You only passed in extreme circumstances.

    Oh ya, it was called “Marty Ball’ and those who witnessed it will never forget it.

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