Steelers survive overtime challenge from Chiefs

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After playing perhaps their best 60 minutes of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs still found a way to lose.

Chiefs’ quarterback Matt Cassel was intercepted by Steelers’ linebackers Lawrence Timmons on the second play of overtime and Shaun Suisham hammered home a 23-yard field goal to give Pittsburgh a 16-13 victory over the Chiefs on Monday night.

The Steelers (6-3) manged to overcome an early 10-0 deficit and the loss of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to hold off the challenge from the Chiefs.

Kansas City (1-8) squandered several opportunities throughout the game and looked like they would come up short while trying to rally for a game-tying field goal in the closing minutes as well. Tight end Tony Moeaki was called for a push off on a third down conversion that put Kansas City in field goal range. Instead, they faced a 4th and 15 from their own 45-yard line. But the Chiefs manged to stay alive. Cassel was pressured and had to hop up in the pocket to avoid pressure off the edge. He fired a strike to wide receiver Dwayne Bowe for 27 yards to get the Chiefs to the Steelers’ 28-yard line.

Cassel spiked the ball to stop the clock with three seconds left and Succop atoned for his earlier miss with a 46-yard field goal to send the game to overtime. The excitement was short-lived as Cassel was intercepted trying to find Bowe again in overtime.

The Chiefs did show progress Monday night as they actually led a football game for the first time this season. Jamaal Charles scored from 12 yards out to give the Chiefs an early 7-0 lead. Charles finished with 100 yards on 23 carries and scored just his third rushing touchdown this season.

An Issac Redman fumble gave the ball back to Kansas City at the Steelers’ 10-yard line, but the Chiefs weren’t able to punch it in and had to settle for a 22-yard Ryan Succop field goal to take a 10-0 lead.

After a Suisham field goal, Mike Wallace made a spectacular catch of a Roethlisberger pass in the end zone to even the game at 10-10 late in the second quarter. Roethlisberger connected with Wallace from seven yards out as Wallace somehow kept the ball off the turf by holding it between his knees and reeling it before rolling out of bounds.

Roethlisberger left the game in the third quarter after being sacked by Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. He was taken to the locker room and was taken to hospital for further evaluation. Byron Leftwich replaced him for the Steelers. Roethlisberger was 9 of 18 for 84 yards and a touchdown when he left the game.

The Chiefs saw two touchdowns come off the board in the third quarter that would have put them back on top. Cassel hit Bowe on a quick screen for a 22-yard touchdown that was nullified by a holding penalty against Branden Albert.

The call proved costly as Succop missed a 33-yard field goal try that also would have given the Chiefs the lead. On the ensuing possession, Leftwich tried to pull back a throw and the ball came loose. The ball was scooped up by Houston and returned 21 yards for a touchdown that was reviewed and ultimately determined to be an incomplete pass. However, the excessive celebration penalty against the Chiefs for a group touchdown celebration still counted.

Suisham gave the Steelers a 13-10 lead early in the fourth quarter connecting on a 31-yard field goal try.

Cassel finished 11 of 26 for 154 yard and an interception.

The Chiefs host the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday while the Steelers take on the division-rival Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football on NBC.

48 responses to “Steelers survive overtime challenge from Chiefs

  1. “Ben Roethlisbeger’s agent, Ryan Tollner, told ESPN’s Rick Reilly that the quarterback has a ‘non-traditional, unique’ right shoulder injury”

    LOL. Probably told him that so Ben can look even more impressive when he guts it out on SNF, no less. Another injury to play up!

  2. Ugly win. Derrick Johnson and Lawrence Timmons best players on the field tonight. Now we wait for how long Ben is out.

  3. Steeler fans should feel proud about this one. Talk about a statement game! Another sweep coming up! Get your excuses ready Steeler fans. Oh and I’ve seen more of that aging safety in shampoo commercials than actually playing on the field. Cheers!

  4. what a joke these refs are, 100% gave this game to the steelers. what a WWE fraud infested game, these refs should be investigated by the feds

  5. I was mostly asleep during this game.
    But when I did manage to keep my eyes open I watched a horrid KC team that doesn’t have a QB or an O line to give him and the runners any room.
    They need a QB who can throw and a protective O line.
    Just makes me thank god (Again) that I am still a Packers fan.
    Top teams know how to build a team. Why can’t the lowly teams learn from that?

  6. Were it not for the phantom holding call that stole a Chiefs touchdown, this game would have been over in regulation with a Chiefs’ win. How many games will the “Stealers” win because of horrible officiating? The answer: many, many more than any other team in the NFL. Too bad to. As bad as the Chiefs are, they outplayed the overrated STEALERS tonight!

  7. That was the most one-sided officiating I’ve seen all season. I am embarrassed to watch the NFL, especially when the Steelers routinely get handed games.

  8. If that was KC’s best game it’s not hard to understand why they have won only one game. Their offense is … offensive. Still, they could have and should have won this game, as the refs were even worse than Daboll’s play calling. And I’m a Steelers fan.

  9. Chiefs are the worst coached team in the NFL. The Steelers gave them multiple chances to take this game, but a lack of discipline, poor play calling, and general stupidity now puts them at 1-8, and well deserved.

  10. its funny bec literally just before he threw that pick i was tellin my friend if chiefs lose it wont be bec of cassel, then he throws that atrocious interception…that being said KC recievers are terrible. drop after drop after drop. dwayne bowe is overrated hes been a drop machine for the last few years. hes just big

  11. If the Steelers don’t have Roethlisberger the game next week on Sunday night is going to be terrible. Hindsight is always 20/20 but the Patriots Colts game looks like the better option now.

  12. As a steeler fan, i expected a close game (sadly) and thats what i got.

    Still, can’t complain too much about 6-3 this far in. Just hope Ben isnt too hurt for the Balty game.

  13. 11 for freaking 26 for 154 yards no tds 1 int in to days NFL is just completely unacceptable. Congrats Mr cassell u just found your way to the cfl next yr maybe even some team in say timbucktu if they will take u. No doubt the chiefs need a qb in this yrs draft class to bad this years qb class leaves a lot to be desired.

  14. Turnovers , missed field goals , kickoffs out of bounds , group celebration penalties , offensive pass interference , burning all you time outs for nothing . I`m sure I left some out …

  15. Cowboy fan so I have no rooting interest. The refs absolutely screwed the chiefs tonight. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t mentioned in this article. That holding call on Bowe’s TD was pathetic. The offensive pass interference call when the Chiefs were trying to tie was crap. Fortunately they came up with the tie but it was terrible officiating. In the NFL where it’s decided by one or two plays its a shame to watch refs take points off the board with crap calls.

  16. As a Ravens fan, I wanna be the first to say I’m really disappointed in the Roethlisberger injury, I want both squads as healthy as possible for two of the best games every year in the league. Hope the shoulder isn’t too serious for him, heres to a successful rehab so that he can get out there this Sunday night.

  17. Even as a member of Steeler Nation since kindergarten — I feel for the Chiefs on this one. Some really tough calls hit them hard. Wow.

    As for us, here’s hoping Ben and Ryan are going to pull out of it strong.

  18. Steelers win by any means necessary! 6-3 is 6-3 and as long as Ben is ok we continue to stack wins. Lets not forget the 9-6 struggle the Ravens put up with and were a goal line fumble away from a loss to the Chiefs as well. Any given Sunday. Good win defense!!

  19. The refs called another one of those non-existent offensive PI calls on Moeaki. However, the stupid excessive celebration penalty was well deserved. They should have thrown another flag a few plays later for more excessive celebration. What immature punks those guys were. And let’s face it — Cassel is just awful. The Chiefs rally have nowhere to go. I feel sorry for Crennel.

  20. Matt Cassel should never throw another pass in the NFL again, he’s a joke of a QB.

    Did anybody else notice how Tamba “the bamba” Hali lead with his head and speared Leftwich, obviously trying to hurt him?

  21. And has anyone mentioned the phantom helmet to helmet on Leftwich? They didn’t dare replay the hit more than once. Not cool.

  22. If you don’t see that this game was rigged then there’s no helping you. There was no way the refs were going to let the Steelers lose that game, as every incomplete Steelers third down led to a horrible call (pass interference, roughing the passer, etc.) that extended the drive, and every big play by the Chiefs was called back by some of the worst calls of the season. It’s funny how the Steelers get this officiating every year and no one has the guts to call them out. Pathetic.

  23. Where are all the Steelers fans who loved chewing out the Ravens for struggling against the Chiefs now?

  24. Hadn’t seen such one-sided officiating since that kids soccer game where the ref never showed and two of the home team’s parent’s were issued whistles.

    Still – one of the most compelling games to watch. Could not help but pull for the underdog Chiefs’ defense, which played its heart out throughout the contest.

  25. Kids always act spoiled and undisciplined when they are with Grandpa. That is the environment that Romeo has created and it shows.

  26. As a Chiefs fan I’ll say we did plenty to lose this game on our own.

    However, the holding call on the Bowe TD was just beyond bad. I dont think any official at any level can make that call as an honest mistake. Terrible, horrible call.

  27. KC surely not good enough to win a game when the officials have a conflicting agenda. I’m not a KC fan or hater, but this game had some bizarre officiating dynamics.

  28. Wow didn’t think the game would be nearly this close. And considering kc had to play the refs also i think this was the best game they had all yr!

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