Stevie Johnson tired of Chan Gailey praising Bills effort

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They say that there’s no such thing as a moral victory in professional sports, but that doesn’t stop coaches from praising their team’s hard work in the wake of losses.

It’s the sort of thing that sounds good, but doesn’t really mean anything. Trying hard is the very least you should do every single time you’re on the field. Calling out a lack of effort is fine, but praising it is sort of like praising your players for bothering to show up at the stadium on time.

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson has a similar take. He appeared on the NFL Network Tuesday and said he was tired of hearing coach Chan Gailey give the team high marks in the effort department after they have failed to reach the real goal of the week. That’s a win, of course.

“Every week he’s saying that we have the effort, you know, that we’re playing hard. Which is obvious,” Johnson said. “At this point you can’t be a team that’s so-called turning the corner if you’re not winning games. We still have more work to do. We still have to learn how to finish these games to be a team that’s making a push for the playoffs.”

Playing hard is obviously important. When you see how often losing coaches are talking about how hard their team played, though, you start to wonder if maybe they are emphasizing the wrong things.

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  1. Stevie is starting to sound like all of us long suffering Bills fans. Gailey is starting to sound like Jauron.

    For once I feel like the guys in the locker room have a tiny ounce of what it feels like to be a Bills fan. Now, let’s see if that anger transfers on the field.

  2. Stevie is an interesting dude for sure. He kind of reminds me of Arian Foster personality wise…a different cat, but interesting.
    When guys start speaking out about their coaches , it is usually troubling for the team though, even if they are correct (which I think he is).

  3. The Bills deserve credit for how they played against the Patriots last Sunday. They played incredibly well in fact I think they played better than they did last year in the game they beat the Patriots in.

    The players really do care in Buffalo even though they are losing, that’s more than you can say for the mercenaries in Philadelphia. I have a lot of respect for the Bills they’re a team I wouldn’t want to play in the second half of the season.

  4. jbl429 says: Nov 13, 2012 11:46 AM

    If the players are playing hard, maybe it’s time to look at the coaching.

    I’d say it’s more of quarterback issue with the Bills. People love to use coaches as scapegoats when the front office is consistently failing them.The Bills have found some good players over the years, but not enough of them.

  5. Buffalo can be thankful they don’t have Philadelphias media.They’re like a pack of wolves after a wounded lamb.

  6. You can play as hard as possible, put it all out on the field, etc… It matters not when you haul in 169 yards in penalties… That could equate to a TD and field goal, provided you play hard.

    The coach can impose some limited level of discipline, but it’s really up to the guys on the field at the time to keep from hurting the team’s effort. That did not happen in Foxboro.

    Across the board, on both sides of the ball, the lack of focus lost the Bills the game.

  7. I give Stevie credit for saying this. Is he supposed to be happy with losing? I don’t think so.

    While Stevie has always been seen as a bit of a head case, I think this is the type of thing a locker room leader says. He’s not specifically discrediting the coach or what he said (…maybe it’s borderline). He is simply stating that the team should not be happy simply with good effort/”playing hard”.

  8. Does Buffalo still have Nick Barnett in the middle? They do? Well, case closed. Buffalo fans still fooled by a guy that can’t run, lacks instincts and doesn’t make enough plays to be a starter. But…don’t let reality matter, keep him in the middle and keep up the charade that the defense will get better.

  9. I watch the Bills a lot. Johnson drops a lot of passes. Between that and the ghastly number of penalties (as they had when I was watching vs. NE), how can you win, when your QB also turns the ball over like it’s his job?

  10. I’m actually glad to hear this from Stevie. It shows the players are starting to feel like I do.

    I’m sick of taking a horrible loss only to hear Gailey say things in the post-game like, “I thought we did some things well” or “I was pleased with the effort the guys put forth” or “we’ll have to look at it on film and fix it” or any of the other crappy coaching cliches he regularly uses. I’m throwing stuff around my house in anger and Chan is emotionlessly talking about the game like it was a scrimmage.

    Someone needs to get angry with these guys! Flip a table! Kick a water cooler! Break something while screaming random insults! Just show me some sort of emotion Chan, I’m begging you! These guys are not responding to your methods. Be a leader of men!

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