Werder takes a jab at Reilly over Roethlisberger reporting

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As ESPN-on-ESPN crime goes, this one falls somewhere between conflicting factual reports regarding a player injury and Tony Kornheiser’s notorious public slam of Hannah Storm’s on-air attire.

After Monday night’s Chiefs-Steelers game, ESPN’s in-studio host threw to the guys at Heinz Field before the guys at Heinz Field knew the throw was coming.  And the audience got to hear Rick Reilly asking host Stuart Scott to point out that Reilly had information about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s shoulder injury first on Twitter.

The moment provided a glimpse into the toxic atmosphere of competition at the four-letter network, where they’re throwing elbows not only at the external competition but also toward their colleagues.

Via The Big Lead, ESPN’s Ed Werder threw an elbow back at Reilly on Tuesday, posting (and then deleting) this message on (where else?) Twitter:  “Hey @reillyrick,” Werder wrote, “please inform Twitter followers you’ve turned the Big Ben story over to others.  Either that, or take my reporting shift.”

Though Werder could be in line for punishment for taking a public shot at a coworker, he has a right to be upset.  Reilly isn’t an NFL reporter.  Though we’re not quite sure what Reilly’s role is, he’s definitely not an NFL reporter.  And with an army of NFL reporters marching on the same turf and chasing the same scoops, the last thing any of them want is to have to worry about a non-NFL reporter encroaching on their crowded turf.

Werder possibly wasn’t the only ESPN personality upset with Reilly’s antics.  Many have suggested that Steve Young’s demeanor indicates he was pissed at Reilly for making a big deal out of getting credit for an injury that was reported, well, everywhere.  There’s a chance, however, that Young turned toward Reilly while listening to a producer telling Young and Reilly something like “you know, they could hear you at home.”  Young’s tap to the forearm of Reilly could have been Young’s way of acknowledging to Reilly that the tail end of their discussion had gone out over the ESPN airwaves.

And that’s the ultimate lesson for anyone who ever appears on live TV.  We’ll call it the Miranda rules for microphones; once that thing is on, assume that anything you say can and will be used against you.  Especially when you know that you’re getting close to the moment where you’ll be doing it live like Reilly’s cousin Bill O.

38 responses to “Werder takes a jab at Reilly over Roethlisberger reporting

  1. I saw the video of this, and it was pathetic. A snivelling little weasel making sure everyone knew that he knew what he knew and when he knew it, and only 30 minutes after Pittsburgh reporters had reported it.

  2. LOL…anyone who wants a great laugh search for Francesa’s rant about this. Classic. I was startled when I saw this live, ran it back about 5 times before I could believe it.

  3. Sometimes the big wigs at networks get it totally wrong because they have personal relationships with these guys. Reilly is not good at whatever he does. He used to be funny, witty writer but those days are far from over.

  4. robbie774 says:

    Steve young is a refreshing presence on espn. good honest analyst. wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks reillys a weasel
    Yeah, Young probably isn’t long for ESPN. They have no idea how to deal with honesty.

  5. Reilly is no better or worse than the rest of the horde of vultures in the media (NFL or otherwise). How is this any different than ESPN (and every other TV network) constantly claiming that they have “exclusive” information on something or other? The entire media circus (and everyone in it) is now obsessed with being “first” at reporting on anything and everything. Truly pathetic.

  6. Reilly sure loves him some Reilly. The guy is probably staring at himself in the mirror right now.

  7. I can’t stand ESPN’s reactionary and increasingly inaccurate reporting. Their play-by-play announcers and color commentators suck and their studio personalities as well as their reporters are even worse. I watch the live events with the TV muted.

  8. Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette actually tweeted the news first that Ben had left the stadium for an MRI after speaking with Ben’s agent in be press box.

    Since he’s an actual reporter doing his job he didn’t seek any credit for the scoop.

  9. Reilly is a great writer… and an equally bad on-air personality. He should stick to writing.

  10. O’Rielly and Rielly, making the Irish proud wherever the trail of empty bottles and multimedia slime trail may lead.

  11. In my opinion, Reilly brings nothing to the table. Just some quirky nerd who is way too amused by his own antics. Keep him off the screen and leave any analysis to men who have played or coached the game.

  12. This pointless race to be the first to report Sports news is pretty ridiculous. ESPN has has a monopoly on the sports “reporting” Industry. Its not like these clowns get emmies for reporting first that Brett Favre is retiring or something.

    Does someone in a dark basement tally who calls what first, and who calls what incorrectly? It means nothing to the general public. You’re all just faceless monkies whose sole purpose is to give us information in order to set fantasy lineups.

  13. Just another example of ESPN “personalities” making it about them and not the actual game itself.

    It’s been going on for years and it would be infuriating if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic.

  14. Reilly is a tool. Taking credit for something so obvious and public is more humorous than anything else. When one tried to take credit for such a minor thing just shows how pathetic this guy really is. I respect Steve Young a million times more than this little boy, regardless why he stared at him.

  15. I have never laughed at loud at comments so much as I do on this site everyday. Just a solid collection of smart, funny NFL fans. Just saying.

    And Mr Wright 212 just type in “Francesa Rick Reilly” in google.

  16. One more thing….I will NEVER understand why guys like this don’t address them after. Like just laugh about it and move on dude, you’ll look like half as much of a tool.

    Its like an idiot that falls on an ice rink (or anywhere else lol). Get up, laugh, and shake it off and everyone forgets about it but run away and cry and you never live it down.

  17. All media people are jokes but im aiming for Mel Kipers job and that other quack he debates with there wrong every year on the NFL draft besides the 1st pick i think them guessing that saves there useless jobs

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