Accorsi will have huge impact on future of Panthers, Newton

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As Gantt pointed out several days ago, the Panthers have hired former Giants G.M. Ernie Accorsi to help find the franchise’s next General Manager.

The decision that Accorsi makes will resonate through the organization, both now and in the future.

Some think Accorsi will push Giants executive Dave Gettleman for the job, given their past working relationship in New York.  Another source believes Accorsi will set aside his relationships and recommend the person whom Accorsi views as best suited for the job, given its specific dynamics and requirements.

The first decision to be made by the new G.M. will be whether to keep the coach.  Given that every G.M. wants his own coach, Ron Rivera may not be back for a third season.

Given that every coach wants his own quarterback, the coaching decision made by the new G.M. could impact the future of quarterback Cam Newton.

One of the benefits of the new rookie wage scale is that the dramatically reduced top-five contracts can be traded much more easily, both from the perspective of the cap hit taken by the team that trades the player and the team that absorbs his remaining compensation.  Consider Rams quarterback Sam Bradford; new Rams coach Jeff Fisher may have wanted to go in a different direction, but Fisher had no choice but to keep the last player taken first overall under the pre-2011 CBA.  The cap hit from moving Bradford would have been too high, and the contract was too much for another team to take, given that the jury is still out on whether the 2010 NFL offensive rookie of the year will justify the huge financial investment.

Given that the jury is still out on whether the 2011 NFL offensive rookie of the year will become a franchise quarterback, the next regime in Carolina may want to go in a different direction.

Sounds crazy?  Sure it does.  Almost as crazy as Josh McDaniels abruptly getting rid of Jay Cutler in Denver.

That said, owner Jerry Richardson may tell the next G.M. and coach that a commitment to Cam has been made, and that he won’t be traded under any set of circumstances.  Richardson has the right to take that position, but it could impact dramatically his ability to hire the best people for the G.M. and coaching jobs, limiting the universe of candidates to folks who genuinely believe that Newton can be what he was drafted to be.

Or, perhaps, resulting in a good liar getting either job — and then trying his damnedest to persuade Richardson to change his mind about Newton.

None of this should be viewed as a report that Newton will be traded.  Given the new rookie wage scale and the realities of the NFL when new General Managers and coaches are hired, it’s something that couldn’t happen to top-five players picked in 2010 and earlier, but that could happen now.

18 responses to “Accorsi will have huge impact on future of Panthers, Newton

  1. Putting a new brain in Newton’s head is the only way ti impact this team.

    Someone needs to sit him down and say enough. Quit your moping when you lose and quit your stupid Superman garbage when you win.

    Be a pro on and off the field. Try looking at the real successful QB’s. Maybe he will learn something!!!!

  2. I used to be Newtons biggest supporter. Now I can’t. He’s just bad. He sits in the pocket and pats the ball, he doesn’t sense pressure and step up, left, right, at all any direction. And on top of that he doesn’t know where to go with the ball, backyard football only works for big Ben, no one else. He can’t hit anyone deep, hes over throwing by 15 yards it’s not even close. Then after he does terrible he goes and sits by himself with a towel over his head. You never see great qbs doing that. It’s so frustrating.

    This isn’t madden. Get your head in the game.

  3. it’s not just fans, how many broncos last week did the superman celebration. everybody hates this guy. i’ve never seen so much crow being eaten by the whole panther team than last week. carolina won six last games last year. they suck. they sucked last year and they suck this year. of course the next guy is going to clean house – why would you keep something that doesn’t work. look at how it’s working for the colts – 1 win last year. clean house, this year a playoff team. Cam brought this on himself and panther fans need to quit apologizing for this guy and get realistic.

  4. While everyone is speculating on Andy Reid going to the Chargers with the declining Phillip Rivers and their horrible ownership group (not going to happen) or joining Banner in Cleveland with their horrible roster (not going to happen), this one actually makes the most sense.

    Newton is in the mold of McNabb with a much higher ceiling with the only question being if he can finally find another defensive coordinator to complement him, which he’s obviously failed at miserably since Jim Johnson’s death. They’ve already got the not running the ball thing down pat, so he won’t even have to tweak it that hard.

    For some reason, I don’t think McDermott would be up to stick around in the new regime though.

  5. Cam is better than any QB prospect. FA QB options? probably Sanchez after hes cut. Colt, maybe Matt Flynn? nothing exciting.

  6. How about we give Cam a little time to develop as an NFL quarterback. You know Eli Manning had a pretty rough start to his career and so have lots of quarterbacks only to go on to have lots of success.

    Giving up on supremely talented players isn’t really a good idea.

  7. Can reminds me of a good friend I had growing up. Kid had all world talent, great arm, big strong, and could hit all the spots (much better than the rest of the kids in our class). Kids only problem was he couldn’t accept shortcomings from himself. He’d miss his spot on a throw, the. He’d try too hard from then-on the rest of the game. He destroyed about 10 game gears because of this frustration trait. His Jr. year, coach made the change and put him at tight end. The guy that took over qb duties wasn’t nearly as talented…. But he led our team to our first state championship that year.

    I know I’m getting long in the tooth… But for Cam to succeed in the NFL, he’s gotta move on from his mistakes and learn from them.

  8. Cam will be fine. Give him time to develop and put a decent offensive line in front of him and everybody will shut their pie hole. The offensive line is a bi-product of Marty Hurney’s team building for dummies book.

    Maybe I can be the next GM for the Panthers since I work on computers. That logic worked for Marty.

  9. Last season he was the universally acclaimed as the best rookie QB ever. Now a coach might want to get rid of him?


  10. I think Richardson, finally, made the right decision in hiring a consultant to find the next GM for this team. Hopefully, he listens to whatever Accorsi tells him. As far as getting rid of Cam, I’m not sold on that just yet. Does he need to grow up? Most definitely. However, the sky’s the limit with this guy at QB. Just need to find the no-BS GM who will bring in the right guys to get this out of him.

  11. “I will never again draft another Quarterback in my lifetime.” –Jerry Richardson, February 2012. Google it.

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