Andy Dalton is your AFC offensive player of the week

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After picking apart the Giants’ secondary on Sunday, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has been named the AFC offensive player of the week.

Dalton completed 21 of 30 passes for 199 yards, with four touchdowns and no interceptions, as the Bengals dominated the Giants on the way to an easy 31-13 win.

It’s been an up-and-down season for the Bengals, who are long shots to return to the playoffs this season, but beating the Giants could signal that Cincinnati is ready to turn its season around. It also bodes well for the Bengals that their next five games are against teams — the Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers, Cowboys and Eagles — with losing records.

If Dalton keeps playing like he did on Sunday, the Bengals might just be playing for the playoffs when they close out the season with back-to-back games against the Steelers and Ravens.

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  1. Give credit where due. Dalton looked like a top 10 QB against the Giants. I don’t think he’ll ever be a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, but I do think he’s going to be a very consistent QB for the Bengals.

  2. How? One of his TD’s was a busted coverage. Anyone could make that throw. What else spectacular did he do or has he done besides be a game manager?

  3. Well of his 4 TD’s, one came from their first drive starting deep in Cincy territory, a 4 play drive ending with a deep strike to Green. The other three were setup by a 68 yard punt return and interception/fumble near the red zone of the Giants.

    There wasn’t one series of 8 to 10 plays run by the Bengals resulting in a score. That has been the Cincy plague all season, the inability to conduct long drives and score. This was a flukey game with uncharacteristic turnovers by the Giants. True Dalton took full advantage and kudos to him for that. But too early to say the Bengals offense knows how to score lots of points.

  4. “…but beating the Giants could signal that Cincinnati is ready to turn its season around.:

    Losing 4 straight (including loses to MIA and CLE) then beating a Giants team who’s QB hasn’t thrown a TD in 3 games (but has thrown 4 picks in that span) doesn’t sound like a playoff bound team to me.

  5. Bitter bitter little people Andy said all of you are graced by his presence on the field and that you’re welcome. Bring on the chiefs.

  6. Heres the thing about dalton. Any qb can be good or even great if its the right system for them. For example take drew brees. sean payton & brees have created a system that works PERFECT for brees. its more or less a hybrid west coast-spread offense that allows brees to make the type of plays needed to win the game. brees is small, has short arms,not incredibly strong,and not very tall. but they have gotten together with brees to lay out a playbook that is exactly suited to drew brees and his throwing capability. andy is bigger,stronger,very intelligent,and is accurate enough to have a tremendous nfl career. if he can sit down with coach gruden and say these are the type of plays i was incredible at in college,and figure out how to translate that into the bengals playbook,it will be great. i myself want marvin GONE! Im beyond done with him. i truly believe that with a great offensive minded coach like a sean payton who can put andy in the perfect playcalling situation,that he will do just fine. sean payton was asked not too long ago who did he see as the next crop of genius offensive coordinators and he said gruden in cincinnati. with his being a free agent coach now,and gruden installing a west coast type of offense here in cincy, id absolutely love if payton came here. with his ability to construct an offense specific to a qbs skills,daltons physical ability and intelligence,and gruden calling the plays with a genius offensive minded coach at the helm,you could see dalton putting up madsive numbers every week. i truly believe that. look at alex smith,hes not spectacular at the qb position,but it works.look at big ben. hes never put up manning or brady type numbers,but its just enough and it works.look at sanchez in new york. he was a game away from the super bowl a few times putting up mediocre numbers but it worked. brett favre wasnt that big and not incredibly strong,but it worked. if you get coached right,and are intelligent enough to figure out what works best for you,you can put up massive im not worried about dalton yet….

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