Browns, Brandon Weeden want to cut down on interceptions

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is tied for the second-most interceptions in the league through the first ten weeks of the season.

Weeden’s 12 interceptions are tied with San Diego’s Philip Rivers and Kansas City’s Matt Cassel for second-most in the league. Only Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has thrown more with 13.

According to Tom Withers of the Associated Press, it’s an area that Browns head coach Pat Shurmur needs to see improvement from his rookie signal caller.

”Don’t throw interceptions,” Shurmur said. ”Done. End story. I want to be right to the point.”

It’s a message that Weeden hears loud and clear.

“That’s kind of been my priority since I played Pee-Wee football,” Weeden said. ”We never want to throw interceptions. My aggressive manner and mindset sometimes gets me in trouble.”

Weeden and the Browns travel to Dallas to take on Romo’s Cowboys this Sunday as the Browns look to snap an 11-game losing streak on the road. Weeden is completing just 55-percent of his passes on the season and has thrown for 2,088 yards and nine touchdowns for the season.

23 responses to “Browns, Brandon Weeden want to cut down on interceptions

  1. That might be the most obvious headline ever.
    Pretty sure most QB’s aren’t looking for ways to increase their picks.

  2. I don’t even care to comment on this but I feel bad because it’s about my beloved Brownies and someone should pay attention to them.

    Weeden, quit looking down your receivers from the snap and you might not throw so many picks! The line is giving you some time. Has Shurmer mentioned the “pump fake” to you, not sure he knows what that is but maybe you saw it on Madden?

  3. ”Don’t throw interceptions,” Shurmur said. ”Done. End story. I want to be right to the point.”

    This is the problem right here, work with him and teach him he is a rookie. “Don’t throw interceptions” Duh. Do they pay him for this level of coaching?

    They should hire me I will be like “Grab the ball and run to the end zone, yea that line right there”

    You know you can wish in one hand and crap in the other, guess which one fills up first.

  4. I like Weeden. Saw the Browns play in their first game this year and then I caught a game recently and you can definitely see improvements in his game. Seems like he has some hope. Only problem, he’s already 29…

  5. and on a related note, they would like to score more points than their opponent as well!!!

    Anything else from the land of obvious? Josh Cribbs would like to give the team better starting field position? Trent Richardson would like to average more yards per carry? Greg Little would like to drop fewer passes? The Dolans would like to have more money in their pocket that they DON’T put back into their baseball team….OOOOOOPS, switched sports there!

  6. forgot one…Pat Shurmur would like to have more play calls that actually pick up first downs on 3rd and short?

  7. well as long as I consider him DA the 2nd..he is going to be trowing INT’s…iv stated for the last yr it does not matter who our QB is as long as we have horrible WR and right side of line,our QB will throw INTs and get killed

  8. Biggest “DUH” statement I have heard in a long time. I doubt any coach or quarterback are thinking they should toss more interceptions. Honestly though, what did they expect. Rookie QB, rookie RB, underwhelming offensive line, and young WR’s who can’t hold onto the football. THEN they have the nerve to expect Weeden to save their jobs by not throwing interceptions. I hate to say it, but if they expected this offense to shine this year, the coaches and front office were dillusional.

  9. Let him make plays. Shurmur’s been handcuffing him the past couple games and he’s too worried about interceptions. I was at the game against the Ravens and he was way too cautious.

  10. Slow news day, or just taking your daily pot-shot at the Browns?

    You don’t want to throw interceptions? Well, maybe I’ll just file that nugget of information in the “No Sh*t” folder.

  11. If there was a legitimate receiver, like an actual NFL receiver on the field with him at some point that might help. I’m a Giants fan and I think that dude should get at least another year.

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