Franchise tag looks inevitable for Amendola

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Earlier this year, the Rams applied only a second-round tender offer on restricted free agent receiver Danny Amendola.  He drew no interest.

Next year, he will.

And Amendola is performing at a level that will compel the Rams to apply the franchise tag, something that would have been unthinkable before the 2012 season.  Indeed, if Amendola were viewed as a top-five receiver, the Rams would have given him something hire than a second-round tender — because teams would have been happy (or, Kuselias, more than happy) to give up a second-round pick in order to land Amendola.

On the night last month when his clavicle separated from his shoulder and pushed inward, Amendola was routinely abusing Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson in single coverage from Amendola’s slot position.  On Sunday against the 49ers, Amendola was clearly the best wideout on the field, despite the presence of players like Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss.

The smart move for the Rams would be to sign Amendola to a long-term deal.  At a minimum, he’ll be with the team next year on a one-year salary in the neighborhood of $10 million.

Not bad for a guy who was undrafted coming out of Texas Tech in 2009.

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  1. ‘On Sunday against the 49ers, Amendola was clearly the best wideout on the field, despite the presence of players like Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss.’

    So hes better than an over the hill player and a player that has never meritted a hill? Watch out CJ and Fitz

  2. Such an underrated Receiver. Catches everything, in and out of traffic, and gets separation like no other. Carlos Rogers routinely was getting burnt by danny…and Carlos should be counting his lucky stars that illegal formation wiped out Amendola’s 80 yard Bomb over him.

    Rams will lock him down – they’re looking down the critical pieces of the team..first was long, then laurinitias, amendola’s next..

  3. Given his history with Josh McDaniels, the Patriots might have been hoping that Amendola would be a cheaper and younger replacement for Welker. That’s not happening now.

  4. Let’s temper the excitement a little…

    I’m a huge Amendola fan because of his potential, but we’ve still only seen glimpses of it. Let’s not forget that he has exactly two games this year in which he’s caught more than six balls. He’s also had two significant injuries in two consecutive years. And the game in which he was “routinely abusing Cardinals cornerback Patrick Patterson”? He had one catch. Not sure how that makes anything “routine”.

    I’m not saying there’s no way he gets the franchise tag. I’m saying he hasn’t earned it yet and we need to see about four more performances like we did against San Fran before that happens. Oh yeah, and he can’t get injured again.

  5. It’s crazy to me that he was undrafted and was on the cusp of not making the roster when the Cowboys were on Hard Knocks. I remember he was a fan favorite on the show, and may thought he would never make it in the NFL. Kid does have some resiliency. Hope he gets what he deserves…a nice fat contract. He is the safety valve for Bradford.

  6. Hope he crushes the Jets secondary next week and sends them packing for the season! I dont hate the Jets… I just hope Sanchez looses his job and the jets draft EJ Manual. GO RAMS GO!

  7. I’ve been a big fan of his since I saw him on Hard Knocks with the Cowboys. This guy is not talented naturally, but is an extremely hard worker who’s head is always in the game. He’s a great guy to stay with the Rams

  8. Amendola played against a Niners defense that was half sleep after an extended break that Harbough gave them. Niners’ corner, Chris Culliver was sleep walking and he fell down on the long pass to Amendola. Another Niners’ corner, Carlos Rogers played like an old man due to too much partying the week before.

  9. It will never get to the point of having to apply a franchise tag on him. The Rams have already prove they want to lock down their key players (Long, Lauranaitis) and will have a ton of cap space to lock him down for a long term deal

  10. I don’t know about 10 mil a year as a FA, but i’m glad to see he’s doing well. Always like him since I saw him on Hard Knocks. Glad he was able to make it. I’m sure he’d be happy to be tagged after the tough he’s taken to get to where he is.

  11. When healthy, he’s the 2nd best slot WR in the league behind Percy Harvin. All you need to see us Bradford’s QBR with and without him to see he deserves to get paid.

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