Jacoby Jones wins weekly special teams honors for second time this year

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The Ravens hoped to improve their return game by signing Jacoby Jones as a free agent this offseason and the move has worked out exactly as planned.

Jones has been named the AFC’s special teams player of the week for the second time this season after he returned a kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown in Baltimore’s 55-20 win over the Ravens. Jones was previously honored after Week 6, when he returned a kick 108 yards to tie an NFL record and pick up another of his six career touchdowns on punt or kickoff returns.

Sunday’s return made Jones the only player in NFL history with two kick returns of 105 or more yards in his career, which is even more of an oddity since it took him five weeks to do what no one else has been able to do. Jones also had two catches for 54 yards in the blowout win, which moved the Ravens to 7-2 on the season.

Jones is averaging a robust 38.6 yards per kickoff return as a result of his two huge returns. He’s also averaging 8.8 yards per punt return.

6 responses to “Jacoby Jones wins weekly special teams honors for second time this year

  1. mr.alper: jacoby jones may be all you say he is but,, i think you missed the big stiry here. he returned a kick to help him beat the ravens. did he run the wrong way?? you say “he returned a kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown in baltimores 55-20 win?

  2. So the Ravens beat the Ravens? Come to think of it, I think the Ravens second-teamers would have put up more of a fight than the Raiders ever could.

  3. Another under the radar veteran signing by the Wizard of Oz. Our ST last year were just a wee bit better than terrible. We couldn’t cover and our return team frankly sucked.

    Ozzie signed Corey Graham who also doubles as the nickel back and has done a really nice job filling both roles for not much more than the vet minimum.

    Jacoby Jones was much more expensive and Ozzie took a lot of heat signing a 3rd WR/KR/PR for the money he laid out. But so far, Jones has been worth every dollar he was signed for. He has really opened up the middle of the field for Q and the tight ends. Between Torrey Smith on one side and Jones on the other side the defense just can’t cheat because both of these guys are legit sub 4.4 WR’s. And the proof in in the pudding. Our offense is better than it has been in ages.

    These are the reasons that Ozzie is such a good GM. Anyone with a top 10 draft pick can find a good player. But picking up value in the free agent market and drafting people like Upshaw who has been really playing well, and Osemele (who no one knew) who has really locked down the RT position is what sets him apart from the majority of GM’s. There are others just as good as Ozzie, but he is in a select group and I would argue that there are not many that are much better.

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