Jets teammate says Tim Tebow can’t start because “he’s terrible”

As the circus atmosphere surrounding the Jets continues, the front page of today’s New York Daily News declares that Tim Tebow can’t be the starting quarterback because “he’s terrible” — according to one of his own teammates.

That was the word used by a teammate who didn’t want to put his name behind that assessment, but another teammate who was willing to put his name behind his opinions, left guard Matt Slauson, told the Daily News that Mark Sanchez is the Jets’ best quarterback by far.

It’s not even close,” Slauson said. “All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark. We don’t really have a choice.”

Asked about the Jets’ two backup quarterbacks, Tebow and Greg McElroy, Slauson said the Jets really only have one other quarterback.

“We have Greg . . . and we have an athlete,” Slauson said.

According to the Daily News story, there is no quarterback controversy with the Jets because there is no one in the Jets’ locker room who believes Tebow deserves to start.

“Hell, no!” one starter said. “You got to keep defenses honest. You just can’t line up in the Wildcat all the time. That won’t work.”

Said another teammate, “We can’t win running that sh–.”

After last season ended with the Jets sniping at each other, Jets coach Rex Ryan has said all year that fostering a closer locker room is one of his goals. But it sounds like most of his players aren’t on board with his highest-profile offseason acquisition.

149 responses to “Jets teammate says Tim Tebow can’t start because “he’s terrible”

  1. “I have all the confidence in Mark. We don’t really have a choice.”

    Now there’s a ringing endorsement, lol.

  2. Agreed. They’re both pretty awful but you’re just lying to yourself if you honestly think tebow will have a better career at QB than Sanchez.

  3. That fourth round pick could be starting at RB for them this week, then again Tebow would make a decent Fullback.

  4. Tebow may not be a good QB but damn, talk about being a terrible teammate. Even if you do feel that way, you don’t say it. If you say it, be a man and put your name on it.

    Tim, get away from that mess asap.

  5. yeah, ’cause you guys are an offensive juggernaut with Sanchez…i absolutely couldnt imagine you guys would need an upgrade at THAT’s definitely the consistent inconsistency of the other 10 guys in the huddle that’s the problem.

  6. Why is it that it’s ALWAYS the Jets when there is a story about an “anonymous” player publicly throwing another under the bus. Weaker says watch your toes Rex your foot soldiers are getting swarthy with each other

  7. Why is it that so many Jets players request to not have their name printed? Cowardice, or corporate directive?

    I think Tebow is as bad as the next guy, but c’mon Jets, at least have the courage to not hide when talking negatively about someone. It’s not like anyone would disagree. Tebow is terrible, and as sad as this is, it isn’t close between him and Sanchez.

  8. He may be terrible but Sanchez is terrible also. Do they just ignore the stuff Sanchez does in the games that count? This team is screwed. They have no leadership, heart or talent. Tebow can fix the first two. I am not saying Tebow is a good QB. I’m just saying that Sanchez is horrible and they need to try something. What is the difference between a loss with Sanchez or a loss with Tebow?

  9. Its humorous watching most of the Jets fans jumping ship. Wasn’t too long ago that Rex was one of the better head coaches in the league. Now the Jets appear to be headed for a Top 5 draft pick.

    But then again, this is normal for Jets fans as the post season is a rare occurance for Jets fans. Good time to start planning for their annual trek to Radio City Music Hall.

  10. Tebow needs time to develop. Jets are the league’s circus act. Dirty Sanchez sucks and so do many of his mouthy teammates.

    Fire the coach and bench Sanchez. For those who don’t support Tebow, have them ride the pine and put the guys in who will fight for a win on every single play.

  11. Bizzarro world… the QB that won a playoff game last year and beat the Jets is terrible according the Jets.

  12. Another example of the media building a player up only to wait in the wings to break him down. Take away all of the overdone stories and videos ESPN has done of Tim Tebow and look at him. I understand his accuracy is poor and at times doesn’t act like a quarterback but what has Mark Sanchez done to keep his position?

    The New York Jets are a fine example of a losing organization, they have players bashing teammates in the media just so they can endorse the current starter. Why not just say Mark Sancez is our quarterback and leave it at that? Instead, Slauson, who’s more known for his mouth than play just completely disrespects his teammate.

    And, the whole annonymous Jets player, that seems like a great ploy by the media. I never agreed with running an unnamed source but the NY Times will do whatever it takes to cause uproar.

  13. If the Jets organization is this dysfunctional and problematic in public, imagine how bad it must be behind closed doors. No wonder they are terrible.

  14. This is why playing in NY is tough. The NY media is relentless. This was all said by these players before the season started but now they are making to look like locker room is dysfunctional.

    McElroy looks promising over Sanchez, but hey the Jets can never see talent. If the jets drafted Brady he wouldn’t of ever got a shot to start.

  15. “He’s terrible!” said an anonymous teammate who looked just like Mark Sanchez.

    If the football gods have anything to do with it Sanchez will have to come out of a game and Tebow will be their new starting QB in the very near future.

  16. Do you think the Jets players are afraid to be named because Rex has beat up bigger guys than Channing Crowder on his WAY to a fight???…

  17. These playes shouldn’t be chastised for telling the truth. Don’t be mad just because a below average player who promotes his religion for profit is getting ripped on.

    Doing it anonymously is pretty weak, though.

  18. Wow, these Tebow supporters are EXACTLY like the Romney supporters… bible freaks, delusional and lied too so unabashedly by the media (for ratings) that they think they actually have a viable candidate.

  19. At least Slauson had the balls to attach his name to his comment. Isn’t anything else just being a coward? Can’t wait to hear the “yeah, maybe we should have played Tim” after this miserable season they’re having.

  20. “Hell, no!” one starter said. “You got to keep defenses honest. You just can’t line up in the Wildcat all the time. That won’t work.”

    It worked plenty good when the Tebow led Broncos beat the Jets last season.

  21. If Tebow doesn’t demand a trade or to be released after the season he deserves to play for this wildly dysfunctional team. In the meantime, Rex needs to be fired immediately if he can’t reign this kind of crap in. I don’t care if that is even what Ryan thinks himself (e.g. “Tebow is terrible.”), those kinds of comments coming from the locker room cement the opinion of the Jets as being one of the worst and least classy organizations in football.

  22. I have been a Jets fan for over forty years and have seen more bad than good from this organization. But I have been and will remain a loyal fan. That being said, that “terrible” quarterback made our defense look silly last year. Not saying he should be the starter but I am saying whoever that defensive player is maybe he should uh just shutup.

  23. The dude is right – Tebow IS a terrible QB. Anyone with a set of eyes can see that he is WAY out of his league.

  24. Manish Mehta always seems to come up with the “unnamed sources” to write some inflamatory story about the Jets. How convenient that it always fits the pattern. He should be a night manager at a 7-11, not a beat writer.

  25. “Remember when Jets management “passed” on Peyton Manning last spring?”

    As the kids say: LOL.

    Peyton politely informing the Jets that he’d rather self-immolate than play for their organization—um, I mean, the Jets deciding that, of course, Sanchez is the far superior QB—had some unfortunate consequences. Not only did they not get Peyton and the extra handful (or two) of wins that might have come with him, but they were so concerned about poor Mark’s feelings that they rushed to give him a sizable raise (which is ridiculous) and a more secure contract (which is even worse.) So now the Jets may be stuck with at least one of these same two woefully incompetent QBs next season and beyond.

  26. Tebow needs to go somewhere where he can be coached, not worth worshipped.
    Mike McCarthy in GB seems to have a good quarterback camp up their. Maybe that’s where he belongs?

  27. I love how the sports media thinks that people in the other 48 states REALLY care what appears in a certain tabloid-style New York City newspaper.

    We live in the Golden Age of electronic media. Stop acting like one New York newspaper actually matters anymore. You media types have access to every media outlet in the world. Stop going to your doorstep to find the national headline story.

  28. Tim don’t listen to your fake a……s teammates.. especially. Slauson who is a overgroin man with no power a man of that size should dominate the line he’s no good.. your line stinks last in league in rushing cause no blocking… QB can’t hit a reciever when they break out of a route. throws. into double/triple coverages. Overthrows his receivers leads them into big collisions .. can’t read defenses … Tim is better option. point blank …defense. should rip Sanchez for not keeping drives going end of discussion jets are blind so is Rex….long time jets fan…….

  29. Talking about a team that sounds like a bunch of kids..Tim Tebow might not be the greatest QB right now,but that young man has the heart of a lion.If he was that awful he should not have been drafted then,but he was!!!! Mark Sanchez is not a long term solution at QB.Tim Tebow at least is trying his best to become better.You don’t never see Tebow throwing Sanchez under the bus….What separates a good QB apart from others is whether you can make teammates better ,and apparently Sanchez can’t!!! I don’t care if Holmes and Revis got injured it is football,injuries are expected!!!Work with what you have!!! Tim Tebow can rally those guys , I support you Tebow,and if I was your coach you would definitely have Captains patch on your jersey!!!! Keep working hard Tim and God bless you brother!!!!

  30. Rex won’t start Tebow because of stupid pride. If Tebow started Rex would no longer be completely about winning. He would be like Elway & Fox in Denver last year. Part of him would want to win but he’d also be hoping Tebow fails which could lead to a loss. It’s sad. A win is a win & he’ll be out of a job soon.

  31. Tebow IS terrible as a qb and this gimicky offense doesn’t work…this unnamed player is just reiterating what every level headed person who knows football is saying….
    “when you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks”

    This is all on woody Johnson hes the one who wanted to trade for tebow….Rex clearly didn’t want him, if he did he’d be starting right now….
    Tebow had a lucky run last year and in 4 years when tebow is out of football we’ll be having a discussion starting with, “remember that tebow guy?”

  32. Your team is absolutely god awful, from the coaches, to the QB all the way down the line. And you’re going to take cheap shots at your backup QB? Real class. Yes folks, Tim Tebow does not have the mechanics to be a start QB in this league. Guess what, Sanchez has those mechanics and STILL sucks.

  33. Not a Jets fan so no real skin in the game here but…

    Win % (Tebow 57.1% Sanchez 53.6%)
    Comp % (Tebow 47.9% Sanchez 54.7%)
    Att/TD (Tebow 4.7 Sanchez 3.8)
    TD/INT (Tebow 1.8 Sanchez 1.1)
    QB Rating (Tebow 75.5 Sanchez 72.8)

    LOL and Tebow is terrible!!!

  34. Bottom line is Sanchez is playing even worse than he really is, and he is not good. Problem is Tebow just sucks with no hope of being better. Timmy must not be praying hard enough to make the team better. So much for his will to make things happen. Try this Timmy; drop the piano off your back the next time u run the ball. Cripples can catch him.

  35. Mark Sanchez is terrible. As a QB Tebow is on the step below him. Hell, they are both basement QB’s!! But as a WINNER! Tim Tebow stands Head and Shoulders Above Sanchez. It’s ugly and I don’t really understand how in the Hell he does it sometimes. But the young man WINS! Bible verses Aside! From College to the Pros the Young Man wins! Hell no; Don’t want him as my QB we got Matt Ryan. But between him and Sanchez. I’m just saying. Y Not?!

  36. I would say this…. Sanchez is horrible with no pocket presence and Tebow is unpolished at best. The difference, IMO, is that at least Tebow is a team player that realizes his glaring problems and wants to work at it. He may never get better, but unless anybody gives him a shot it’s hard to know. Kid is still very young and is extrememly talented, just not a polished NFL style QB at this stage.

    The one difference maker I see is that we all know Tebow isn’t good. However, he makes everyone around him better. So he actually doesn’t have to be that good because he has that motivational factor to him. That’s the difference I saw last year. People love to play with him and people actually play harder for him. I think the Jets staff doesn’t want to put him in and find out the Jets can actually win with him playing and not Sanchez.

    My guess is that Sanchez continues to start until a very formidable opponent, then Tebow gets the shot. That way, they have a great chance of losing with Tebow playing and they can come out and say they had made the right choice all along. Unless, of coarse, Tebow wins the game. Then the coaches are sunk.

    Even if he sucks, it’s almost time to understand the season is over and give it a shot. It doesn’t need to be Wildcat all the time. In fact, last year the most success he had was in the normal shotgun and letting him throw when he had to. There’ll be mistakes, no doubt, but give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, ok, move on. Simple as that.

  37. rootintootin says: Nov 14, 2012 7:50 AM

    “Hell, no!” one starter said. “You got to keep defenses honest. You just can’t line up in the Wildcat all the time. That won’t work.”

    It worked plenty good when the Tebow led Broncos beat the Jets last season.

    Then about a month later they played NE and Tebow got crushed, kicking off a 3 game losing streak.
    The Jig was up and the Fraud was exposed. As they limped into the playoffs, only to get Thumped again by NE 45-10, this time far worse than the last.

    After beating the Jets they had 3 miraculous wins, each by 3 points that all included some serious luck with a healthy dose of Voodoo mixed in.

    He is NOT an NFL QB, and this all falls on the owner who wants to make a Broadway Comedy out of his Football team.
    Sad really

  38. “Hell, no!” one starter said. “You got to keep defenses honest. You just can’t line up in the Wildcat all the time. That won’t work.”

    Said another teammate, “We can’t win running that sh–.”
    Funny for two reasons. Number 1, Sanchez is not really working for them either. Number 2, Tebow and the Broncos showed it can work a little last year when they made the playoffs. Sure Tebow is a lousy NFL QB. We all have seen it time and time again. But I would rather win ugly than not win at all.

  39. Infectorman,

    I wouldn’t exactly say they limped into the playoffs, since the won a playoff game. Yes they were thumped by the Patriots, but what jig was exactly up? They didn’t match up very well with the Patriots and they were never that good anyway. BUT they were good enough to win a divison and a playoff game….. With Tebow. Now I completely agree that Tebow is not a quality back up, much less an NFL starter. But voodoo or not, Tebow won (Very ugly) games.

    On a side note, I commend Slauson for doing what his other cowardly teammate could not do, which was speak up by putting your name out there. Even if I prefaced that respect with a “Who the hell is Matt Slauson?”

  40. jets gave up a 3rd for him just to sell tickets poor guy chose the jets over jax thinking he would be starting he was better off going to jax and having the home town folks pressure them into playing him

  41. I could look at this two ways. One is that Tebow deserves better than to be a part of this circus team full of punks and idiot loudmouths, or I can look at as Tebow is there to turn this obviously lost franchise around.

  42. The whole team is terrible! And so is the coach and GM. And on top of that the owner backed Mitt ‘the snit’! So bring your parachutes. Even if the fall to the bottom is not far the landing will be hard!

  43. Teboq deserves some of the blame in that he didn’t want to join Jacksonville. He wanted to grow his brand by coming to the big market team. Mighty arrogant for a talentless moron.

  44. I have never thought and still don’t think that Tebow will ever be a great NFL QB, I doubt he will ever make it to good.

    However, throughout all of the punishment being laid on him from the media, fans, other teams, and his own teammates he still keeps plugging along. He is showing the heart of a champion if nothing else, which is more than can be said for most of the Jet’s team.

    Why don’t they try letting him work his magic? If nothing else, the rest of the team might improve.

  45. This is very simple, the Jets players (or any NFL player) do not want to play with Tebow because it will greatly affect their stat line. Even if they go 16-0 and win a Super Bowl it will be because of the “Tebow Magic” and not the WR’s, TE’s or RB’s catching the ball. Well you get the big contracts for big stats and if Tebow is your QB nobody is going to look at you the same in free agency and these guys do not want to take that chance, it could cost them millions.

  46. Ok so lets be real here. Terrible is what defines this Jets team. From the HC, to Sanchez, to the practice squad. From what I remember last season all Tebow did was take a 1-5 team to the playoffs and beat a Steelers team that nobody gave the Broncos a chance to win against. Not saying he can do the same here but really what’s the point in not trying? You get another loss at worst. Hell if Sanchez starts you know you’re walking out of there with an L anyways. Try it out for one game at worst you lose again, at best Tebow gets you a W.

  47. So you take out the season of Cushing and now you are bashing Tim Tebow..better watch out before they beat your fat … with bars of soap in socks.

  48. The fact is they’re right, which is presumably why some people have their panties in a twist. It’s debatable whether the unnamed players even actually exist, made up to back-up the one player on record.

    The Texans 3rd string QB did the same thing as Tewbow last season, leading Texans to their first ever play-off appearance, and he did it a lot better with none of the hype. Tebow took credit that wasn’t his as Broncos playoff appearance came as a result of what they did before him (and what other competing teams didn’t do). Even three back to back losses after beating the Jets wasn’t enough to keep them out. It bothered me endlessly last season how many people that damn well know better bought into the hype that this awful, horrible QB was the best thing Denver had going for them. Elway couldn’t wait to trade him, and only Ryan was dumb enough to take him.

    Sanchez may suck. Then again, like the rest of the team, having to deal with that self-satisfied hack all day has probably destroyed the moral of a team struggling with it to start with.

  49. That (unnamed, of course) Jets that was confident enough to make such a “bold” statement, so long as his name was unattached to it – should be ashamed of himself.

    A better way would be to suppress his sentiments, given that he demanded the suppression of the revealing of his identity – and to kindly express support for Sanchez.

    In addition, Tebow – whether he can or can’t play – is not the one to be blamed for the Jets’ woes. The coaches, GM and the guys who actually play are to blame. So there seems to be plenty of “terrible” to go around in that organization. So, why lash out at Tebow here?

    Lastly, that reporter is doing a disservice to humanity – by getting pub for himself by reporting inflammatory comments from anonymous sources. If that media scribe feels the need to trash a player, how about he limit the story to just those players willing to attach their name to the story?

  50. Haha I love this. I’m thinking of one word — “DUH!”

    Tebow is terrible, at best. The perfect addition for the already circus-like atmosphere of the Jets. Tebow will be crap no matter where he goes. He’s a glorified fullback.

    The Jets are awful as whole.

  51. Tebow is terrible? What does that make Sanchez?

    Look, I’m sorry, but like it or not, Tebow actually did get some results as a starter last year in Denver. Yeah, it wasn’t always pretty, but worked more often than anything is working for the Jets this year.

    If Tebow is this bad, why is he even on the roster? To sell jerseys? The joke in New York isn’t Tebow, it’s the Jets team and their unfailing incompetence.

  52. While the Jets may not know how to play professional football, they do know how to keep to a schedule. It’s November and the Jets are imploding, right on time.

  53. Rex Ryan and the Jets players criticizing Tebow fail to realize one obvious thing: Mark Sanchez stinks.

    Week after week, Mark makes them look worse and worse and warrants putting Tebow in. He deserves the CHANCE to start. Then after THAT evaluate the better option.

    Don’t think it’ll happen though. The Jets organization is full of giant egos and they don’t have champion attitudes, so I understand where it would be difficult for them to recognize that of a winner’s.

    With that said, the Jets can enjoy that early vacation they’ll be getting.

  54. It seems like everyone has forgotten what Tebow did in Denver last year. Mark had just as bad of a completion % so what is the loss of going to Tebow? Denver went from 1-4 with Kyle Orton and ended up beating the Steelers with Tebow. The Jets are fools for not making the switch sooner.

  55. I’m not a Tebow fan, but I do find it disappointing that we may never find out if he could’ve been developed into a real NFL QB since he’s stuck with a defensive HC who is content with using him as a gimmick.

  56. It just keeps going, and going, and wait for it; going! The Jets must have a reporter with all access that reports on issues other than football. You would think that only relevant teams and relevant QBs would make the news but, we learned last year in Denver that HE makes the news relevant, OR NOT!

  57. Is anyone good on the jets that’s actually playing right now? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black on that one.

  58. The irony is (if this is even true and it’s not just a media type filling in his own quote and attributing to a ‘source’) is the player making the quote is probably ‘terrible’ himself. After all he is a Jet.

    Ryan made it a home for guys who could play but were friggin idiots. You aren’t going to come back from a 14 point deficit with 6 minutes to go in the 4th quarter when you have such low character type guys in your locker room. Ryan will get fired, go back to being an assistant and have another HC job in 3 or 4 years and he will be better for it.

  59. Wow, I’m astonished with the confidence they have in their backup if Sanchez gets injured for and entire game or few weeks. I mean really, Denver started 1-4 and we said Orton isn’t doing us anything (which Sanchez isn’t) so we TRIED Tebow. Oh no big deal it was sloppy but we won 7 straight including a playoff game. Put him in for god sake, the jets need to win!! All he does is win, all all he does is win!

  60. The Jets are such a garbage team all the way down to how they treat their own team.

    He might not be that great of a QB but they could easily make Tebow their starting RB and he would be more athletic than the junk they have to offer.

    Talk about a team full of fantasy football irrelevance, the only member of their team owned in my league is Shonn Greene and thats because hes a starting RB. Their team was so bad last game that Seattle was pulling trick plays on them.

    They need to embrace that their team is crap and play to lose so they can upgrade their team in the draft.

  61. knowsfirsthand says:

    “…For those who don’t support Tebow, have them ride the pine….”

    Well, that would be just about the entire team because they, along with everyone else who has two working eyes and hasn’t drunk the Tebow gator-aid, know Tebow’s a god-awful QB.

  62. Jets is the most dumbest team in the league, they took the crown away from the raiders. What a punk to talk about a guy and not put your name on it, I bet if it was them being talked about, they would be livid until they find out who said it. I don’t care who it is, how do you talk about your own teammate like that? No respect in the jets organization, they just don’t give a damn. This is coming from a team whose 3-6 and not gonna make the playoffs, tebow is not the only one that’s terrible. If I were him I would leave this retarded team after the season, the cowardly jets know tebow is not gonna fire back after these statements. I mean who in the hell they think they are, this would never happen will classy teams like the patriots, broncos and a few other teams who coaches wont tolerate this type of crap. When tebow was in denver, there wasn’t one player who criticized his play and talked bad about him to the media and to this day, they still respect him for what he did in denver. Yes the media asked dumb questions like how is it like playing with a guy like Peyton Manning than tebow, of course they admitted manning was better, its a no brainer but they never buried tebow under the bus. Bottom line is, jets sucks, they’re sore losers and I wish them bad luck until all these big mouths are off the team.

  63. lucky5937 says


    I wouldn’t exactly say they limped into the playoffs, since the won a playoff game. Yes they were thumped by the Patriots, but what jig was exactly up? They didn’t match up very well with the Patriots and they were never that good anyway. BUT they were good enough to win a division and a playoff game….. With Tebow. Now I completely agree that Tebow is not a quality back up, much less an NFL starter. But voodoo or not, Tebow won (Very ugly) games.

    In what Universe does losing your final 3 regular season games straight NOT constitute limping into the playoffs?

    They were won their division by going 8-8!!!
    You said it yourself; “they were never that good anyway”
    THAT is the jig that was up

  64. Had a chance to legitimately compete for the starting slot in Jacksonville, but, TEAM Tebow opted for the bright lights and stage of NYC. Be careful what you wish for…

  65. This circus has gone on long enough. First, fire Mike Tannenbaum immediately! Then trade Tebow to Jacksonville! Both problems will be solved!

  66. @wvphil7 says:
    Nov 14, 2012 9:51 AM
    Hahahahaha Teblow is a scrub , they ran a high school offense in Denver because he was tooooo DUMB to run their scheme

    That high school offense was good enough to make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs moron. Sanchez is the worst QB of all time. You are better off having Tebow scramble for 15 seconds until one of the Jets recievers gets open enough to lob a ball to him, like he did in Denver, then you are having stupid Sanchez get sacked, fumble or throw an INT.

    Tebow is the much better option at this point.

  67. I don’t understand why they’re not using Tebow full time as a running back!!!! He’s a running back that’s built like and moves like Czonka!!!

  68. Soooooo glad this circus is out of Denver. It was such a distraction, win or lose.

    Tebow is the type of teammate I’d want on my side to play a game in the park. His raw skills, drive and physicality make him a winner…up to a certain point (and that point would be college level).

    After that, his lack of precision and ability to understand the defenses in front of him shine through.

    He’s not a Super Bowl QB. And, if it weren’t for some lucky throw/catch, probably wouldn’t be even a playoff QB (except that it was the AFC West). Then again, it would appear that Sanchez isn’t either.

    You’ve got a hell of a soap opera/reality show going on there, NYC. The rest of us are enjoying the popcorn watching “Jersey Shore: The Meadowlands”!

  69. I’m not sure why Tebow continues to be a big news story. I seriously dobt he will be in the league in a couple of years unless he switches to RB and they use him in the Wildcat. If he is in on standard plays at RB or maybe Receiver then it can be a surprise when he lines up under Center, sort of like what the Bengals have done with Sanu.

  70. Sanchez is as terrible as Tebow – no argument there.

    @wvphil7 says is correct – Tebow is DUMB! While at UFl one of his COACHES said that they referred to Tebow as “Meat” because he was so dumb. This is why the UFl playbook was reduced to a handful of plays all with simple one option reads.

    That can play in college, but it won’t go far in the pros. Hence his “success” (i.e. lack of) this year when playing.

    As to last year, I suppose the Tebow defenders didn’t actually watch the games – the Denver D won those games much more than Tebow ever did.

  71. I’m glad someone in the Jets locker room finally spoke up. All this media pushing for Tim Tebow to start needs to go away. Maybe in Jacksonville next year.

  72. Denver players said the same thing. And they won with Tebow.

    You want to know something? Tim Tebow isn’t a good quarterback, by ANY stretch of the imagination. But he wins. Remember what that felt like, Jets? To WIN?

    I’m not a fan of either Tebow or the Jets, but I would rather have an ugly win than a pretty loss. And right now, even your losses aren’t pretty.

    So you need to start him, IMO. Peyton Manning isn’t coming to the Jets.

  73. The Bronco’s offense was good enough to get to the playoffs last year under Tebow. This Jets team with Sanchez does not look playoff-bound. To say “We can’t win running that sh–” is stupid. The Broncos had more success with Tebow than the Jets are having now. Then again, it was a Jets player who said it…

  74. Maybe Mark and Tim can sign up for Manning’s quarterback camp during the off season..which is coming up real soon….

  75. alexb1234 says:Nov 14, 2012 8:29 AM

    Tebow IS terrible as a qb and this gimicky offense doesn’t work…this unnamed player is just reiterating what every level headed person who knows football is saying….
    “when you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks”


    I’ve always thought that was a silly saying, having 2 good quarterbacks is not a bad thing, the 49ers had Joe Montana and Steve Young at the same time, no one can say they had no quarterbacks.

    This saying only applies when both QBs suck.

    In the Jets case they have no quarterbacks because neither guy is really an NFL starting QB.

    I still feel Sanchez should be benched. The worst thing for Jet fans would be to ride this season out with Mark starting and then go into next season saying this will be Tebow’s year. They aren’t going to save this season so go ahead and see what you have in Tebow so the offseason can be spent focusing on finding your QB of the future, otherwise you watse 2 seasons.

  76. Wow those 2 AFC runner up “trophies” the Jets are so proud of are really collecting dust now.

    As a Pats fan, I sit back and laugh at all the Jets fans that had their 15 seconds of fame on these boards after a couple of Week 2 victories and a playoff win that resulted in the Jets getting smacked by Pittsburgh 6 days later.

    No one will ever remember the 2009-2012 Jets. Back to d-coordinator jobs Rexy.

  77. It doesnt matter if you lose by 10 points or 30 points. Losing is losing.

    The Jets have proved that they will lose with Sanchez. Its time to bring the next man up.

  78. As if Tebow makes the Jets worse,they are a terrible team that lacks a lot more talent than Tebow,its funny that any member of that prima donna team would cut down Tebow when Sanchez is nearly as bad,tell me mr Jet how is your starting QB rating out so far this season,not too good is it when your talking about an NFL least Tebow is doing his best with the talent he has,what about the rest of the Jets team who are supposed to be much better players,what have they done lately,but lose.

  79. I understand that Sanchez isn’t a world beater but he won a lot of games when he actually had a team around him.

    The real problem is that the team has gotten worse every year he has been there. He has absolutely NO weapons around him to throw to or hand off to.

    It also doesn’t help that the coach inflates the expectations by saying they’re going to the Super Bowl every year.

    The GM has to go and probably Rex too. The team is substantially worse then it was three years ago.

  80. Not saying I agree or disagree but you traded for him. You have nothing to lose by letting him play. Let him play against us. If he can’t get 300 yards of total o against the bills you know he is awful

  81. My solution for the Jets: Trade Tebow to Jacksonville for as much as you can. Trade Sanchez to anyone (Philly?) for as much as you can. Draft someone new at QB in the first round. This time, don’t screw it up.

  82. Let’s see… you have a Heisman trophy winner and a QB that was on how many national championship teams or you have a game managing check down QB who hasn’t ever shown a champion’s drive/abilities… which do you start? Which do you work with to cultivate?

    If you’re the Jets, it is Mark Sanchez and his check down game managing type QB. Once their defense faded, the Jets have shown what they are… a team with a suspect offensive line, a suspect running game and a suspect starting QB.

  83. this is exactly why they are terrible, these idiots on Rex’s team don’t realize that it doesn’t matter if you don’t put a name behind your statement, you admit your on that TEAM when you said it. it’s actually worse if you remain anonymus

  84. Mark Sanchez isn’t a great quarterback, but he isn’t nearly as garbage as Tebow. He is losing over and over because their o-line is terrible, their runningbacks for the “ground and pound” offense are laughable, and their ONLY wide receiver is on IR. Add that to a defense that can’t get pressure on an opposing quarterback, and minus it’s best player and you have a recipe for disaster.

    You don’t think they’ve plugged Tebow in at QB at practice to see what he looks like with the first teamers during the “secret” practice sessions? You don’t think an NFL head coach is capable of assessing the talent on his own team?

    Tebow would be less than worthless, aka Mark Sanchez, with nothing around him to succeed with.

    How does Denver look this year with a real quarterback at the helm? They’ve got a good running game, good/great offensive line, reliable wideouts, and a true shutdown corner. Plugging Tebow in to win ugly worked. Yes, they even beat my Steelers in the playoffs. It wasn’t nearly as much Tebow as everyone wants it to be.

    At this point you only go to Tebow if you are commiting to drafting a quarterback next year, cause once you bench Sanchez he’s done for good.

  85. Wow, this Jets team is awesome. Every player with a different opinion, it’s like Housewives of the Gridiron. Actually, the housewives are a bit less petty, now that I think about it.

    The Jets won’t win because they don’t understand the concept of what team is.

  86. The Jets actually have two backup quarterbacks and an athlete. Mark Sanchez is only a starting quarterback in the NFL because the Jets have nobody else.

  87. Well, they’re right, Tebow is terrible! Just a horrible quarterback. Can’t hit the broad side of a barn with his throws.

  88. Jets need to load up on draft picks – Get some talent everywhere – AFC is weak right now – Rex took 2 average teams to an AFC title game – get him some actual talent (at QB/OLB/etc.) and the dude could win a superbowl – he’d be beyond annoying if he does – but blah.

  89. As a Cowboy fan I have had to hear about how Romo piles up stats but isn’t a winner. Tebow piles up wins and isn’t a stat machine.

    But no one wants wins. They want a team to fail with a great looking QB.

  90. Did people in New York actually expect for the Jets to succeed with Mark Sanchez as the QB this year. Danny Woodhead would have been the only playmaker in their offense. Too bad he is making hay elsewhere!!!

  91. The Jets have talent. They did not come together as a team, they came together to SEE if they were coming together, just like NYC fans.. wait and see. The most back and forth fans in sports… If you win they’ll scale the wall with roses, if you lose they’re bringing rocks. At least Tebow is a winning soul, and has proven it… and if the Knicks could establish a 2-3 year plan instead of a PERFORM NOW or YOU’RE OUT attitude, they too could do well in sports… The Jets reflect the wait and see, wait and criticize, or win and it’s all good approach of the NY Metro area.

  92. Oh look, there goes another wheel flying off the clown car, er, NY Yets team bus!!!!

    As a Pat’s fan, I am enjoying what is shaping up to be the most incredible Jets implosion EVER!!!!

    I don’t know what I enjoyed more, hearing Tebow’s teammates trashing him, or that most of them were too cowardly to put their names to it.

    And most of all is the head buffoon, Rex Ryan, trying to keep the wheels from flying off when they’re already gone.

    Come on Jets fans, you were all talk at the beginning of the season, where are you NOW????

  93. It’s the reincarnation of The 3 Stooges – Mark, Rex and Tim. I knew it would be most fun to watch!

  94. So, the Giants, they are a bit more toned to a rythm, one of the quietest Superbowl winners in history, about biz. Not immune from the hard critic, nor short of diehard fan, but somehow these jets need to wheel together if they are going to take off, and you gotta cool those fittings to freezing temperatures and accurate treatments before you ever assemble, test it, lock it and rev it!

  95. Rex had two successful years, two down years won’t hurt the Jets. However they’re going to have to cut players, the good times are over. Guys like LT had nothing bad to say about Rex but LT damn sure wasn’t polite when it came to Santonio and crew, actually part of the reason why he retired.

    They have to go man, they have to go.

  96. Rollerino, I know a good Red Sox player, Hey came to work for the Yankees, made their minors into majors, could also dig one out at third and fire it from any angle and burn it across the diamond, had time for regular folk, and was one of the last closest to see the sight of Ty Cobbs record. Imagine being an individual with extreme talent like that, yet regular folk, and playing with the best the game had to offer. But, this is how we remember how to dream, and be awake at the same time, not overly impressed, but over achieving, without being overimpressed, generating traction, not spinning wheels and press releases… once you build the inertia of clarity and synchronization, the rest is just like opening and closing a latch and a lever. Let go of the past, cut the tie, see it sever…. let it go~ please fasten your seatbelts for takeoff.

  97. Tebow is garbage he is only in the league cause well i don’t even know why he is in the league. This guy cant not pass. he is running back with know speed kind of like peyton hillis. This guy will not Be in the NFL next year cause know team wants that drama. If he team mates see him everyday in pratice and say he is terrible than guess what he is terrible.

  98. What is with all the Tebow hate? Sanchez and many other Jet starters are at the root of the Jets problem. Not Tim. Not sure he could help much but he sure couldn’t make things worse.

  99. Tim Tebow terrible?? Tim Tebow is a play maker. Sanchez makes play for other teams. Didnt he take the Denver Bronco’s to the playoff’s last year? Denver gave him a chance. Were did they end up ? 1 game away from the AFC Championship. 2 games from the Superbowl. So the Jets organization bashes Tebow because Sanchez is the reason why the jets are headed for a top 5 pick in the draft. Are the Jets thinking about drafting a QB? It looks they over payed Sanchez about 50 million. Just shows the Jets have only 1 heart in that locker room. His name is Tim Tebow. There is alot of I’s in that locker room and no team. No 1 in their right mind on a team bashes some1 for no reason when he hasnt done anything for the Jets to lose. The Jets havnt gave him enough oppurtunity’s to make plays. His playbook is a Wild Cat playbook. Lets put Tebow in on 2nd down in the redzone. Tebow rushs for 3 or 4 yards. Now lets put Cantchez in on 3rd opps Interception. Why dont you just give Tebow the real offensive playbook and say “It’s Tebow Time.” Like they did in Denver!

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