NFL fines DeAngelo Hall $30,000 for incident with official

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Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall has been fined for an intense shouting match with an official that got Hall ejected from the Redskins’ loss to the Steelers last month.

The Washington Post reports that a fine of $30,000 has been decided on. That determination comes after a longer review process than the league usually goes through before meting out discipline for on-field infractions.

Hall got in the face of an official, screamed at him and wagged his finger because he didn’t like the fact that Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders hadn’t been flagged for a hit that Hall thought was a cheap shot. Hall was kicked out of the game after refusing to go back to his sideline when he was instructed to.

Hall claimed that the official in question was just as guilty as he was and that both of them crossed the line in their heated argument. The NFL has not said whether it found any wrongdoing by the official.

20 responses to “NFL fines DeAngelo Hall $30,000 for incident with official

  1. More than one incident that game..Shanny got in a scream match with same ref. ALOT of questionable calls in that game? Skins rec couldn’t catch a cold that week

  2. robataille says:

    It’s really a $30K fine for being STUPID!

    If Hall were fined for every time he’s been stupid in his career, he’d be broke.

  3. I almost said “Maybe this will shut him up for a while”, but knowing DeAngelo he’ll probably say something about this fine that will get him fined.

  4. Even from a true SKINS fan, Hall your a bonehead. Your skills have been on rapid descent for two years, and for your stupidity you deserve exactly what you got.

    Hope your last seven game audition for another team go very well, as you finish your last year in DC your services will no longer be needed. Your a good backup #3/4 CB at vet min money for another season or so if your lucky.

  5. He should be fined every game for his play. The most overrated and DB in NFL history. Stupid is as stupid does MeAngelo. And you keep being stupid time after time after time. I’m sure this wont be your last fine, but the way you are playing, this might be your last season in the NFL.

  6. At the end of the day though, the ref DID (if you watch the tape) say something that made Hall flip out…and as a ref that’s unacceptable. I’d respect Hall’s ‘statement’ on the matter a bit more if he at least admitted the obvious, the ‘skins were getting blown out, handled as if they were a JV high school team against a team that clearly has their S**T together unlike my beloved Redskins and he let his emotions get the best of him. And really, for as much as some of you bash DeAngelo Hall, at least he’s not getting in trouble with domestic disputes, drug possession, tax fraud etc. like a lot of superstars. He’s firey, makes plays, and I’m honestly glad my team has him. Now if Haslett would just use him right…

  7. Another pampered tool who thinks he can say anything to anybody. He should have missed several games for that. Refs are FAR from perfect. I think they should be paid for performance…but the system doesn’t allow for that. If the players get any inkling that they can absorb the punishment for this kind of behavior (or worse) at an official – the refs will need to be armed or they won’t show up.

  8. It should have been a lot more but like somebody said, he’ll be yapping about it soon no matter how much the fine was.

  9. “The NFL has not said whether it found any wrongdoing by the official.”

    If you don’t hear anything, then they must not have done anything, which they should not have.

    I don’t care what Hall said the ref said, when he took his helmet off ON the field and decided to start yelling at the ref, he was wrong. End of discussion.

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