Packers’ Ryan Taylor says $21,000 fine nearly killed him


Packers tight end Ryan Taylor found out during the team’s bye week that he had been fined $21,000 for an illegal block during Green Bay’s game against the Cardinals. He was not pleased.

In fact, Taylor said that when his agent informed him of the fine, it nearly killed him.

“Definitely not the way you want to start a vacation,” Taylor said, via “I almost had a heart attack. I was on the plane. It was definitely a surprise.”

Taylor said he’ll appeal the fine.

“Obviously we do not agree with the assessment that the league made of the play,” Taylor said. “So right now we’re in the appeals process and I have faith in the system and hopefully it’ll be overturned. Their interpretation of the rules is not how I read it. I definitely thought it was a clean block.”

Taylor added that even if he doesn’t win the appeal, he has no intention of doing anything differently: If he has another shot at another player like the shot he took at Arizona’s Rashad Johnson, he’ll take it again.

“I don’t think I can change the way I play. Because the guy had an angle on the ball, he would’ve made the tackle had I not blocked him,” Taylor said. “I’m not going to just stop blocking guys who can make tackles on our ballcarrier because of an arbitrary rule.”

Which means more fines may be coming for Taylor in the future. At least next time it won’t come as a total shock.

24 responses to “Packers’ Ryan Taylor says $21,000 fine nearly killed him

  1. He’s right. What was illegal about it? Didnt hit him from behind. So he isnt allowed to block a guy with a hard hit? You have to block soft? Its the players fault if he gets hit hard for not seeing it coming. I hate the new NFL.

  2. What was “illegal” ?

    It is far too silly now. If they want to educate players on the new “no enthusiasm” blocking perhaps step one would be to offer an explanation of what was “illegal” about the block.

    Perhaps white guys blocking anyone black is illegal now.

    Soon football will be gone in all but name, replaced by some unmanly, no contact, boring back and forth ping pong game, like wimpy basketball.

    The player being fined ought to be informed of why a block was illegal. Otherwise there is no integrity in the game and nothing American about it anymore.

  3. Dude from the Texans tries to decapitate Cutler – $30,000

    Ryan Taylor lays a clean, hard hit on a punt return – $21,000

    Yeah, that makes sense.

  4. The NFL has grown more and more anal and completely moronic ever since Tom Brady got Bernard Pollard’d. Yet, one more reason to hate the Patriots,.

  5. For all of the things the NHL does wrong, the NFL could take a cue from their suspension process. Every time a player is suspended in the NHL, The league makes a video that is accessible on their website. The video breaks down the infraction, shows multiple (if available) angles of the play in question, and gives specific reasoning for a suspension.

  6. just because a penalty flag was not thrown does not mean it was not illegal…that said i never actually saw it

    ….but i bet he remembers the fine & thinks twice next time

  7. If the salary figures I found are correct, that’s around 75% of his weekly salary. Seems excessive to me, regardless of the severity of the play.

    I understand the NFL wants to be all about “safety,” but perhaps expecting the players to get all banged up for no paycheck that week because they made one questionable play isn’t the way to go about that.

  8. I just Love how non-calls can be re-evaluated and over-turned after the game….. just so long as the sole purpose is to enforce new rules that conflict with the nature and history of the game. Not to mention collect $. It’s all about the $ really. These new safety rules are a counter reaction to the lawsuits against the league.

  9. “Dude from the Texans tries to decapitate Cutler – $30,000”

    Whatever, man. I’m sick and tired of people who keep saying that that was an extremely dirty hit. It was against the rules, but not nearly as severe as some are making it out to be. Probably Bears fans.

  10. An “illegal blindside block.” So now you can’t block someone if they’re not looking. The NFL has no respect for its own game. Or its own players.

  11. I’ve been watching the NFL for forty years and can never remember any commissioner handing out so many fines or getting as involved in routine plays as I have in the last five years. Ridiculous!

  12. vikefan says:
    Nov 14, 2012 8:16 PM
    just because a penalty flag was not thrown does not mean it was not illegal…that said i never actually saw it

    ….but i bet he remembers the fine & thinks twice next time

    Gee, I wonder if this homer would have found this hit illegal if one of the TE’s from the Vikings that nobody has ever heard of would done it. Have fun going 1-5 the rest of the year, if you’re lucky.

  13. He forgot to block with kisses, cuddles, and a get well soon sign. The NFL needs to keep its image for the young kings out there.


  14. Don’t worry, all these players fined for Roger’s prerogative will end up suing the NFL anyways a few years from now for concussions, bad knees, shoulders, etc. The more Roger and the NFL eff over current and former players the more they’ll be more prone sue later.

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