Peyton is nailing down his next $40 million

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning soon will be able to buy a lot more pizza franchises.

Overlooked in the stunning performance of the four-time MVP is that he has all but guaranteed that the Broncos will opt to unlock the next two years of his contract, which will guarantee Manning another $40 million with only one small caveat.

Sure, he signed a five-year, $96 million contract.  But the thing was written to give Denver an out after one year.  If the Broncos choose not to pull the plug, they’ll pay Peyton $20 million in 2013 and $20 million in 2014, unless during the 2013 season he suffers an injury to the exact area of his neck that required a quartet of surgeries.

“By no means was it a slam dunk,” Elway recently told the Associated Press regarding the decision to roll the dice on Manning.  “But we knew after we did our homework and looked at the situation, it was the best thing for us.  We were willing to take that risk.  There’s always risk to it, but we liked our chances.”

It’ll be less of a risk to sign on for another $40 million over two more years.  Given the way Peyton is playing, $40 million over two years could end up being a bargain.

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  1. When he is done playing all of us will be able tell our kids and grandkids that we were lucky enough to see Peyton Manning, the greatest QB of all time play the game.

  2. sportsmeccabi says: Nov 14, 2012 7:46 AM

    How much money does one man need?

    Don’t judge a guy unless you know his personal life, Peyton has done positive with his earnings helping ill children and a few other charitable organizations. Besides, its his money and if he wants to buy more pizza chains then so be it. Manning is one person you’re not gonna see on mtv cribs

  3. I sure hope he will play all his contract years. He is the greatest and I’m a Patriots fan. He is not nervous that way as Brady is in loosing situations. He is two rings short of Brady but I can’t sense the urgency of need in winning at least one more ring as I clearly can feel it in Tom and Bill’s case.

    Peyton has a shot at Favre’s records. Remember what the Colts were without him last year? Remember what the Broncos were before him in the last 5 years? No-one makes such a difference in the NFL like this fela.

    I want my Patriots to win one more with Brady but I would like to see this guy too for 5 more years in the league!

  4. Happy to see Peyton back and better then ever. I personally thought he was done and the Broncos had too much hype just to disappoint but I was wrong. He is one of favorite players and since my team is out of playoff contention I will be rooting for Peyton Manning to win. I mean if your team is out, who shouldn’t root for one of the best, if not, the best QB of all time whose coming off major neck surgery leaving a team he’s been with his whole career and missing one full season win a championship.

  5. I know the Colts are happy with Luck, but I would guess they didn’t really expect Peyton to come back and play at this high of a level.

  6. As a Colts fan, I am happy for him. I think taking Luck was the right decision, but it looks like signing w/the Broncos was the right decision for him too. He has a better team in Denver, an OL that can protect him and run block, a defense that can give him more opportunities. And look at the result, after 4 surgeries and approaching 40. Imagine if he’d had a complete team like he has now, but in his late 20s and early 30s.

  7. I hate the Broncos but would love to see Peyton get another ring just to end the Manning vs Brady argument. He would be the only QB with Superbowl wins with two different teams.

  8. All for throwing a football. It will never cease to amaze me. Sense of accomplishment through vicarious living is out of control in this country.

  9. At the rate Papa John’s is losing money and closing up stores, he might need to extend that 5 year contract

  10. The worst audible he has ever called in his life is buying into that horrible pizza company. Has anyone ever eaten Papa Johns? PJ’s is to pizza as Tebow is to QB-ing. Both terrible.

  11. Pats fan here, but I can respect Manning one of the all time greats and has always seemed to be a pretty good team mate for the most part. Hope he plays all 5 of those years.

  12. For as loaded as PM is, the dude seems pretty down to Earth and approachable. Anyone hear the miked-up segment when some nameless defender busted his chops over an awful hook slide? Pretty funny stuff and he took it in stride.

  13. I have always hated Manning ever since I lived in knoxville in 1994, always reveling in his failures. However, I cannot bring myself to dislike him now. Watching him run the Bronco offense is like watching a great artist.

    Besides I like everyone better than Farve. I hope he resets all of Farves records.

  14. sportsmeccabi says: Nov 14, 2012 7:46 AM

    How much money does one man need?

    As much as someone is willing to pay him. when you possess a skill set that only a handful of people on the planet are able to match, then you deserve to be paid generously for it.

  15. It always amazes me when people complain about what pro athletes are being paid while also bitching about ticket prices. Last I looked it wasn’t exactly cheap to go to a music concert featuring a major act. Disneyworld is expensive as hell. Probably would cost you at least $100 to go see the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and that baby has been playing for a quarter of a century. But it is somehow wrong for a football player to earn huge bucks?

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